An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Fourteen


Copyright © Ufuomaee


The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10).

Lola took a cab home from the airport.  As much as she knew she had to give thanks to God for opening her eyes to see the truth about Danny, she did not want to do so.  Rather she was angry with Him for bursting her bubble and interrupting the blissful fantasy that would have been her short-lived relationship with Danny.  However short, she would have had some fun and laughter in her life for a while, blissfully unaware of Danny’s flaws, until she was ready to face reality.

But as it was, this was a major electric shock that destroyed every hope and memory of her time with Danny.  You just couldn’t let me have some fun could You?  She yelled at God in her head, with utter frustration.  You just had to show that You know it all, eh???  Well, I’m not grateful!  I’m not happy!  Why couldn’t You just let me be..?  Oh God, why?  Why did he have to be so…bad?  She broke down again in sobs, as she grieved over the death of a very short-lived fantasy.

In a way, she was grateful…  She was grateful that she had found out the truth before severing her relationship with Bolu, by letting him know about her love for Danny.  That her marriage could be preserved, she was grateful.  She was also grateful that she hadn’t slept with Danny…though in a way, she wished she had…so she would know how sex is supposed to feel like…  She would have something to compare it to, and maybe come to the realisation that sex was over-rated…

However, she realised too that that might have made it harder for her to get over him…  And that the devastation of her heartbreak after such intimacy might have killed her spirit…  So she was grateful for not having gone so far with Danny after all.  Eventually, she found the words to say “Thank you.”

Lola began to pray in her spirit.  Thank you for saving me from myself, Lord.  Thank you for being so merciful as to warn me of Danny’s evil.  Thank you for saving me from destroying my marriage, and from ruining my life, with that revelation.  I’m so sorry for what I did.  Please forgive me!  Please make me whole again, Lord.  Please heal my heart…heal my broken heart.

Lola cried tears of relief and joy.  She felt the grace of God upon her life.  She felt His love again, and smiled as she recollected Jesus’ words in scripture: “I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.  My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand” (John 10:28-29).


Lola got out of the cab at the gates of her compound at 3pm.  She was home.  She walked through the compound and up the stairs to her apartment.  Moments after entering her home, she was shocked to see Bolu sitting on one of the dining room chairs.  What was he doing at home at this time of day?

Bolu was the first to speak.  “Did you sleep with him?”  His voice was cold, and his gaze was intent.

Lola realised that he must have figured out that something had happened between her and Danny.  She was tempted to deny it, but she decided to be honest with him.  “No I didn’t.  We just kissed.  I’m sorry.”

“Dammit, Lola!!!” Bolu shouted, putting his face in his hands.  He wasn’t prepared for the truth to hurt so much.  “You were supposed to tell me the moment he tried something out of line.  Did you want him to kiss you?”

Lola nodded, and Bolu knocked the chair over, causing her to jump.  “How many times?” he asked.

“Please, Bolu, don’t.  I’m sorry.  It was a mistake.”

“How many times, Lola?” he asked again.

“Maybe five or six times…”

“Jeezz..” Bolu looked at Lola, ashamed of her.  “Did he touch you?  Were you intimate with him, Lola?  Don’t lie to me.”

“No, we just kissed a few times.  Nothing else happened.  Please, I’m so sorry, Bolu.”  Lola began to cry.  She hadn’t known how she would explain her behaviour while away…  But she had hoped, he would have been too busy to figure out that something was up.

“How am I supposed to trust you again, Lola?  What have you done to us?” Bolu asked her, not really expecting an answer.  “Do you have feelings for him?”

The last question was not rhetorical.  Lola wanted to be honest with him…  She cried as she nodded.  She still had feelings for Danny.  Even though he broke her heart, she still longed for him.

Bolu wasn’t prepared for that either.  Rather, he stormed out of the apartment, and went for a drive.  He didn’t know where he was going, and his rage was blinding him to the dangers on the road.  He eventually pulled over on the expressway and sobbed.

Lola was frozen where he had left her.  Her body was shaking.  What had she done?


Bolu returned from his drive at 6pm.  Lola was the one now sat at the dining table, vigilant.

Bolu entered the apartment to see her sitting there quietly.  He still had a few questions to ask.  He wanted to know how long she had known of her feelings for Danny.  He wanted to know if they had ever kissed before Lola’s business trip.  He wanted to know what they had talked about when they went out to dinner.  He wanted to know everything.  And Lola told him all.

Bolu was taking it very hard.  He wondered if she had been easily seduced by Danny because he didn’t pay her much attention.  He wondered if he could have prevented this situation by simply refusing her to go on the trip.  Lola consoled him that he wasn’t to blame.  That she was the one who fell into temptation.  She also assured him that his willingness to let her go on the trip, despite his concerns, made her love and respect him more.  If he had refused her, he may have pushed her into Danny’s arms anyway, as she would have felt caged up by him.

They talked for the first time about Lola’s discontent with their marriage…and their sex life.  Bolu was surprised to hear her say she had never climaxed.  She would make sounds to encourage him, and he always took them to mean that it was good for her too.  He should have known the difference, if he was really paying attention.  He told her that he wanted to try to please her…that he would be more attentive to her in bed, and she shouldn’t be shy to let him know what she wants.

They agreed that Lola was to have no more to do with Danny.  She would hand-over the job to the MD, and forfeit the commission.  And Bolu was going to come home for dinner every night, with grace for only exceptional cases, when that couldn’t be helped.  If he had to, he would continue his work at home.  They both had to make sacrifices for their marriage.  They also decided on a date night, once a week at least.  They had to bring the romance back into their marriage.

Lola smiled at Bolu, feeling blessed to have a thoughtful and supportive husband such as him.  She enquired as to the whereabouts of Mama.  Bolu told her that she had gone to visit his sister, who lived at Iyana-Ipaja, for the weekend.  They had the house to themselves.

Bolu had forgiven Lola her indiscretions.  Lola had told him of her vision in the night, and how she found out about Danny’s other exploits…and how she believed that God had been merciful to her…to both of them, by helping her to see the truth.  Bolu shuddered to think what might have happened if Lola had remained blind…  He didn’t know how he would have coped with her betrayal.  He thanked God for His intervention.

Bolu pulled Lola to her feet and into his arms.  Her unfaithfulness still hurt him, but he realised that she had been hurting for a long time, and he hadn’t noticed.  It was wrong of him.  He finally understood Mama’s dream about how he hadn’t noticed that Lola had fallen into the water.  She needed saving, not judgment.  Danny was the shark, and his rage was rightly directed at him.  May God help him, if he should ever come face to face with that predator, who sought to ravage his wife and destroy his marriage.

Bolu kissed his wife, and they made their way to the bedroom.  This time, Bolu paid attention to his wife’s needs.  She told him the places she liked to be touched, and he touched her there.  It was as though they were making love for the first time.  They took their time, and Lola was satisfied by her husband for the very first time.

An hour later, they still laid in bed, in each other’s arms and cuddled.  Lola smiled with joy and contentment, as she recalled yet another scripture… “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” (Rom 8:28).


Danny was concerned.  Lily hadn’t called him when she had landed in Lagos.  She also hadn’t picked his calls nor responded to his messages.  Something was wrong.

It was now 9pm at night, and he knew that she must have changed her mind about them.  His little slip up this morning was costing him dearly.  However, he was confident that the situation could still be salvaged, and he decided that he would leave for Lagos in the morning, rather than in the afternoon as previously planned.  She was too weak for him to leave her alone…  He wasn’t prepared to lose her now.

He tried her number again.  “Hey, Baby…” he started when the call had been picked.

“You have some nerve calling my wife at this time!” Bolu’s voice boomed through the phone.  “The game is over!  If you ever, ever come near my wife again, God help me, I will put you down!  Do you hear me?”

Danny was silent.  He didn’t like to be threatened.  And he didn’t like to lose.  “Lily is mine.  And she knows it.”

Danny cut the call, enraged.  What had happened?  Had he miscalculated?  No…this was war!

Danny googled “Bolu Adetayo, Lawyer” and came across Bolu’s LinkedIn profile. He was delighted when he saw where Bolu was employed…  A mischievous grin played on his lips.  He knew there had to be a way to turn that to his advantage. It was time for him to pay a visit to Crowne Legal.


Bolu was shocked to his core by Danny’s boldness.  How could he tell him that his wife belonged to him?  Had he never heard of the righteous indignation of a jealous husband?  Did he have no fear of God?  And why did he call Lola ‘Lily’?

Bolu looked at his wife who laid soundly asleep in bed.  Was there still something she hadn’t told him?  What evil had she let into their lives?

Bolu went to the living room, where he got on his knees to pray over his wife and his marriage.  He knew the enemy was vigilant, seeking any opportunity to destroy…and now he had a foothold on Bolu’s marriage because of his negligence.  He stayed praying for one hour, for wisdom, courage, and strength to defeat his enemy. He bound every principality and power that sought to destroy his home, and denounced the enemy’s claim on his wife.

A strong breeze blew into the apartment.  Lightening struck, and then the sound of a mighty thunder followed.  It began to rain heavily.  Bolu prayed even more fervently.

Lola was awakened by the sound of thunder, and the rushing wind.  She arose to close the windows, and found Bolu praying.  After she had closed all the windows, she joined him in prayer.

To be continued…

Copyright © Ufuomaee

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  1. ….at this point Danny boy the game is indeed over.

    What a perfect way to handle the David, Bolu.

    Well, they might have led the devil in but it’s good to see that they are exercising their authority that will get it out.

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  2. I am happpppy….Danny has lost the battle. Good riddance….. Thank God for His mercies and His Omniscience. He sure knows the end from the beginning.

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  3. Finally, I caught up with Season 2.
    To think Lola almost gave up her marriage…
    Thank God for granting u both another chance. Danny…do not underestimate the power of prayer!

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