Issues of Life

Moment to Moment

I remember how conflicted I was before you walked into my life.  Most days, I often lived in the past or in the future.  Hardly was I to be found in the present, because I didn’t like the present.  I preferred to reflect in the past, wondering if I’d left my heart there…  And often, I’d look to the future, believing that my happiness would come one day.

That was no way to live.  When I decided to let go of the anxiety, you came along.  And I began to live in the present, and relish each day.

I can’t believe it is almost two years since we first met.  I can’t believe that every day I get to wake up with you, and our beautiful treasure…  My days are slow and fast all at once, as I cherish every minute.  My breath is fresher…and life is as it should be – a blessing.

Challenges have come, and more will come, but the key to my joy is in living each day as it comes.  By your side, I’m not worried about tomorrow…  I’m far too engrossed in today.

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