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We Need Each Other

I need my husband.  I knew that before I married him.  I knew myself well.

After enough failed relationships and a heart still soft and desirous of love, I knew I needed someone who knew how to love me.  Who knows how to be affectionate and sincere.  I needed someone who would resist my efforts to sabotage our relationship, because back then, I didn’t know how to be happy.  I didn’t believe I had a right to be.  I needed someone who knew I had a right to happiness and would fight to bring me happiness despite myself…

However, I never really thought of the fact that he needed and needs me too.  And the fact that that is ok.  That it is good.  It is beautiful that I have what he needs to feel happy, as he does for me.

In this world, where women are fighting for their independence from men, we often forget that men have needs too.  They too are vulnerable, hopeful, insecure, and in need of affirmation, support and love, just like us.  Every man needs a woman who understands that, and understands, more specifically, what he needs.

I guess that is why wives are also referred to as help-mates.  God has given men many things, but he hid something in women that men need.  Even more than sex.  More than job security or satisfaction.

When a man and a woman come together understanding their mutual desire for – and need of – each other, they need only one more thing…  They need God to make their union ONE.  Without God, they are two.  With God, a miracle is born, and what would not have worked due to differences, selfish human nature, and inevitable strife and conflict, fuses to become a new living being of its own.

This is the miracle of marriage.  You may not realise it from the beginning, but when you embrace the power of God in your marriage, you will realise that you’re part of something really magical!

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