An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Sixteen


Copyright © Ufuomaee


The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10).

Bimbo Adetayo returned from her visit in the evening.  She sensed the tension in the apartment the moment she returned.  She asked Lola how her trip was.  Lola said it was fine, but her eyes told a different story.  She asked Bolu if everything was ok, and his response was to stand up and go to his bedroom and slam the door shut.

“Lola, what happened between you?” Bimbo asked, very concerned.

Lola started to cry.  The words were stuck in her throat.

“Is it that man?  Are you in love with him?”

Lola nodded and sobbed.

“Oh, Lola, why?  Did you sleep with him?”

Lola shook her head.

“Ok, we can thank God for that at least,” Bimbo said.  “Come, let us talk. Woman to woman.”

Lola went to the sofa to sit with her mother-in-law, surprised that she would offer her an understanding ear.

“My child, temptation is very common.  Everybody has to face it in this life.  The problem with temptation is that you only see the head…you don’t see the tail.  Like a snake, temptation has a long tail.  When you are tempted, don’t just consider the head…consider the tail.”

“I don’t understand,” Lola said.

“Like your problem with this man.  Have you considered what would happen if you leave Bolu to go and be with him?  Have you really followed that tail to know where it leads?”

Lola had to admit she hadn’t.  She shook her head.

“Let’s imagine you leave Bolu for, what is his name?” Bimbo asked.


“So, you are with Danny now.  What next?”

“I don’t know.”

“Think.  You are leaving a man who loves you, who pledged his life to you, who lives to make you happy…  Has Danny proposed marriage?”

“No.  But he loves me.”

“The woman he loves is the one who is committed to her husband.  When you leave your husband for him, you will no longer be the woman he loves…  Don’t you know that?  You will show him that you are not a woman of character, when your character is what attracted him to you in the first place.”

“I hadn’t thought of it like that,” Lola said.

“If you leave your husband for him, do you think he will be able to trust you…  That you will not leave him for another man?  And if he doesn’t trust you, and I don’t think he will respect you either, do you think he will still love you, the way he says he loves you now?”

Lola shook her head, processing what Mama was saying to her.

“My thinking is that he won’t see you worthy of being his wife…someone who he can trust never to leave him.  So you see, if you lose yourself in order to be with him, he cannot love you the same…and you will not be happy,” Bimbo said.  “He would be very foolish if he thought he would marry you, after taking you from your husband.  What is more likely to happen if that you will enjoy a brief affair, and you will watch him fall in love with another woman, the way you fell in love with him…and she is the one he will marry!”

Lola swallowed hard.  “I already know I shouldn’t be with him.  I don’t trust him either.  I am just having a hard time getting over him…”

“So you know the right thing to do, and you don’t want to do it?”

“I guess you can say it like that.”

“Doesn’t that sound foolish?  You already know what you should do…but you are wasting your life in indecision.  Who does it profit to pine over him?  Do you think it will change your situation…or make him love you more?” Bimbo asked.

Lola shook her head.  Mama was right.  She was stuck, and it didn’t profit anyone for her to be stuck in indecision, except the enemy of her soul.  She was beginning to see things clearer.

“Don’t be carnal, Lola.  Be wise.  Do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t love God, let alone fear Him?  Because only a wicked man would seek the affections of a married woman!” Bimbo said, looking at Lola straight in her eyes, to confirm that she understood what she would be getting herself into with Danny.  “He doesn’t have good intentions for you, dear.  If you follow the tail to its conclusion, you will see that the end is death.  So as attractive as temptation might be, your best bet is to run from it.  I suspect that is why you have come this far…you didn’t run when you should have.  You can still run now…  Your salvation is much more important that any momentary satisfaction this Danny can offer you.”

With that said, Mama stood up to go to her room.  “Pray my dear.  Wisdom is not far from those who seek it.  Bolu loves you very much.  Remember that you are lucky to have him.”

Lola stood up and hugged her mother-in-law.  “Thank you, Mom.”  Thank you for not judging me, she added silently.


Monday morning came eventually.  It was a long night for Lola.  She had dreamt of Danny again.  In her dream, they were in his penthouse suite in Port Harcourt, in the exact same scene she had witnessed with her mother…  Except this time, she was the one being delighted by him.  She was the woman in his arms.  But even as she was coming, she could see the expression on his face…an expression of triumph, not of submissive love…the kind she would see on Bolu’s face whenever they made love…

She woke up tormented by that expression on Danny’s face.  Her joy at being his woman was short-lived, by realising that he didn’t love her with the same passion that she loved him.  What should have been a delightful fantasy was more of a heart-wrenching torment.

She got out of bed and prayed.  Today, she prayed for wisdom, for boldness and strength.  Today, she wanted deliverance from Danny.  She didn’t want to be his prize…  She didn’t want to be any one’s prize…only the treasure that she was to God and to her husband.


Danny was armed ready to strike.  He entered the Crowne Legal building, and at the reception, he was directed to the office of Mr Bolu Adetayo.  Gracefully, he strode to his office, knocked on the door, and waited for a response.

“Come in,” Bolu said, his head in a set of papers.

“Well, well.  We meet at last.”

Bolu looked up at the sound of that sordid voice.  Who the hell was this guy?  “Excuse me, do I know you?”

“No, I don’t think you do.  But your wife does.  And I know her…very well.”

Bolu stood up immediately.  This was the guy?  What a bastard!  “Get out of my office!”

“I just thought you might want to see these…  It is not good to be in the dark.”  Danny threw some pictures unto Bolu’s desk.

Bolu quickly went through them.  They were pictures of his wife at Port Harcourt Beach, wearing a skimpy bikini…the red one he had seen among her possessions on Saturday.  There was a picture of her looking intently and flirtatiously at the camera…  He didn’t recognise this woman.  He threw down the pictures.

“Ifeoma!” Bolu shouted, and his secretary came to the door.  “Call security.  I want this man removed from this building.”

Danny laughed scornfully…and then loudly.  “You don’t even know who I am, do you?  I’m your worst nightmare.”

“For the very last time, LEAVE – LOLA – ALONE!”  Bolu breathed out each word with threat.  He was fighting to restrain himself from lunging out at Danny and punching him in the face.  As a Lawyer, such an action could mean the end of his career!

Danny knew that.  His intention was to provoke Bolu.  And he made his final move.  He slid something on Bolu’s desk and said mockingly.  “It’s Lily’s choice to make.  And I think your wife will be leaving you tonight!”

“Ahhh!!!” Bolu lost it and lunged at Danny without restraint.  “You bastard!!!”

When the security got to the door, Bolu had Danny against the wall with both hands, strangling him with all his might.  Mr Williams was at the door to witness the scene, and saw how the security pulled Bolu from Danny.

Danny’s work was done.  He straightened himself up and went to Mr Williams.  “I think this man has anger issues.  He is an irresponsible risk for your business.  I’d suggest you get rid of him!  If we were not friends, I would sue the hell out of this firm!”

Bolu’s mouth dropped open as he looked at an angry Mr Williams.  Friends???

“Pack up your desk, right this minute!” Mr Williams said, and then followed Danny out of the building, apologetically.  He couldn’t understand what would have possessed Bolu to behave so out of character.


Lola had just concluded her meeting with Ms Shittu.  She had told her that she could not continue the work for personal reasons.  She was honest about her brief affair with Danny, and apologised that she would not be able to provide a professional service to his company.  Ms Shittu was disappointed, but they were too busy now for her to let Lola go, so she didn’t.  Lola had handed over all her notes, and submitted the pictures she had taken in a flash drive.

Lola sighed with relief that she had finally done what she should have done from the beginning.  There was just one last thing to do.  She looked at the small bag that contained all the things that Danny had bought for her during their affair.  She planned to give them back to him, and break all ties with him, once and for all.  He had said he would see her on Monday, so she was expectant that he would show up.  She was ready for him.

At 3pm, Danny walked in to Da-Vyne Interiors, with a bouquet of red roses.  All eyes were on him as he made his way to Lola’s office.

“Before you say anything…I love you.  And I’m sorry!” Danny said, and handed Lola the flowers.  “I got these for you.”

Lola did not collect them from him, so he put them on her desk.

“You must be very mad at me.  What can I do to show you that I love you?”

“You can pick up those flowers, and take this,” she placed the bag of things on her desk, “and get out of my office and out of my life.”

“Lola, you don’t mean that.  Don’t let your anger get the better of you.  I love you…”

“This is how I want you to love me.  Never call me again.  Never text me again.  Never email me, or visit me or try to see me at all, ever again.  Give me a chance to make my marriage work.  Give me a chance to be happy without you.  And if, for one moment, I am weak, and I call you…or text you…or email you…or come to see you.  Do not pick my calls.  Do not reply my texts nor emails.  And turn me right around back to my husband.  That is how I want to be loved by you.”

Danny was dumbfounded.  What had happened to Lily?   Surely, she wouldn’t rather be with that pitiful man than with him?  He had one more hope of securing her devotion, and he was willing to play that card.

Danny put his hand in his pocket and retrieved a small package.  He took out a small jewelry box and placed it on her desk.  As Lola opened it to see the excellent diamond ring Danny had purchased for her, Danny went across her desk and fell on one knee…

“Marry me, Lily.  I’m dead serious about us.  Wouldn’t you rather be mine?”

Lola was dazed.  She hadn’t expected this.  Surely, he wouldn’t propose unless he really loved her…

To be continued…

Copyright © Ufuomaee

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  1. The devil (Danny) is a big liar! Buh why would he go to such length to brk dere home?
    Lola think!!! You can’t afford to lose to d devil!

    Well done ma’am fingers crossed *

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! First to comment and my first comment ever on this site. Am truly enjoying this story. Cant just explain what this Danny or Dan or whatever he called himself want from lola’s family. Does it mean that there are no other ladies of lola’s qualities out there that he can be attracted to? This story is so full of suspense that i always check on this site if it has been updated, i even went up to the point of sharing it on my timeline. Thanks Ufuoma for this intriguing piece. Based on what i know you for on lagosconvo, am sure this story is gonna be full of lessons and probably among my best so far. More grease to your elbow.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Judith! I really appreciate your comment and following. I think there are plenty of lessons already, and more to come by God’s grace! Thanks for sharing it too 🙂


  3. Danny, abegi! Many guys have been playing that your last card since 19 “gbogboro” (ages).
    Will you marry me ko, Will you marry me ni, nonsense.

    Lola, show him the way out joor!

    Mama Bolu, God bless you jare. You put aside your natural self and gave loving advice.

    Bolu, simply ask God to help you and forgive you for falling prey to Danny’s trap. God will restore you with even better job. Danny is all bark and no bite now.

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