Matters of the Heart

Yet, I will wait for you…

I thank God that you came when I was not looking for you, but waiting for you.  I thank Him that you were not my design or construction, but His provision and my gift.  Now He has given, I will be satisfied.

I thank God for every failed relationship before you, though I’d have been spared the pain if I’d waited for you.  I thank Him that though you are imperfect, you are perfect for me.  What is there to change, when I love you flaws and all.

You came in like Adam, ready to lead.  I liked that you knew just where you were going, and saw a companion in me.  I liked your carefulness, and loved your bold abandon when you saw I was worth fighting for.

I believe you are mine and I am yours, but the Lord in His time, will make us complete.  I want to enjoy this walk, as I get to know you more.  Not hastening to become one, but enjoying the process of change.

I have waited for you for so long; I will wait for you more.  I need your crucifixion type love, and you need me to be a Proverbs 31 woman.  Together, we will accomplish the purpose of God.

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  1. Thanx my love 4 such a deep sensational write up…Am glad I found you!!! You are the kind of woman that makes proverbs18:22 so so true…because you brought sunshine to my darkworld ever since I met You….Thanks for Loving me like this, Ufuoma E.E


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