An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Twenty-Four


Copyright © Ufuomaee


The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” (John 10:10).

Back in Lagos, Bolu, Lola and Folarin were oblivious to the new turn of events in Danny’s life.  Danny, though having much wealth and influence within his industry, had been very discrete and, so, was not well-known, nor a celebrity by any means.  Nothing would be leaked about him for a couple of days yet, though people in Port Harcourt had already began to speculate on who the mysterious mad man was.

He must have been rich, because of the hotel ambulance that came to transport him to the hospital.  Regular mad men do not have such privilege.  Whatever could have caused a man so obviously fortunate to want to take his own life?

Bolu was resting on May Day with his wife.  They had a lazy day planned, with a trip to the shopping mall to get a few provisions, some maternity things and one or two treats for Lola as well.

As they walked along the mall holding hands, Lola remembered that the last time she had walked across a mall, she was holding on to another man’s hand.  She felt a pang of residual guilt, as she looked up at her devoted husband.

She cuddled on his arm, as they strolled along, wanting, if possible, to enter him.  She had all the symptoms of a woman in love, and the accompanying joy of knowing that her heart was only for one man, who had also given her all his heart.

Bolu’s mind and heart were at rest at last.  He sensed a change in Lola.  He felt her passionate love for him again, and was filled with the peace of knowing that he had completely won her heart back.  They’d learnt a great deal over the last month.  Lessons they both knew they wouldn’t easily forget.

Bolu intended to keep the romance going in their relationship.  He now knew that they had been living as peasants, in misery, when they could have been basking in great love all this time, simply due to misplaced priorities and lack of trying.  It was a shame that so many people feel that that is an acceptable way to live a married life, he thought.

He wondered how many more marriages would be saved if people would only make the effort to treat the one they have pledged their lives to love as though they were the most precious things in their lives.  It seemed so many men felt that they could only have thrilling romance and excitement with a girlfriend or by dating other women, rather than romancing their wives.  If only they knew the joy they were cheating themselves out of.

Bolu had realised that with a just little more effort, he could still work hard, and make Lola feel special each day.  Their intimacy had deepened significantly.  He was enjoying the romance too, and getting a lot of affection in return.  Who knew he had so much love to give?

Bolu was planning a romantic break for both of them in July, to celebrate Lola’s Birthday. He was finally going to take the time off and take her to one of the places she’d always dreamed of going.  He could hardly wait!

The couple sat down at the Food Court with their trays of food, to enjoy a nice lunch together.  While praying over the food, Bolu took a moment to thank God for His intervention in their lives over the past month.  He counted all his blessings, and testified that he was the luckiest man alive.  Lola declared that she was the luckiest person alive.

They giggled, as they gazed loving into each other’s eyes.


On May Day afternoon, Folarin got a call from Danny’s mother, Esther, informing him of the accident.  Obi, Danny’s driver in Port Harcourt, had called his parents on the night of the accident, and they’d taken the next flight to see him at the hospital.  They thought that since Folarin and Danny had been close, he might want to come and see him too.

Danny was on life support, as he had gone into a coma.  It looked like an attempted suicide from eye-witness accounts.  Esther couldn’t understand what would have caused her son to want to take his life.

Folarin was tearful upon hearing the news.  After what had happened between them, he still cared deeply for Danny.  He wondered if their broken friendship could have caused such a mental breakdown.  He promised to make it over to Port Harcourt as soon as possible.

When he had gotten off the phone, Folarin prayed for Danny’s healing.  He prayed for God to use the accident as a point of deliverance for Danny, that he may return to soundness of mind, as his life is returned to him and that his health would be restored completely.  He prayed that their relationship would also be restored.  His wife joined him in prayer.


Folarin arrived at the hospital that evening to find Esther by his side.  Danny’s father had returned to the hotel.  Apart from their family Pastor, who had come to pray over him the night before, no one else had come to see him, because most of his family lived in Lagos.  They were all praying for him, though, and hoping he would soon wake from his slumber.  Otherwise, they planned to come over during the weekend.

“Thank you so much for coming!  I know he would want to have you here,” Esther greeted Folarin.

Folarin looked at his friend, usually lively, and now so still and helpless.  He cried over him.  He didn’t know what to do or say.  He simply laid his hands on him and said, “I forgive you.  Wake up, Danny.  Please come back to us.”


Danny was having a peculiar dream.  In his dream, he had caught the boy that was about to be hit by the bus, and the bus had turned into a stream of bright light.

He put the boy down, and he held on to Danny’s hand.  The boy looked up to him to say, “Thank you.”

Danny smiled down at him, trying to remember where he’d seen him before.  The little boy tugged at his hand, and said, “Come, let me show you.”

Danny followed the boy into the light, and as they walked in, it was like a 3D movie.  The movie was his life story.  In the movie, he saw the boy.  It was him!  His four year old self.

Danny looked at the boy and started crying.  There was a clip of him with his mother reading the Children’s Bible Stories.  He had said, “When I grow up, I want to be as brave as Daniel”.

His mother had replied, “Just keep trusting in God, just like Daniel did.  You will be tempted to compromise, and to give in to fear, but it’s only in those moments that you can be brave.  Bravery is a choice you have to make, even when others are making the wrong choices.  Then you will excel in all that you do.”  She had kissed his forehead.

As they walked through the tunnel of light, Danny watched every horrific moment of his life.  He couldn’t bare to keep watching.  He was a disappointment to his four year old self.  He was a disappointment to himself, period.

“Why are you showing me this?” he asked, through tears.

“He will tell you,” Little Daniel said.  And out of the light came a greater Light.  Danny fell down and worshiped.


Danny opened his eyes at the sound of Folarin’s voice.  He turned his face to him and smiled.  “I saw Him.  The Light of the World.”

“What did He say?” Folarin asked, happy to hear Danny speak of Jesus.

“He is the Resurrection and the Life.” Danny felt his mother’s touch, and turned to her. “I’m sorry, Mom.  I’m sorry I hurt you.  I’m sorry too, Folarin.”

Esther went to her son and threw her arms around him.  “I just thank God you’re alive,” she cried.

“Did Jesus say anything else?” Folarin asked, curious to know about Danny’s spiritual encounter.

“Not that I can say.  Not yet, anyway.  But I have a confession to make.  He said I must confess and forsake all to be saved,” Danny said.  He added, soberly, “He also warned that now that I’m clean, if I don’t yield myself wholly to be used by Him, the enemy would return and make a worse mess of my life.”

Folarin replied, through sniffles, “Yes, it’s true.  Before you were a captive of the enemy, now you are Christ’s servant.”

Danny then confessed to his mother and his best friend of the evil cult he had joined almost 20 years ago.  He told of his liaisons with a demonic spirit, which had tormented him up to the point that he had thrown himself in front of the bus.  He revealed the enemy’s plan to take his life by trickery, but the trick they played on him was also key to his redemption.  His selfless act of sacrifice was the redeeming power by which the demon was also cast out.

Folarin and Esther marveled at his tale, at times horrified, but mostly giving praise and glory to God.  Now, the hard part would be forsaking all he had acquired by the power of the enemy.  For that, Danny needed his family’s understanding, that their lives of comfort would soon change, and Folarin’s help with legal issues concerning the sale of his assets.

Folarin and Esther looked at each other and then at Danny, dumbfounded.  They wanted to tell him he didn’t need to be so drastic, but they both knew he did.  They prayed that God would give him the strength and courage to do what he needed to do, and break finally, the bondage of the enemy.

Danny rose from the hospital bed to their surprise, fully restored in body, mind and spirit.  He was a walking miracle.  The doctors and nurses were all shocked to see him up on his feet, barely 48 hours after almost being killed by a bus!


The story of Danny’s accident and miraculous healing started to leak from the hospital through social media that evening.  By the next day, the Press got a hold of the story.  Danny’s forsaking all sale was going to end up being a very public spectacle, but he was determined to do it, not only in obedience to Christ, but for the sheer liberation freedom from those trappings would bring.  He had been given a second chance, and he wanted a clean slate to live a life of service and devotion to God.

Over the course of two months, Danny sold off all his hotels, properties and lands.  He also settled debts and taxes.  After he had paid his legal fees and some fines he had incurred, he was still left with a large sum of money.  He decided to open a trust fund for the money, from which he would distribute the funds to various charities in Nigeria working with children and to develop schools, medical centres and housing in slums littered all over the country.

During that period, Danny also wrote a tell-all autobiography, which was his attempt to answer the many questions the media was asking about why he was doing what he was doing.  He titled it controversially: “Don’t Tell Me There Is No God!”  It was an instant bestseller!  He went to University Campuses across Nigeria, where there was a growing cult culture to distribute his book freely, and told the youths to believe in Jesus Christ.

Danny’s book was a source of healing to many people who had thought that they had no hope, because of the evil things they had done, including many who were bound by addictions of all kinds.  He began a ministry of deliverance and healing, and his slogan was “The Truth will set you free!” (John 8:32).  Some people questioned him, that he was probably still operating by the power of Satan, because they couldn’t believe that anyone who had sold their soul to the Devil was redeemable.  His answer was simple…

You can’t sell what doesn’t belong to you.  Anyone who buys such a property would retain no legal rights to it.  The deeds to our souls belong to God, and nobody is up for sale, though the Devil might deceive us to ‘sell’.  We only give him residence and power over us, like a squatter.  He can be kicked out!  He can never be the owner!  The enemy is a thief and a liar, and you’re only bound as long as you believe his lies.  If you believe the truth, it will set you free!

In October, Danny was contacted by a popular Hollywood Movie Production Company to turn his book into a movie.  They wanted to call it “Danny”.  He told them he would pray about it.  They increased their offer.  After three days of fasting, he agreed to their plans to make a movie from his life story.  The movie would go on to be a blockbuster hit.

As it happened, he achieved greater influence and wealth by obeying Christ’s command to confess and forsake all, than he had enjoyed before.  The Trust Fund he started continued to grow, as he continued to give his money away, and inspired others to do likewise.  His message of redemption and God’s amazing love shook up a world that no longer believed in the power of love nor in the existence of God.


Bolu and Lola were happy to hear about Danny’s deliverance when the news broke out.  They got an apology from Danny too, and Danny got another bear hug from Bolu.  This time, he returned it, with tears.  They became friends thereafter.

Bolu took Lola to the Bahamas for her Birthday week in mid July.  She preferred it to Jamaica.  They had an amazing get-away!  She promised to take him to Jamaica in two years time, when he would be 35 years old.

Bolu had won his big case in early July, and got a promotion when he resumed work in August.  Lola was five months pregnant then, and was advancing well.  Her belly had rounded, as she had begun to bloom.  They were expecting their first child in time for Christmas.

Lola reconnected with her old friends, and drew closer to Temi too.  Lola and Mama also kept up their weekly calls, which Lola always looked forward to.  The best part for her was Mama’s prayer before she would drop each call:

Father, please keep Your children in Your love and abounding in Your amazing grace.  May they always be found in Your will, doing all things to Your glory.  And may You keep them ever sound in mind, ever strong in spirit and ever young at heart.  Amen.”


Copyright © Ufuomaee

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  1. Wow! What a happy and fulfilled ending, thumbs up Ufuomaee, this is a great work. May God continue to give you more inspiration in Jesus name. 👍

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 I wish there would be more grace for couples going through these issues…to come out stronger and not give place to the enemy! May all Dannys receive their deliverance in Jesus’ name!

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  2. “You can’t sell what doesn’t belong to you” gave me a deep revelation of how deceitful the enemy can be. he knows our soul belongs to God but he tricks us into letting him keep us in bondage. Reading the whole story made me understand the power of salvation the more. i was blesssed. thank you

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  3. Wow such a happy ending…
    Have read the church girl on Lagosconvo it’s dope.
    We can do all things through Christ who strengthen us….
    Save delivery Lola..

    More wisdom Ufuomaeeee

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  4. I love this story. God indeed knows the end from the beginning. So while the devil was plotting the fall of Lola and the destruction of her marriage, God was planning the redemption of Danny’s soul through Lola and Bolu’s victory over the same temptation.

    All God asks of us as believers is that we walk and trust in Him. Bolu and Lola didn’t preach salvation message to Danny, yet through their faith, trust and obedience to God’s Holy Spirit, Danny was saved.

    Imagine what would have happened if Bolu had not hugged Danny back in church or if he had not forgiven and prayed for Danny’s salvation. Every act of obedience to God’s instruction is tied to a bigger event in God’s plan.

    Dear Lord, help me to know you more and obey you always.

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  5. For a moment I got to think or wonder if Lola had allowed herself to be used by Danny. Imagine the transfer of evil and even delay of his salvation. Thank God she allowed herself to be used by God and didn’t allow the enemy to go so far in her marriage. Danny would not have had cause to start wondering or thinking about his life and how much he lacked love and wanted real love which Jesus himself gives. In all our actions, sometimes we think we are not harming anybody. Truth is we are hence God knew what he was saying when he said love God with all your heart and might and love your neighbor as yourself.
    Hmmn, it is well

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  6. I’ve silently read the whole story from beginning to now. And it’s fair to say that, it’s been a real blessing to me. I got angry with Lola at times and felt sorry for Bolu. I thought Danny had some nerve to come up on a married woman like that. I was amazed at how the devil can actually trick people to prevent them from seeing the truth. Indeed we need to keep praying for the people we know who haven’t received Christ. I’m grateful that Mama accepted Lola without judgement and helped her see reason to help her decide what she wanted. Had she been judgemental, a lot of things would have gone absolutely wrong. God bless you so much for such a story. There were points that reflected my relationship with God and gave ways to overcome. All glory to sweet Holy Spirit for inspiring you to write this.

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