An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Fifteen


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The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10).

The rain storm had continued through the night into the early morning.  Flights into Lagos were postponed until further notice due to heavy flooding.  Danny would be stuck in Port Harcourt until Sunday evening.  He didn’t like that at all.

With Lily’s phone intersected, he didn’t have a direct means to get a hold of her.  He searched for and found her business card.  He would send her an email to her company account.  She had to know how he felt.


Lola and Bolu had slept late after their vigil last night.  Lola eventually stirred from sleep and checked her phone to confirm the time.  It was 9:30am.  She saw a call from Danny that had been picked in the night.  She realised Bolu must have answered her phone and spoken to Danny.  Oh oh!

She checked her messages.  Some previously read messages from Danny had been deleted.  Lola frowned.  Why would Bolu delete her messages?  She wondered what message she might have missed from Danny.  Then an email came through on her office mail.  It was from Danny.  She got out of bed to read it in the living room.

Darling Lily,

I am writing because I can’t come to you today, because of the rain, and you haven’t been picking my calls or responding to my messages.  I know you are angry with me, and you are right to be.  But you have to believe me when I tell you that it won’t ever happen again.  

I’ve been so miserable since you left.  I realise now how badly I hurt you.  I don’t want to lose you because of one mistake.  Please, you have to forgive me.

I am already in love with you, Lily.  This doesn’t happen to me.  You mean everything to me, and I only want to make you happy.  

We belong together.  You know that.  You know me.  I haven’t hid anything from you.  I only want to be honest with you.  

I have never loved anyone like I love you, Lily.  I’m desperate for you to forgive me.  I can’t bare the thought of never seeing or kissing you again.  

Please call me when you get this, and let’s talk.  Do not settle for less than you deserve.  I can give you so much more.  You belong to me.

Yours, in love, Danny.

Lola was shaking again.  She wanted to call Danny, but she knew she shouldn’t.  Bolu had forgiven her, and last night had been wonderful.  She couldn’t hurt him again.  She wrote back to Danny instead.

Thank you for your email.  I appreciate it.  But there’s no future for us.  I want to make it work with my husband.  Please don’t email me or call or text me again.”

Lola cried after sending her email.  It was the right thing to do.  So why did she feel so awful?  She ran to be bathroom and threw up again.


Danny saw Lola’s email.  She had sent it from her phone, so it meant she was with her phone.  He called her.  She didn’t pick up.  He called her again.  She still didn’t pick up.  He sent her a text.  “Lily, I love you.  Please pick up, let’s talk“.

He called her again.  No answer.  Frustrated, he threw the phone on the bed.  This wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

His phone rang and he jumped.  It was Lily.  Cautiously he answered it, in case it was her husband again.

“Hi,” she said in a low voice.  She had seen his missed calls and message after returning from the bathroom.

“Hey!  I thought I’d lost you forever…” he said dramatically.

“Look, I just wanted to tell you that it’s over between us.  It was a mistake.  Please forget about me.”

“So why didn’t you send that in a text?  Lily, I know you still love me.  What we have is real.  Don’t fight it, and don’t be afraid of me.  I love you too.”

“I wanted you to know I am serious.  It doesn’t matter how we feel about each other.  I love Bolu and I’m committed to him.”

“I can’t accept that, Lily.  I know you.  I know he can’t make you happy.  I know how happy you were with me…how happy you can be with me.  You’re just afraid.”

“Please, I have to go.  I’ve said all I want to say.”

“I’ll see you on Monday, Lily.  Don’t forget about us.  You know you belong to me…”

Lola cut the call, and stepped back in the living room.  She had called him from the balcony, for privacy.  She was surprised to find Bolu sitting on the sofa.

“I thought you weren’t going to talk to him anymore, Lola.  Why are you having private conversations out in the balcony?” Bolu asked.  He stretched out his hand, indicating for her to give him the phone.

“I was just telling him to leave me alone.”  Lola handed her phone to Bolu.  She wondered what he would do with it.

“You don’t need to tell him anything.  You don’t need to call him or text him back.  All you have to do is ignore him.”  Bolu sighed.  “The fact that you can’t do that is concerning.  He’s still got a hold on you.”

Lola was quiet.  Funny, Danny said almost the same thing.

“Do you know he told me that you are his???  Do you know how hard it was for me to hear that man claim you as his own?  And he called you Lily.  How come you never told me that?”

“It slipped my mind.  I told him it was what my mother used to call me…and he liked it.”

“Lola, that man is evil!  When I was praying last night, I realised that he has you bound somehow.  It’s not simply that he is holding on to you, but you are also hanging on to him…  If we are going to work, you will have to denounce him.  He can’t have any room in your heart, otherwise, he will always come between us.”

“I don’t know what to do, Bolu.” Lola was spent emotionally.  Spiritually, she was weak.  Mentally, she was fatigued.

“You said he took you shopping.  Show me the things he bought you.  We need to get rid of them.”

Lola’s eyes widened with shock.  She hadn’t expected that.

“What, did you think you would keep them in our home?  They are tainted with your betrayal.  They are a constant reminder of your affair, of him…  Those things bind you to him.  Are you going to forsake them, or not?”

Lola went to get her bag and brought it to Bolu.  Danny had bought her some jewelry, shoes, dresses, blouses, skirts and other accessories.  Bolu was pained as he went through the things.  These were things he could not buy for his wife, that another man had bought for her, and had stolen her heart from him…with material things!  “Is this what will make you happy, Lola?”

“No, of course not.  It wasn’t just the things he bought.  He spent time with me, complimented me, appreciated me, listened to me…we connected in so many ways…”

Bolu couldn’t deal with it anymore.  He wanted to throw them out of the window and set them ablaze.  But he knew it wasn’t his to destroy.  Lola had to destroy them to be free.  “You need to destroy these things, or give them to charity.  Don’t sell them.  I don’t want that man’s money to taint out lives.  Get rid of everything, Lola.”

Bolu left the room and went to the bathroom.  Lola heard him crying, and it tore at her heart.  She looked at the things which had been purchased for her just a couple of days ago.  She didn’t want to give them up.  Some things were quite practical and useful.  Others were expensive.  And yet others had memories, like the dress she had worn when they went out dancing.  She realised that she was not ready to let Danny out of her heart.  She cried in her weakness.


Bolu and Lola did not talk much about Danny after that.  In fact, they didn’t really talk about anything that weekend.  They were both wrapped up in their own thoughts and pain, and were unable to comfort each other.

Bolu kept praying for his wife, and prayed that she will be set free from her bondage to Danny.  He didn’t pressure her about getting rid of those things, because he had already made it clear that it was her responsibility to do so.  He did however, hang on to her phone that weekend, in case Danny wanted to send more messages to his wife, or was arrogant enough to call again.

He would look at his wife, and see her crying, and wonder who she was crying for…  It hurt him so much that someone else had her heart.  He was afraid that she would still leave him, because she did not seem to want to give Danny up.  He felt powerless to stop what had already been set in motion…  He couldn’t win her heart back by force, so he tried to be patient.

Lola was struggling with so many emotions, she didn’t know where one ended and another began.  She hated herself for what she had done to Bolu, to their marriage.  Yet, she could not console him, because her heart was divided.  She hated that she still wanted Danny, she wanted to text him, or call him and tell him how she was doing…

She wanted to be with him, and kept thinking of the kisses they had shared.  But the visual of him with another woman plagued her heart and mind…  Even now, she wondered if he was with another woman…especially now that she had told him she was sticking with her marriage.  The thought was too painful to bear…

They went to Church together on Sunday, and put on a happy face, as usual.  Today’s sermon didn’t particularly speak to their situation.  It was a guest Preacher, who taught about applying Kingdom principles in your business, and emphasised that Christians were expected to rule even in the systems of the world, and thereby attract people to the Kingdom.  Lola wasn’t paying any attention.

They didn’t linger afterwards today, and headed home as soon as the service was over.  Neither of them was in the mood for small talk.

Lola performed her wifely duties of cooking and cleaning, and tried to be affectionate with her husband.  But they both knew that something was missing in the equation.  They were just stuck on how to rectify the problem.  What was the problem?  Lola was playing at marriage, but her heart was not in it.  For once, it was Bolu who felt alone and unloved, when he had previously been oblivious to any problem in their marriage.


Danny arrived in Lagos at 4:40pm on Sunday evening.  He hadn’t sent Lola any messages since their brief conversation yesterday.  He decided to send her another email, believing that it was more likely to get to her than a text message.

Hey Baby,

How are you doing?  I missed you last night…  How was your day today?  Did you go to Church?

I just got into Lagos.  I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.  Dream of me.

Yours, in love, Danny.


Bolu got the alert on Lola’s phone of the email from Danny.  He was enraged as he read it.  This man was determined to tear his home apart.

You’re walking on thin ice.  For the last time, leave my wife alone.  Or else!”  Bolu replied back instantly.

He went ahead to spam Danny’s email address and delete his former messages.  He didn’t tell Lola and he couldn’t look at her either.  He was afraid of what he might say.  He was still fuming with rage when Mama returned from her visit in the evening.

To be continued…

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  1. I’m not the type that do make comments but ma’am this particular “emotional affair” really got into me. So much lessons to learn. More of His Grace on you

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  2. God please help Lily set her priorities right. This story is so real. Bolu has to win his wife back but he is hurting. Indeed the thief comes to steal. I pray Mama wont make it worse.

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