A Small World

A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (Episode 4)


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DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


I love my life!  I really do…  I am a stay at home mother, who also works as a freelance consultant for Interior Decoration jobs and companies.  I’m as busy as I want to be, in control of my time, and able to prioritize the things that are most important to me.  I love being a mother.  My baby is only seven weeks old, so I’m still very much enjoying a break from work.  My husband and I waited more than three years for the good news, that was Tinuke, and now she is here, I can’t remember the wait!  I am so happy!!!

Lola smiled lovingly at her precious little one, Tinuke, who was falling asleep in her arms, after her feed.  She hummed softly to her, as she rocked her.  Lola carried her over to her crib, and placed her gently down to sleep.  She sighed.

As much as she loved her new role as mother, and took on the responsibilities with gusto, she was tired.  Motherhood required energy that she never knew she had.  It sort of arrived with the baby, and she had just hit the ground running.  She only realised how much energy she had expended whenever she stopped for just a moment to take a break.

Lola sat down on her rocking chair, which she usually used, when she was trying to rock Tinuke to sleep, and closed her eyes.  Time for a little nap.  The books advised to rest with the baby.  It wasn’t always easy to, because when baby was asleep, was when she had time to herself to do other things, and even to catch up on cleaning.  And of course, to spend time with her husband, Bolu.

Thankfully, her mother-in-law had stayed over for the first six weeks.  That had helped a lot.  Even though, she could be quite controlling at times.  Bimbo had her own way of doing things, and Lola learnt a lot from her.  But she now enjoyed having the space to find her own rhythm and make her own decisions about how she wanted to nurture her baby.

She had decided to get a maid, who started with them at the start of February.  She received Mama’s training on how to assist Lola, before Mama left for Ondo State last week.  So Lola could lay back, and put her feet up, and catch up on some rest.

However, sleep didn’t come.  She remembered that she had a lunch date with her old friend from high school, Chidinma, who she had met at the hospital.  They had been delivered of their babies the same night and had been excited to bump into each other after so long.

Lola stood up and went into the bathroom, glad that she had remembered.  She ought to get ready now, so that when Tinuke woke up, all she had to do was get her ready.  If it had been anyone else, she might have used her baby as an excuse to cancel.  But she was eager to reconnect with Chidinma.  They had been best of friends.


Bolu was at his office, this lovely Saturday afternoon, before Valentine’s Day.  He had quite a lot to do to prepare for a hearing next week.  He had hoped that being senior partner, he would have had more control over his time, but in actual fact, he just had more burdens and responsibilities to stay on top off.  He had much more to prove and much more to lose, and enough juniours eager to replace him, if he didn’t stay ahead of the game.

Naturally, he applied himself to work, and his tendency towards workaholism had returned.  He, however, made more effort than before, to pay attention to Lola, and to have special times with her.  These days, she was usually engrossed or exhausted from looking after Tinuke, that trying to get her attention was the challenge.

He sighed.  He still hadn’t got around to going to the shops and getting her something for Valentine’s Day.  He had to close early, so he could stop by the Palms Shopping Mall on his way home.  A card, some chocolates, and a nice piece of jewelry should do it.  He would also take her out tomorrow for a lovely romantic dinner.  He smiled to himself, happy with his plan.

Bolu looked at his clock.  2pm.  He would leave by three.


Oh, shit!  Not again!  Dammit!  I can’t be pregnant again…  I only just got my figure back!  And I was lucky to get my old job back too…  Shiiitt!  Oh well, no point crying over spilt milk…  I hope it’s a girl.  Then I can tie my tubes up and know I am done.  

Oh, Lord, sorry for being ungrateful.  Thank You for giving us another baby.  I know I will love her as much as I love our twins.  But please, don’t let it be twins…  Please!

Temi let out a huge sigh, and swallowed.  She loved being a mother to her twins, Taiwo and Kehinde, but over the last two years, she had felt like a single mother.  Her husband, Oyinda, was hardly ever around.  He was always travelling to Port Harcourt or Abuja, or even out of the country on business, and he never once took her with him.

She hated to think it, but she suspected that he had a woman or two at the side.  There were small clues, that on their own, would mean nothing.  But together, she were beginning to form a picture.

There was a usual feminine fragrance around him that wasn’t hers.  He carried condoms with him, even though they only ever had sex at home, in their bed!  And when he came home, after even two weeks apart, he never desired to have sex.  She remembered that he had been very horny in the early days, and they’d had sex constantly.  Now, she would be lucky if they had sex once a week.

She had thought maybe it was because she was still carrying the baby weight from delivering their twins almost two years ago.  Maybe he didn’t find her sexy anymore.  But, she’d worked it off three months ago, and he hadn’t even noticed.

She had always told herself that if her husband was cheating on her, she wouldn’t want to know…  Not unless she was faced with the undeniable evidence.  But now that she knew she was pregnant again, it mattered to her that he was worth it!  Afterall, it was her body that would be going through the changes again…  And she would be the one burdened with looking after the children, while he continued to use that as an excuse to sleep around…  That’s if he was sleeping around.

There was always that thought that she could be wrong.  She didn’t want to conclude either way, but she was gathering more evidence for a case.  She needed to know.  She needed to know that he was all in, because she couldn’t think of a worse fate than being stuck with three or four kids, and a cheating husband!


Yes, I am the other woman.  And no, it’s not what you think.  He came after me…and he didn’t tell me he had a wife, until I had fallen hopelessly in love with him.  I know what you’re thinking, I should have asked.  But really, what difference would that have made?  He could just as easily have lied.  

The fact is, if he wanted me to know the truth, he would have told me.  As a rule, I never ask.  If they want me, that only means they are not happy in their relationship, and it has nothing to do with me.

The fact remains, that I love him.  And I’ve heard it enough times, so save it!  Save your judgement for someone who cares.  I’ve been in enough shitty relationships to know when I’ve got a good one.  And you know, I just want to be happy too.  Oyinda makes me happy.

Dolapo clung to Oyinda as he arose from the bed.  She pulled him back into bed, and he chuckled.  She kissed him.  Why did he have to go home this weekend?  Why couldn’t he stay with her on Valentine’s Day – just once!  His wife had him for Christmas and Easter.  Valentine’s Day was for her.  For them.  For lovers!

“Oh, Baby…  Stay…” she pleaded.  It would be a major victory to have him make up a shitty excuse to his wife, and stay with her on Valentine’s Day.  She would know then, that he also loved her.  “I don’t need a gift this Valentine’s Day.  Just you…”

Oyinda released himself from her hold.  “I don’t think you would say that, if you knew what I got for you…”

Dolapo’s heart leaped.  But she held her expression to prove her point.  “I’m serious…  Why won’t you stay?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day…  I’ve got to get home to my wife.”  He kissed her forehead.  “Next week, we’ll do something.  I promise.”

Dolapo sulked.  He didn’t like it when she sulked.  She acted like a wife, and not a girlfriend, and the reason he enjoyed her company so much, was because she wasn’t his wife!  With her, he was supposed to be free and wild and adventurous, but she was beginning to cling and demand.

“So, you don’t want to know what I got you?” he asked.

Dolapo pulled herself together and forced a smile.  She knew she wasn’t supposed to nag him, but she couldn’t help it.  They had been dating for 18 months now.  She wanted more from him.

At this point, she didn’t care if his wife knew about them.  But she knew she couldn’t say that to him…  He mustn’t know that.  She will just have to find a way to pass that message across to his wife, and hope for a confrontation.

“What did you get me?”  She looked in his eyes, after regaining her cool.  She would be patient a little while longer.


Oyinda was in the Lobby, after checking out of his room.  He would be catching an evening flight to Lagos from Abuja.  He’d left Dolapo in bed.  Their last round of love making had put her to sleep.  It was just as well.

He had decided he would break up with her.  She was becoming a liability.  Their affair had gone on long enough.  He was looking for young blood.  Someone who would appreciate the privilege of having a rich, older man, and who wouldn’t expect too much.

He heard a pleasant giggle from the Bar and Lounge.  He’d heard it before, when he had arrived at the hotel some days back.  Then, the pretty girl, who owned the voice, was with a man.  He had reasoned that it was her boyfriend.  He turned in the direction of the sound.

She was indeed very beautiful.  She saw him looking at him.  She smiled and looked away.  That was enough to secure his interest.  He had to know who she was.

Oyinda signaled for his driver to take his suitcase and wait, when he came to tell him that his car was ready, and made his way to the bar.  She giggled again.  Oh, he loved that sound.  She had a sweet voice too.

She caught him looking at her.  He gave her a big cheeky grin.  She gave him a shy smile.  She wondered why he wasn’t coming to get her number.  It was clearly what he wanted.  Then she realised that he probably thought her brother was her boyfriend.

She stood up and walked towards him, where he sat at the bar.  He watched her, frozen, wondering what she was doing.

“Do you have a pen?” she asked.

He pulled one out of his blazer, as if in a trance.  She took a napkin and wrote something on it.  Then she returned to her seat.

Oyinda looked down at the napkin.  She had written: “Kemi.  07088123465.  Call me.  PS: He’s my brother.”  A wide grin spread across his face as Oyinda beamed.  She was bold and beautiful.  He couldn’t wait to call her…

He gave a slight wave to the brother, who was looking at him oddly.  He downed his drink, and then left the bar.  He quickly saved Kemi’s name and number on his phone, as “Kemi Couz”, before throwing away the napkin.  He knew Temi would never suspect that ID, if ever Kemi was to return his call.

To be continued…

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  1. I remember this story vividly bt can‘t remember the title,bt i remember lola falling for oyinda brother which was her client bt tans to God nd Bolu mum. really following this nd i love d combination of stories just like conconction rice


  2. wish i could recall emotional affairs so well. am just struggling to place the character from previous stories. anyways am enjoying it. kudus…


  3. Ahhh what is happening here? Ufuo u are bringing back here all my old friends, wow… but its just this Dolapo that havent registered yet… humm nice meeting Lola and Bolu again and d committed caring mother-in-law. I am sure Danny has turned a world wide evangelist by now. What a small world indeed!


  4. Mehn I’m trying so hard not to be lost. I remember Lola and bold vividly from emotional affair and Yemi their church member but much wasn’t said about dem. Like seriously I admire you. Iv always loved stories and writing even though I was never in the humanity classes but science but wouldn’t mind being part of your team.keep up the good work


  5. awww….. Lola is here too, waoh waoh.

    ‘I never ask. If they want me, that only means they are not happy in their relationship, and it has nothing to do with me.
    The fact remains, that I love him. And I’ve heard it enough times, so save it! Save your judgement for someone who cares. I’ve been in enough shitty relationships to know when I’ve got a good one. And you know, I just want to be happy too. Oyinda makes me happy.’—that’s sounds LIKE one if those TNC commentaries when issues like dating married men r being discussed.
    pls wil u be kind enough to tell me where Mama lives In ondo state, I need to visit her??? lol

    I love this episode
    I need to catch up with other episodes, I guess I am far behind


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