Matters of the Heart

You Are Home To Me

An anniversary is a good time to reflect and count one’s blessings.  To remember all that God has done for you, and to realise how far you have progressed towards achieving your goals and how much you have improved in general.  Today, I am celebrating three years of marriage to my one and only, irreplaceable, Toritseju Ashogbon.

Birds of a feather

They say the first two years are the toughest and most critical times of testing in a marriage, so I thank God we made it, Babe, and I’m trusting Him to see us through many more years as we grow in love, wisdom and prosperity together.  Of all the blessings God has granted us, our precious Baby Jay is by far the best.  He is a wonderful combination of both of us, beauty, temperaments and all.


The wedding vows I wrote and published on my blog have been a great resource for me throughout our marriage, especially during times of testing and trials.  Times when I have been forgetful and not appreciative of what we have.  So, I want to use this opportunity to pen down (in no particular order) again just how many ways you are perfect for me.  I also hope that this will remind you that you are loved, if ever I neglect to make you feel that way…

  1. You are the sweetest.  I love how gentle you are with me.  You don’t easily get angry.  You don’t hold grudges.  You let things slide, and forget offences.  You forgive easily.  You make me feel special, and show through your tenderness that you appreciate me and what we have.
  2. You believe in me.  You support my various passions, and you are my personal promoter.  You encourage me to be better, but still allow me to be myself.
  3. You are humble.  You’re not afraid to say when you don’t know something or ask for clarification.  You are eager to learn and are fast at it too.  You are not too proud to admit when you’re wrong, and say sorry.  You know your strengths and weaknesses, and don’t beat down yourself, though you keep pushing to be better.
  4. You know who you are.  You are not afraid to be you, and never try to be someone else.  You are creative, ambitious, motivated and passionate.  You know what you believe, and stand on your principles.  You place your confidence in God and not in man nor possessions.
  5. You get me.  You know all my baggage, and you’re cool with it.  You appreciate my past, because you know it made me who I am.  You understand my neurosis, and don’t let it get you down.  You give me the space to explore and share my faith, and to grow into the woman God is shaping me to be.  You don’t weigh me down with unrealistic, cultural expectations, and appreciate my fierce individuality.
  6. You enjoy life.  You’re a happy guy.  You’re the life of the party.  You’re chilled and laid back, and don’t take things too seriously.  You’re friendly and sociable, in ways that I’m not, and so compensate for my anti-social tendencies.
  7. You take the lead.  You do not shy from your duty to lead, even though I can be domineering at times.  You take decisions and stand firm on them, exercising your authority, without lording it over me.  Best of all, you lead by example.

I think I could go on and on, but all this is to say… you are HOME to me.  You are my resting place in a chaotic world. With you, I can grow, I can dream, I can play, I can laugh, I can cry, I can rest…I can be me, in all my forms.  You’re not perfect, and I am not either.  But I am glad that you can also be you with me, and that we can build each other up to attain our godly potentials.


There’s so much for us on the horizon, and it’s exciting that I get to share this journey with you.  With God leading the way, I know our future is bright and beautiful!  Thank you for choosing me.  Thanks for loving me.  Thanks for being you.  I love you, Toju.

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