A Different Perspective

The Two Theologians

The time had come for the ship to set sail for the Kingdom of Heaven. Two theologians who had very opposing views about almost everything concerning Christianity, and who loved to argue endlessly, met themselves at the dock.

“Hey old friend, glad to see you didn’t miss the boat”, said Pastor Jeff.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world! Been camped here all night”, replied Reverend Joe.

“Oh, really?” Jeff said, not missing the smugness in Joe’s tone. “Well, I had my watch set to the exact time, so I wouldn’t have to waste time at the dock”.

Touche, thought Joe, as they walked along together. “Notice how the ship is round?” Joe asked, referring to an earlier argument. “You said it would be oval.”

“It is oval!” insisted Jeff. “How can you look at this thing and tell me it is round! Ships are always oval!”

“Like I told you, I’ve been here all night! I saw it when it was coming. It is definitely round!”

“You must be kidding me! Don’t be so silly,” Jeff argued. Just like Joe to bring up an old argument, because he lost the last one, he thought and hissed.

“Look, let me show you. You need to step back, so you can see it properly. We’re too close,” Joe suggested, pulling Jeff away from the stairway, where others were lining up to enter the ship.

Jeff followed Joe as far back as they could go to get a better view. Still he insisted it was oval and Joe needed glasses!

“You will never admit to being wrong would you?” Joe accused.

“We can settle this on the ship! I’ll be sure to ask the captain…” Jeff stopped mid-sentence as he heard the blaring of the ship. Oh no! It was pulling away from the dock. “WAIT!!!”

“Wait for us!!!” Joe shouted racing to the dock, after Jeff.

But it was too late! The ship had already pulled away from the dock and no one could hear them through the noise of the engine and the celebration band!

Joe and Jeff looked at each other in dread! “What do we do now?” they asked simultaneously.

“You can come with me!” said a hideous voice behind them. They turned around in horror to see the Prince of darkness standing behind them with a smirk on his face. “Oh look,” he said with glee, “the ship is round!  How strange!!!” he laughed wickedly.

Neither Joe nor Jeff could find their voices… They were doomed!!!

The moral of the story is simply this: “Don’t miss Heaven because of a stupid argument! We can settle everything when we meet Jesus”.

Copyright © Ufuomaee

Photo credit: http://www.realworldphoto.photoshelter.com

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  1. what an interesting analogy!
    Indeed people get so caught up with all kinds of “flimsy” arguments than focusing on the truth (His Word).

    Lord have mercy!

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    • Lol!!! Yes oh, the ridiculous arguments that will keep you from eternity. The problem is not so much the argument, but the argumentative spirit! It’s from the devil, to cause division and make us lose sight of what is important.

      Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂


  2. So true. I used to get caught up in arguments with a particular denomination that doesn’t believe hell is real, we’d argue back & forth with scriptural references…lol. I guess we both were too stubborn to reach an agreement so we decided to stick to our individual beliefs. Sometimes we can’t help but argue, even during Sunday school in Church or at Bible study. My prayer is that God should reveal the deeper truths to us, order our steps towards the right path to life eternal.

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    • Thanks for your comment Slimzey, I appreciate your contribution. I think somethings are hidden from our full understanding on purpose, and somethings can only be revealed to those with real intimacy with God. Such people are too humble to argue over what they know, when it doesn’t change the fact that what has already been revealed is sufficient for salvation 🙂

      Have a blessed day!

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  3. This is spot on! We cannot ignore the need to stay silent and should aim to leave in peace with all. Not all opinions must be aired. We need not engage in all arguments.

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    • Definitely agree with you! The Bible also warns us against arguing about things we don’t know much about, and speculating needlessly. It is rooted in pride and it’s the devil’s aim to cause division.

      When there is a issue pertinent to salvation, we may labour in hopes that the person will be convinced, but even still, there’s a time to stop and let God do His work through the Spirit.


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