An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Eighteen


Copyright © Ufuomaee


The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10).

Bolu fell back on the bed with relief, after concluding his call with Mr Williams.  Thank God!  Thank You, Jesus!  He couldn’t believe his good fortune.  Despite the efforts of the enemy, in the person of Daniel Akunne, he still had his job and his wife.  He had come so close to losing it all…  So so close.

Tears of relief and joy flowed freely from his eyes as he laid on the bed, looking up at the ceiling.  The anguish in his heart was melting away.  The loss of his job and career had been devastating, but even more devastating was the thought of losing his beloved wife, Lola.

Marrying her was the one thing he was certain he had done right!  She was simply the best thing that had ever happened to him, and he’d felt fortunate everyday of their courtship to have her in his life.  She was the reason he was so motivated to be successful…and in his ambition to climb up the career ladder, he had almost lost her – and his career!  How ironic!

Bolu wondered what he had done wrong…how he had lost sight of what was most important to him.  Even the accident he had almost seven months ago had not succeeded in getting him to set his priorities straight.  He had only been disheartened by all the things he had lost and the time that had been wasted.  Rather, he should have been glad to still have his health and his wife’s love…and God’s grace in preserving His life and career too.

He knew that something had to change.  They couldn’t carry on as before.  Their current situation with him working all the time was not what he had envisioned when he had dreamt of a life with Lola.

He remembered when he first met Lola, one Summer’s day in Church and reminisced on the past…


Five years ago, Bolu had just joined Crowne Legal as a Junior Partner, when he met Lola at his Church, one Saturday in August.  She had accompanied her friend, Temi, to volunteer at his Church’s fundraiser, which they held every year, at the end of Summer.  Bolu and Temi were not well acquainted, though they both attended the same Church.  However, Temi was an usher and everyone knew who she was.

Lola had noticed Bolu looking at her, and had looked away shyly.  Temi had nudged her and giggled, when Bolu had decided to come over to their stand.  Bolu had greeted Temi first, before asking to be introduced to her friend.

“Bolu meet Lola.  Lola, Bolu,” Temi had said.  She had discreetly excused herself to get something, leaving the two to get acquainted.

Bolu was no playboy.  He had no swag to boast of.  But he was sincere.  He didn’t waste time in expressing his interest in wanting to know Lola better.  Lola liked him instantly, so she’d given him her number.

She had watched him as he walked away, just as Temi came back.  He was tall, dark and handsome, with a big build.  He had told her that he was a lawyer, and lived in Lekki.  He seemed promising.  She asked Temi to tell her more about him.  Temi had confessed that she didn’t know him all that well, but he seemed like a straight-forward guy.  She’d never seen him show interest in any girl in Church before.

Bolu called Lola that evening, and every day after that.  Their first date was to watch a movie at the Silverbird Galleria in Victoria Island the following Tuesday.  They met again on Friday night for a meal, which gave them a chance to get to know more about each other.

He had learnt that Lola was a hopeless romantic.  Bolu took mental notes on the things that she liked and desired from a relationship.  He had learnt about her childhood, and of her disconnection from her father.  He sensed her sadness and need for a strong male figure in her life.  He wanted to take care of her.  He wanted to give her everything she never had.  He wanted to be the one to shower her with affection and make her dreams come true…

Lola fell in love with Bolu after just three months of dating.  He was sensitive and thoughtful.  He showered her with attention and gifts.  Even still, he was hard-working and ambitious.  He hoped to make Senior Partner at his firm in just three years.  Lola had just concluded the Nigerian Youth Service Corps (NYSC), and was looking for a job at the time.

They talked about their dreams for the future, and Bolu told her of his intentions to eventually take her to the alter.  He wasn’t looking for just another relationship…he wanted a courtship that would hopefully lead to marriage.  Lola loved how he knew just what he wanted, and went for it.  She saw a leader in him, and felt secure in knowing that he was a man of faith…a man she could follow and trust.

Lola attended a Baptist Church in Ikoyi with her mother, which was near their home at Obalende.  Occasionally, she would join Bolu at his Church, and they would go out for lunch afterwards.  After a year of courtship, Bolu made an emotional proposal to Lola, and was overjoyed when she accepted with glee.

Their wedding day was truly the best day of his life…  He saw the pure joy and hope in Lola’s eyes, when she had said “I do” before the Minister.  He remembered how emotional she had been to see her estranged father that day…  He had held her in his arms protectively.  He would never hurt her like her father hurt her mother.  He would never forsake her.  She was his treasure…


Sad tears rolled down Bolu’s face as he realised that he had actually forsaken his wife…not for another woman, but for his career.  He hadn’t been faithful in showering her with affections, as before, knowing that that was how she needed to be loved.  He had abandoned her emotionally, while seeking to meet their material wants.  But he had learnt now that if he didn’t have her heart, he didn’t have anything.

Bolu arose from the bed with a new resolution.  He prayed for God to grant him wisdom and understanding, and show them how to move forward in love towards each other.  He prayed for the grace to forgive every hurt caused by the affair, and to mend the rift that had been deepened by Danny’s intrusion in their marriage.

He also prayed to be the spiritual leader in their union once again, and for God to restore his fellowship and strengthen his faith, which had also taken a backseat to his career.  He placed his career into God’s hands and prayed that God would grant him the right attitude with it, and prosper him in it, in as much as his spirit prospers by abiding in Christ and in love with his wife.  He prayed to know the joy of contentment, so that he would be able to appreciate all his blessings, and work without striving, which is caused by fear and not faith in God’s sustenance.

After praying, Bolu dressed up to leave the apartment.  Mama was watching TV in the lounge, and looked up to ask him where he was off to.  She was delighted with the news that he got his job back.  Bolu laughed as she got up to start dancing and praising God!  He joined her in praise and dance briefly, before he finally left on his mission.


Lola was finally getting back into her work, after getting back to the office around 11:30am.  She had much to catch up with, after the two weeks interruption, trying to attend to Mr Akunne’s properties.  Thankfully, one of their clients who had been owing them quite a sum for the last three months had settled their account with Da-Vyne Interiors just this morning, so the pressure of sourcing new clients was off for a while.

She looked up when she heard a knock on the door.  She wasn’t expecting anyone.  “Come in.”

Lola slumped when she saw more flowers.  Oh my God!  Won’t this man give up, she thought in frustration.  The bearer of the bouquet moved the bouquet from his face to reveal her husband.  Lola grinned widely, and stood up to greet Bolu and receive the bouquet of assorted flowers from him.

“What are these for?” she asked, as she gave him a brief kiss on his lips.

“To say I’m sorry!”

“For what?  You didn’t do anything wrong.  I’m the one who’s sorry,” Lola said.

“No…  You don’t have to be sorry anymore.  I’ve forgiven you,” Bolu said, as he drew her into his arms.  “I promised never to forsake you, Lola.  And I did.  I let my career become more important than you…than us.  And for that I’m very sorry.  Will you forgive me?”

“Of course, I forgive you, Bolu.  I’m just glad that I didn’t lose you.  I was so foolish…”

“Ssshhh…  I said you don’t have to apologise again.  You woke me up, Lola.  I guess I needed the wake-up call.  You are everything to me.  I love you sooo much!”  And with that, Bolu kissed his wife passionately.  She returned his kiss as passionately, as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Five minutes later, they were still kissing, locked in a passionate embrace. “Oh, I have to get back to work,” Lola said, taking a breather.

Bolu shook his head.  “You only have to be with me.  I’ve missed you, Darling.  I’ve missed you so much!”  He continued to kiss her, and caressed her body.  “Let’s go somewhere.”

“What about my work?”

“I lost mine for you,” Bolu joked, and Lola covered her mouth in shame.  “I’m only joking.  I’m going back on Monday, thanks to you!”

“Oh, praise God!!!” Lola sighed with relief.

“Until then, we have a lot of catching up to do.  Don’t worry, I’ve already spoken to Ms Shittu.”  Bolu kissed his wife again.  “Come on, get your things.”

Lola quickly packed up her bag, and walked out of her office hand in hand with her husband, feeling like a teenager with a crush.  She was so excited, wondering what Bolu might have in store for them.


Bolu took Lola to the location of their first dinner date, at the Lagoon in Victoria Island.  She loved the ambiance there, and the ocean breeze too.  At 4pm, they would be having a late lunch.

Lola was overwhelmed with relief, as she looked at her husband, who had forgiven her so wholeheartedly.  She wondered how he had found the strength to, and hoped that soon he would be able to trust her again.  She also realised that she needed to be more careful in guarding her heart…she wasn’t as strong as she had thought she was.

Bolu reached out for her hand across the table, and asked her what she was thinking about.

“Let he that thinks he stands, take heed lest he falls…” she said, quoting scripture.  “I’m just thinking I’m not as strong as I thought I was.  I hope to gain your trust again, in time.”

Bolu nodded.  “Repeat after me…  I, Lola Adetayo…”

Lola giggled.  “I, Lola Adetayo…”

“Do promise to love my husband, Akinbolu Adetayo…”  Lola repeats Bolu’s words.  “With all my heart and soul…  Forsaking all others…  Forgiving all faults…  Enduring all trials…  As long as we both shall live.  I promise to always remember that I am loved passionately…  Appreciated constantly…  Desired fervently…  And needed desperately.  My home will always and only ever be with him…  And I promise to trust God to lead us…  To build on love, trust and mutual respect.  Amen!”

“Amen,” Lola said solemnly.  “I love you, Akinbolu Adetayo.”

“I love you, Mrs Lola Adetayo.”  The lovebirds kissed sweetly.


Bolu and Lola went to watch a movie after their meal, but had been unable to focus on it due to heightened passions.  They decided to leave early to spend some time together in their home.

As they made out in their bedroom, Lola remembered that they were not alone in the apartment.  “What about Mama?” she asked.

“She’s in her room,” Bolu said between kisses.

“What if she hears us…?”

“She won’t!”

“What if?  Let’s wait.”

“Lola, trust me, it doesn’t matter.  Will we stop making love when we have kids…?  We just have to keep it down.”

To set the mood just right, Bolu played the Best of Luther Vandross, and selected their wedding song, “Here and Now”.  The memory of their first dance as a married couple heightened Lola’s sentiments.  She’d forgotten how good it felt to be loved passionately.  So, Lola gave in to Bolu, and let him make love to her.

He had a different plan today…  He was taking the less traveled route.  Lola was taken by surprise by his attention to detail.  Each touch, kiss and caress was profound.  She felt sensations she had never felt before, and realised when the gasps escaped her lips that she hadn’t come before now…

As it turned out, she was unable to control her cries of delight.  And she didn’t care to.

To be continued…

Copyright © Ufuomaee

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  1. Awwwwwwwn, so sweet!
    Lola should be pregnant already…lol
    Thank God for granting Bolu the strength to forgive his wife. Itz a good thing they’ve both realized their strengths & weaknesses.

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  2. This is beautiful. Bolu and Lola have re-discovered each other. No blame casting, but a unique decision to put aside all past wrongs and embrace a beautiful future.

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