An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – The Epilogue


Copyright © Ufuomaee


Christmas day had come, and Lola was past her due date.  She was getting restless, as she had hoped to deliver before Christmas.

Mama had come over as planned to help out before the baby arrived.  She was a Godsend.  Lola was able to put her feet up, while Mama attended to the meals, and Bolu assisted with cleaning.

Seeing as the baby had decided to delay in coming, Bolu had accepted an invitation for them to go to Oyinda’s house for a Christmas dinner.  They’d enjoyed a lovely Christmas Brunch with Mama, and she was happy for them to go and celebrate with their friends, while she rested at home.

Temi greeted Lola at the door and marveled at how huge she had gotten.  “You’re sure you’re not having twins?” she joked.

Lola giggled.  “Merry Christmas to you too!”

Oyinda got up to embrace Bolu, and greeted Lola with a kiss on the cheek.  The table had already been set, but they were still expecting a few people to attend.  Bolu and Oyinda settled to watch a match on TV, while the ladies caught up with themselves.

Danny was among those invited for the Dinner Party.  He joined Bolu and Oyinda on the sofa to enjoy the game.  Oyinda had also invited a single Christian lady, Amaka, who he hoped would be a nice match for Danny.  After the fourth couple arrived, they all took their seats at the dining table to enjoy the lovely Christmas meal Temi had prepared, with a little help from her Cook.

“Pastor, won’t you pray for us?” Oyinda asked Danny, and everyone smiled at the Minister in their midst.

After Danny said the grace, they all tucked into the food.  It was a wonderful banquet, and the conversation flowed as freely as the wine.  Danny and Amaka seemed to be hitting it off well too.

After the meal, Lola got up to use the restroom.  As she got to the doorway, a flood of water gushed from between her thighs.  Lola stood frozen for a moment, while all eyes turned to look at her.  Bolu was immediately by her side.  Their baby was ready to be born at last.

Lola’s contractions had started, and she could hardly speak, so Bolu appreciated their friends for the invitation and excused themselves, so he could take his wife to the hospital.  They all promised to come and visit them the next morning.


At 3am Boxing Day morning, Lola was delivered of a bouncing baby girl.  The delivery had been without complications, and Lola and baby were both doing well.  Bolu was filled with so much energy, though he had been up all night.  He was overjoyed as he rocked his baby girl in his arms.

Mama was the first to meet the couple at the hospital at 6am.  She oohed and aahed over the beautiful girl who looked just like her father, but bore her mother’s complexion.

Temi and Oyinda came at 9am bestowing gifts to the little darling.  Lola had woken up by then, and was sitting up in bed.  She thanked them for their thoughtful gifts.

“What’s her name?” Temi asked.

Lola looked at her husband.  They’d discussed a few names but hadn’t settled on one yet.  Bolu took another look at his beautiful daughter and named her.  “Tinuke Lilian Adetayo.”

“Awww…  What a beautiful name!” Temi gushed, as she petted the sleeping baby.

Folarin came at 9:30am with his wife, Stella.  Bolu had sent a broadcast in the night that he was now a proud father of a bouncing baby girl.  “Congratulations, Bolu and Lola!” they said as they also presented their gifts.

“Oh, thank you so much for coming, Sir!” Bolu replied, overwhelmed by their show of love.

The little hospital room was getting crowded.  Folarin and Stella decided to leave shortly after coming.  They met Danny as they were about leaving.

Danny hugged Bolu, and presented him with his gift.  He went over and kissed Lola’s forehead and congratulated her on the birth of her first child.  Bolu smiled, thinking how far they had come that Danny could do that, without any issues for either him nor Lola.

Folarin lingered a little longer, and Temi and Oyinda made their exit.

At 10am, Bolu’s sister, Tolulope, who lived in Iyana-Ipaja, made it to the hospital.  She brought flowers and a teddy bear for little baby Tinuke.  After greeting her mother, she went to hug her brother and kiss his wife, before proceeding to gush at the little angel asleep in her crib.

Danny looked up when Tolulope breezed into the room, as though someone had just opened the curtains.  His eyes followed her as she greeted everyone, and his heart leaped when she introduced herself to him.  In his heart, he thought, this is “bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh”.  He smiled sheepishly at her.

Danny strode over to Bolu and whispered in his ear, “Who do I ask for permission to marry your sister?”

Bolu chuckled.  “Her mother is still alive.”  He nodded towards his mother, who hadn’t missed the spark between her first child and Danny.

Bimbo winked at Danny, to signify her approval for him to approach Tolu for courtship.  Everyone, except Tolu, knew something magical had just happened to Danny.  He had experienced the very rare phenomenon that is love at first sight.  They all watched as he went over to talk to her.

Lola and Bolu looked at each other and smiled.  Folarin beamed at his wife.  God, who had brought them all together on this fated day, was indeed the best match-maker of all.


Copyright © Ufuomaee

Thank you for reading my fictional story.  If you have been blessed by this series, please share the blessing with others today.  Join hands with God to deliver marriages and people from bondage to the enemy with the Truth.  God’s love conquers all!

Love, Ufuomaee.

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    • All good things must end… Plus I’ve got more stories to come. I might space them out, so I can get rested and also get some work done 🙂

      If you want to help me out, please donate to my charity, and I’ll tell you many more stories!!!

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  1. love indeed conquers it all and there is no love that is greater than the one ordained by God. Am happy for all of them especially for Danny and i pray that all those who are experiencing this kind of difficulty in their marriage be redeemed aand abundant love will flow. God bless you my dear and may you never have any reason to be sad.

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  2. You are a gifted writer. i have followed your posts through this whole story. Keep using this to serve the Creator and you will do well!

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  3. My great story teller! You wrapped this so wonderfully well,love at first sight indeed. I love the wholesomeness of your stories. How I wish a lot more people will see the benefits of following the principles outlined in the bible for a better living and a pleasant relationship with our Heavenly Father. Keep bringing in more lovely tales.

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    • God is the greatest story teller…He inspires me. Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 Am glad you were blessed by it. I pray for more inspiration. Please do share with others.


  4. All things work together for the good of those who love him. I’m glad Lola retraced her steps before it was too late and Danny got saved. Beautiful story with a beautiful end

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  5. Ooohhh! Nice piece. Not yet married but i learnt many things from this story. God bless you Ufuomaee. This is your own ministry and God will continue to strengthen you. Amen

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  6. Ohhhh….what a nice piece. I pray that God will continue to increase you(Ufuomaee) in strenghth, wisdom and power in your ministry(inspiring story writing). Amen

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  7. What a beautiful ending.

    I knew Danny was brought into their path for a reason; to tighten up their relationship as I commented in one of the early episodes. And I’m glad they all ended being this close.

    This is another story that I shall keep in my archive for reference and continous sharing.

    Very well done Ufuoma, the “gifted writer”!

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  8. And they all lived happily ever after. Wow. Well done Ufuomaee 👍🏽❤️😊God is the One that takes something broken and turns it into something beautiful. He can never use and dump people. Only the devil does that because he doesn’t give a hoot about us. But God does and he chases after us till we come to see Him. If only people will come to see this.

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  9. Read through it all in one sitting. Now going to go over it slowly and pick up the nuggets of wisdom in each part. This story is just what I need right now. As in, you don’t understand!

    May God bless you ABUNDANTLY and continue to use you to get His message across to His beloved. xx

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    • Lol! Do you want me to understand? If you feel like talking, drop me an email or contact me via my about page. There’s also a follow up post to the series called Understanding Emotional Affairs. It might help you think through the major lessons in the story.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.


  10. Thanks ufuoma for this story. Read it through and through and I am inspired. I would like to send it to a friend and read it again. Is there a way we could make it into an ebook? I’m so looking forward to the follow up. God bless you!

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    • Oh wow… I would love to, but I don’t really know how. I’ll look into it though. Thanks a lot! Please share away.

      By the way, are you follow The Church Girl series?

      Cheers, Ufuoma.


  11. Ufuomaaaaa ooooo, I have stolen out of my work time to read your posts, just finished all of An Emotional Affair now, couldn’t just leave it! Lemme get back to work and catch up before boss comes looking for me.
    Oh and happy birthday in arrears. Hope you had a fabulous day

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  12. And they all lived happily ever after……… Wow, wat a nice one. With a very a strong message… Anyone could have been in Lola’s shoes buh Not all would be as strong as she was. It goes a long way to confirm wat Jesus said ‘No one can pluck us away from His love’.

    Thanks alot ma’am Ufuoma. More wisdom

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