Matters of the Heart

I am ready

I am ready for all you’ve got,
And I promise not to run away.
I want to stand and fight,
And endure the bad with the good…
I want you to know that I’ve got you,
And you’ve got me, no matter what!
You’re the one I want to work it out with…

I am ready to be stuck with you,
To be happy with you…
To experience all my feelings with you,
And let you be real with me.
You don’t have to be perfect,
You just have to want to be,
And trust in God like I do…

I am ready to try with you,
If only you’ll come from the shadows.
If only I could stop seeing you in everyone,
And finally see you in reality…
The man that I will love with everything,
Who will not be afraid of my love,
But will delight in succumbing…

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  1. I am ready too…cos I was born ready for you…I have loved you before we met…Built you a mansion with a private Jet…with the wealth that LOVE can get, I did this with no regret…becos daily I believed I will find you…so my heart is made ready to bind to…your heart,so tender,sweet,kind, true…bound by Love’s eternal glue…like fitted shirt you fit me…all your features and strength complete me…your love is my love like ‘whit-ney’…step by step come with me… I’ve been ready, waiting for your heart…now that you are, let our eternity START!…. Take my hands, with you alone, may I have this dance!!!…. J-Rhythm


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