An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Twenty-One


Copyright © Ufuomaee


The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10).

Danny laid in bed on Tuesday evening, thinking of Lily.  He recalled their last encounter at Oyinda’s house over the weekend, and remembered how she had looked beautiful in her black pencil skirt and pink lace blouse.  Seeing her again had made him realise that he’d really fallen for her.  He hadn’t intended to fall in love…but somehow he had.

Her response for him to stay away from her had really hurt.  And her rejection of his proposal had cut him deep.  He didn’t even know what had come over him when he had decided to propose.  He figured that if she’d said yes, it would have bought him some time…and they would have figured out the rest from there.  But it seemed that she was now lost to him forever.

But how?  He couldn’t understand how she had slipped from his grasp.  He knew when she’d kissed him that first night that he had her…  He knew it.  He knew when a woman was in love with him…  He was expert at this game.

“It was Him.  You didn’t stand a chance with her…” a shadow appeared by the doorway.

Danny turned his gaze to it.  He knew who it was.  They’d had many conversations before.  “What do you mean by I didn’t stand a chance?”

“He sabotaged you.  She’s apparently one of His chosen.  I’d have been surprised if you had succeeded,” the shadow replied.

“Ummm…  And the man?” Danny asked.

“I don’t know.”

Danny sat up in bed.  “I haven’t felt this way before.  Am I in love?”

“I doubt it.  I don’t do love.”

“I want her.  You said you’d give me anything I want.”

“Except love.”

“You never said that!” Danny replied, feeling cheated.

“It was implied.  Besides, why would you want to settle for one woman, when you can have as many as you like…anyhow and anytime that you want?  Love is overrated!”

“But I’m lonely.  And she made me happy.  You do happiness, don’t you?”

“You’ll find somebody else to make you happy.  You just need a distraction…” the shadow crept away, and the bell of Danny’s Abuja penthouse suite rang.

Danny got out of bed and went to open it.  Amina, one of his regular girls, stood at the door, scantily dressed.  This wasn’t the kind of distraction he wanted.  But it would do for now…


Lola was at the office taking stock of a new delivery for the showroom.  It was Wednesday, and Bolu had made plans for them to meet for lunch.  So far, she’d observed the positive change in him, as he made more effort to call and text during the day.  He had even made it home by 8pm on Monday and Tuesday evening, and they’d resumed their meals at the table.

He should be on his way now, she thought, as she looked at her watch.  It was 12:30pm.  She felt butterflies in her tummy as she waited in anticipation.  It felt like they were dating again.

Bolu arrived at 12:45pm to pick Lola up for their lunch date.  He came up from behind her, and startled her with his touch on her waist.  She giggled and turned around to kiss his lips briefly.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Yes, Babe.” Lola gave Ronke some instructions, before collecting her handbag from her office and heading out with her husband.

Bolu took Lola to a popular eatery on Admiralty Way in Lekki Phase 1, where native food was prepared and served.  They talked about how their day had been so far.  Bolu told her about the case he was working on, without going into too much detail.

He asked if it would be okay if he came home later tonight, because there was quite a bit he had hoped to get done today…and by the time he returned to the office, he wouldn’t have much time before closing to do it all.  Lola shrugged her approval, and expressed the hope that he would be home by 10pm.  Bolu dropped Lola back at her office at 2pm.  They shared a brief kiss before he drove away.


It was 5:30pm now, and Bolu and Dele had just concluded a meeting about the case they were working on together.  They were getting along well, and Bolu had started to respect Dele.  He had some papers to prepare following their meeting, however, there was a document he couldn’t find.

“Ifeoma,” he called to his Secretary.  She arrived promptly at his door.  “Remember that document I asked you to photocopy this morning…  Where is it?”

Ifeoma fetched the document from where she had filled it in a tall filing cabinet in Bolu’s office.  Bolu noticed that her skirt was unusually short today.  He averted his eyes when she stretched to retrieve some files, and it crept up even higher.

Ifeoma brought the document to him and smiled prettily.  “Can I help you with anything else, Sir?”

“No, no.  Thank you.  I’ll see you tomorrow,” Bolu replied.

“I don’t mind staying and helping.”  And keeping you company, she thought.

Bolu looked at her for a moment.  He thought there was something flirtatous about her mannerism.  Maybe he was reading too much into it.  “No, thank you.  I’ll be fine.  Good night.”

“Ok, Sir.  I’ll see you tomorrow.  Good night.”  Ifeoma strut away, with emphasis on each step, sure that Bolu would be watching her leave.

He wasn’t.  He had picked up the frame with a picture of his beautiful wife and was smiling at it.  Ifeoma saw, with a final glance back, that she would have to do more to get his attention.


Lola returned home from work at 6:30pm.  She made a light snack to eat, before she cleaned up the kitchen, and settled down to watch some television.  As there was nothing interesting on, she decided to call her friend, Temi.  She knew she had been disappointed when Lola had excused herself early on Saturday.

“Hey, dear,” Temi said cheerfully.

“How are you doing?  Sorry we couldn’t stay on Saturday,” Lola apologised again.

“It’s okay.  I was very busy, anyway.  It wasn’t the best time for a catch up,” Temi replied.

“Cool.  Thanks for understanding.  How are the twins?”

“Oh, they’re a handful!  But I love them.  How are you and Bolu?”

“We’re good.  Very good actually,” Lola grinned.  “We’re expecting!”

“Wow!!!  About time!” Temi said excitedly.  “I’m so happy for you two!  How do you feel?”

Lola told her of all the symptoms she had, and asked Temi about her own experience.  The two friends bonded again over the beautiful phenomenon that is motherhood.  It was a good 20 minutes, before Temi had to go and attend to her babies.  She appreciated Lola for the call and promised to return the favour soon.

Afterwards, Lola called her mother-in-law, Bimbo.  She was thrilled that Lola had remembered to call her.  They hadn’t spoken since she’d left Lagos a week ago.  Bolu had simply called in the evening to confirm that she’d arrived safely.

Bimbo asked after Lola’s pregnancy, and got the full gist too.  She made some recommendations for Lola, to help her prepare for the transition into parenthood.  She asked after her son, if everything was well at home.  Lola said they were doing better than ever.  Before ending the call, Bimbo prayed for Lola, Bolu and her grandchild.

Lola smiled to herself, after dropping the call with Mama.  She’d never thought she would be pals with her mother-in-law.  She thought of her husband, and decided she’d call him at the office.

“Hi Lily…  Nice of you to call.”

Lola looked at her phone alarmed.  She’d called Danny by mistake.  She quickly cut the call.  How could she have called him?  She was about to delete his number from her phone, when it rang again.  It was Danny.  Should she pick up or not?

She was frozen in indecision until the phone stopped ringing.  She decided to keep his number, so that if he ever called again, she would know not to pick it up.

Lola called Bolu.  He was just rounding off with work and would be home soon, he said.  It was 9:30pm now.  She told him that he should wake her up, if she was sleeping when he got home.

Bolu got home just after 10pm to find Lola asleep on the sofa.  She woke up as he tried to carry her to their bedroom.  “Welcome home, darling,” she greeted sleepily.

“How was your evening?”  Bolu asked.

 “I missed you.”

“Awww….  I missed you too.” Bolu laid her on the bed gently.  Lola watched him as he undressed.  “Don’t you want to go back to sleep?”

“I was hoping you would tuck me in,” Lola replied, flirtatiously.

Bolu giggled.  “No problem…”


At 11pm, Danny was up in bed, thinking about Lily’s call that evening.  He had been excited, thinking that maybe she was thinking of him too.  However, when she didn’t speak and didn’t pick up when he called back, he was confused.  He wondered if she still wanted him, if she was confused about her feelings or just afraid to trust him.  Maybe this was a sign…  Maybe there was still a chance, he thought.  Oh, he would do just about anything for a chance…

Most people knew Danny to be unscrupulous, but no one knew just how acquainted with evil he was.  Many years ago, while in the University of Benin, he had joined a devilish cult and entered a blood pact, with the promise of success and riches.  The price was his soul, which he didn’t value as anything.  He saw many people killed for nothing, many people abused, many who lived painful lives of destitution…and considered that a soul was nothing to trade for a life of power, wealth and influence.

Over the years, many people had tried to save his soul, and he had mocked them.  They thought he didn’t believe in God, but he knew better than most.  He had chosen his side.  But he never let his knowledge of the spiritual change his life.  He lived with the bargain that his life on earth would be enjoyable and uninhibited, and gave no more thought to his eternal destiny.

However, for the first time, there was something he wanted that he couldn’t have.  He wanted love.  He’d never been bothered about love until he met Lily.  He wanted what Bolu had…a family.  A devoted wife who would love him, not for what he could offer her, but for who he was.  But who was he, and who would love such a man?

Danny thought of the horrible thing he had done to his oldest friend, Folarin, simply because he had been angry.  He’d wanted to show Folarin that he could do anything he wanted, and hadn’t considered his feelings, nor the consequences of his actions, until afterwards.  Now he had lost the only person who still held out hope for him.  The only person who had always stood by him.  As he was, he was too selfish for friendship, let alone love.

Now that he realised that he wanted love…he knew that he needed to be the kind of person that someone would love…and the kind of person that could give love in return.  That would mean he would have to change.  But could he change?  Wasn’t it a done deal?  And was he really ready to lose everything for a chance at love?  A love that he may never actually come to know?  Was the risk of heartbreak really worth having a heart?

“Why do you trouble yourself with such questions?” the shadow had returned.

“I am not happy with my life anymore…  I want more.”

“I guess it’s still about that woman…  There’s a solution to every problem.  All you have to do is ask.”

“What?  What do you mean?”

“Your enemy is my enemy.  Maybe the man is not untouchable.”

“Ummm…  What are you thinking?”

“A trap.  When he falls…she will be weak.”

Danny smiled.  He liked the idea.  But how?  What sort of trap?

“I’m already working on something…  Be patient.”

That, Danny could do.  You won’t find love this way.  The voice was distinctly different.  Danny was surprised that God would speak to him.  The shadow had gone, and he was alone.  He wondered if God would speak again, but he heard nothing more.

To be continued…

Copyright © Ufuomaee

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  1. Uhhhh uhhh there’s a new twist Ufuomaeeeeeeee, when i thought that it’s about to end.. Christ Jesus please uphold Bolu.. Ufuomaee Nice write up… Keep it rolling..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow! This story has taken a new turn. To me, Bolu’s prayers have been answered as seen in Danny’s hunger for love – something he never felt before. I believe that would drive him to God.

    Of course there’ll be a tug of war between God and Devil for Danny’s soul but I strongly believe God will prevail cos it is the appointed time. Halleluyah!

    Bolu forgave his wife and has forgiven Danny but would Lola be as forgiving if Bolu encounters same? Certainly storms keep brewing in our relationships but such ups and downs are experiences that reveal our constant need for God’s help and grace.

    Bolu also needs prayers for strength to overcome the coming temptation.

    There’s so much to note in this story. Well done Ufuoma.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. a twist in the story……………………

    while men slept the wicked plated tares……….. the devil is lurking around looking for whom to destroy……………………. clear case……….the devil will not fight its own…………… trying to take God’s own all the time………………… be careful for nothing………………………


    Ufuoma…. well done……………..

    waiting for the next episode
    @Teekay…. you actually sound like a pastor ooooooo

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Another twist…what’s up with Bolu’s secretary lately?! I wish God will reveal the plan of the enemy to Bolu through another dream cos if he should fall into this trap, Lola might not be as strong as her husband was. It might even look like a ‘payback’.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ifeoma! Ifeoma!! Ifeoma!!! How many times did i call you? Dont let yourself be the devil’s handiwork. Am beginning to despise this Danny, so you are this evil? Oh my God! What of the uncountable Dannys out there deceiving the people of God. May God save us all from the unknown and unseen. Ride on Ufuomaee, we dey your back. Teekay, I concur to what they said, maybe you should try meeting a counsellor or your spiritual director for advice.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I would like to sit inside your head one day when you’re writing or getting inspiration to see what goes on! Lol!. Just when i thought, ok, story rounding up now…something else starts brewing, i really hope you write a book/books, too good! Learnt a lifetime of lessons from this story and still learning…

    Liked by 1 person

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