A Small World

A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (Episode 7)


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DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


I’m in love.  Who knew I could fall so madly in love..?  I had thought I was in love with Lola, but now I know that that wasn’t love.  I’ve never met a woman like Tolu.  So beautiful, so smart, so lively…  From the first moment I saw her, I knew she was the one.  And since she gave me her number, I have been waiting for the right moment to tell her.  

We’ve only been courting for six weeks, but I’ve decided that I will use the occasion of Valentine’s Day to propose marriage.  When you know, you know…  And I’ve wasted enough time playing around.  I can’t wait to see her face tomorrow, when I pop the question…

“Tout ma vie, j’ai attendu pour quelqu’un comme toi.  Votre beaute est incomparable, Tolu,” Danny giggled to himself, as he practiced what he would say to Tolu.  “Votre amour a obtenu me parler en langues…  Je vous adore.  Vous me marier?”  Translation: “All my life, I’ve been waiting for someone like you.  Your beauty is second to none, Tolu.  Your love has got me speaking in tongues…  I adore you.  Will you marry me?

Tolu had said she had always wanted to go to Paris, so he had learnt some French, and hoped to take her to Paris for their honeymoon.  He had even chosen a French restaurant to propose, which was hard to find in Lagos.  He’d taken care of every detail, using all the information he had learnt about Tolu.  He wanted her to know that he was listening, and he cared about what mattered to her.

She was the type of woman who loved romantic gestures, flowers and chocolates.  She wasn’t materialistic, but she appreciated quality jewels, like any woman would.  Her ideal date would be a drive to open country, where they would enjoy a picnic and watch the sunset.  She loved to sing and dance, even though she thought she wasn’t very good.  Danny thought she had a beautiful voice, and was a sexy dancer too.

Of all the things he loved about her, he loved the fact that she was a God-fearing Christian woman the most!  They had a deep spiritual connection, and he knew she was someone he could trust…someone who he could build a life with.  Like him, she also wanted a big family, and she had a big heart for those less fortunate.  As he learnt more and more about her, he had been convinced that she was his match, his true love.

He hoped he could have been with her today.  He would have loved to take her shopping for a lovely gift, maybe find a perfect dress for their dinner tomorrow.  But she said she wouldn’t be free today.  She had to do some runs, and go to the salon as well.  He thought they could have met for a movie later on, but she said she’d rather spend the day with him tomorrow, and use today to glam up and miss him.

Danny knew he loved Tolu more than she loved him.  But he was sure she loved him too, and that she would soon fall as hopelessly in love with him, as he was already with her.  He had also taken his desire to God, and was assured that he was doing the right thing and following God’s leading to marry her.

Danny caressed the ring he had purchased for Tolu, which was held in a purple velvet case.  He was missing her, so he decided to call her.  After three attempts, and her line was still busy, he decided to send a text instead.  It read: “Sitting here, missing you.  I can’t wait until tomorrow…  How’s your day going?


Tolu was engaged on the line to an ex-boyfriend, who she’d bumped into, during her Church’s Crossover Service on New Year’s Eve.  Since then, he had been on her case about getting back together, but she’d told him he was too late.  She was in a relationship, and they were serious.

Femi Oluseyi had been the love of her life.  They had dated for one short year, and she had given her heart and, eventually, her body to him.  She’d intended to save herself for her husband, and she believed it was him.  He had showered her with so much love and affection, that the day he took her, she had begged him to.

After that night, he changed.  He didn’t do the things he used to do like call her all the time, send her flowers and candy, or even visit her.  After two months of observing that she was alone in their relationship, she found the strength to walk away.  And he didn’t come after her.  Just like that, they were over, and her heart broke a second time.

Ten years later, he was back.

“What can I do to show you I’m sorry?  Tell me, Tolu.  I’ll do anything…” he pleaded on the phone.

Tolu sighed.  “I believe you are sorry, Femi.  But I don’t have to take you back.  I forgive you.  Thanks!”

“Oh, please…  That’s just cruel, Tolu.  Give me another chance.  Everybody deserves a second chance…”

“Not when I’m happy…and could possibly ruin MY second chance at love.  If you love me, you will let me be happy,” Tolu said.

“You don’t love him, and you know it…  I know how you are when you’re in love…  It’s not over yet.  You’re not married yet.  You don’t want to do what I did and marry for all the wrong reasons, because you think you’ve run out of chances…”  Tolu was quiet.  “Look, meet me tomorrow…  Let’s talk, face to face.”

“I can’t.  I have plans…”

“Okay, tonight…  Please…  I need to see you and explain myself.  Please, I’m begging you, Tolu…”

Tolu took deep breaths.  She had taken two years to get over her heart break…after a year of dating and only one night with him.  She hadn’t been able to love anybody else the same way since.  There was always a part of herself she kept protected from their reach.  And when she was finally ready to love again, no one worthy was paying her any attention.  Men came and ran the moment she said she was keeping herself for marriage.  It had been a lonely ten years, until Danny.

Danny was special.  She had learnt his story, from his own mouth, and she had been stunned…and afraid.  He was a dangerous man to love, even if he was new in Christ, she knew she could never put anything past him.  If he fell back into his old ways, he still had all the network and skills and resources to do so, and toy with her heart.

Dating him was living by faith!  And it was exhausting…  But she knew, if his transformation was true, then he was truly a great catch, and that she was lucky that he had chosen her as the object of his affections.

If she had one other complaint, it was that he was too intense!  He was over the top romantic, in a way that was sickly sweet.  Almost like he was trying too hard.  She found that concerning, and wondered if she wouldn’t get irritated by it in marriage.

Yes, she loved the attention and gifts he showered on her, but sometimes, she feared that she had become his goddess.  She didn’t need anyone placing her on a pedestal.  She just wanted to be loved, as she was, flaws and all.  But Danny could hardly acknowledge that she was flawed in anyway.

It was a good complaint to have, but a complaint nonetheless.  Asides that, he was definitely attractive, charismatic, sexy, intelligent and an all round fun person to be with.  She fancied him…and she knew she was falling for him, but she wasn’t there yet.  If only he would take it slow, and not act like he was on a timer, or acting on adrenaline rush, then she could feel safe enough to fall completely in love…  But as it was, she felt under pressure, and not safe, so she was still cautious.

And now, Femi was back.  It wasn’t good, because her heart was still available and vulnerable to be taken.  She had felt its skip when she had looked into his face that day, and realised it was him…  She had felt all the feelings he had once made her feel, and almost forgot the pain that accompanied them.  For one brief moment, she just wanted to forget the past, and hug him and never let him go.  She had missed him so much.

She didn’t think she had the strength to resist him, which is why she hadn’t agreed to meet him up til now.  She wanted to focus on Danny, and fall in love with him, so she knew her heart was safe from Femi…  But she had to agree with Femi when he said that she wasn’t in love.  Would she ever love another man, the way she had loved Femi?

“Okay.  We can meet…”

“Oh, great!  Thanks…  When, where?”

“Six O’Clock.  At Ikeja City Mall.”

“Okay dear…  See you soon…”

“Bye.”  Tolu hung up the phone.

She was feeling very emotional, and uncertain about what she had just done.  But she knew that in order for her and Danny to have a future, she had to close the book to Femi once and for all.  Maybe this night would bring closure.

But why was she feeling so excited about seeing him again..?  She needed to pray and get strength from God to resist him.  Whatever happens, she was not giving herself to him again…at least, not until marriage.  Lord, give me strength and wisdom!


“Yes!  Yes!  Yes!” Femi exclaimed, after he had heard Tolu click off the line.  He let out a huge sigh of relief.  She had agreed to meet with him.  Thank Gaawwd!!!

All he needed was one chance, and he knew he would win her heart back.  She had been the one he let get away…  He had made some foolish decisions in his life time, but letting her go had to be right at the top.  He hadn’t realised the depth of his love, until he had bumped into her that New Year’s Eve.

Ten years later, and she was still so tall, and graceful and gorgeous.  He always thought she would have been married by now.  He had been pleased to learn that she was still single.  However, she had told him that she was in a relationship – courtship, not even dating, for that matter – he knew he didn’t have much time, even though she said she had just met the guy.

As he got himself ready to meet Tolu, he remembered that he had a previous arrangement which he would now need to shift to Valentine’s Day.  He hoped she wouldn’t be pissed off at him.  He picked up his phone, and speed dialed his ex-wife.

“Sorry, I can’t come tonight…  I know, I’m sorry.  Something came up, and it’s really important.  Tomorrow, I promise, I’ll come.  Yes…  Please!  Thank you…  You’re the best!”

Phew…  That was easy.

He finished dressing and applying his cologne and took one more look in the mirror, before heading out.  It was only 5pm, but he wanted to get there in time to buy her flowers and a nice gift for Valentine’s Day.


Tolu received Danny’s message after her call ended with Femi.  She sighed.  She started texting him back, saying she missed him too, but deleted it.  She was lying.  She didn’t really miss him.  They’d spoken that morning, and he had sent a text earlier too.  And she had seen him yesterday.  She needed space to breathe.

She was tempted to leave him hanging, but she knew if she didn’t reply him or call him back, he would be worried.  She didn’t want to talk to him, though.  She was afraid she would reveal too much about her double mindedness.  Rather, she sent a short reply:

It’s going good thnx.  Sorry I missed ur calls.  Looking forward to tomo.  Have a great night!

To be continued…

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  1. Love dis episode like kilode ,dis is continuatn of emotional affairs. Tolu,u need to be careful,Ten years is nt a day,u need to be careful with ur ex,ex is ex nd no turning back. To me is like a dog going back to its vomit or are u a pig?After being bathe,still went ahead to dirtness. Hw i wish am d one danny is in love with becos he is now a born again christain. pls think twice


  2. It’s hard to know where to start to comment on this series. This Small World is surely going to be explosive! Everyone’s story is coming to fruition…i think! Anyway, I loved this episode, I am scared for Tolu but I think she should follow her heart and not force it with Danny, and even Femi. As for all the other characters, me i’m making a nice cuppa tea to sit and read the drama about to unfold….my biggest hurt is really for Adania. I know she was blind to see Jamie’s issues but I still can’t help feeling that her pain is just about to start….i dont really know which is worse, being ignored by someone you love or being hurt by someone you love….but I pray for strength for all of them. This is so real, it’s crazy……good work Ufuo and keep it up.


  3. What goes around, comes around, (abi what is d right saying). What Danny did to shake relationships of other people in those days is about happening to him o, I guss.


      • Shae God do forgive and forget. Must we always reap whatever we saw even after repentance, like Paul in d bible? I m asking bcos it was paramount in d life of Ifeanyi – he had to suffer much to d point of almost loosing all but thank God for d good woman beside him. Now its about to replace in Danny’s life, another guy is about to distablise d love of his life. Hum Im pitying him alread.


      • Yes, God forgives and forgets. I am not saying that God is the one teaching him a lesson. Sometimes, life does that all by itself! Not everybody gets a taste of their own medicine in this world, but often, this can help them to better grasp the lesson and have compassion and regard for others.


  4. I totally agree wyt Ejay here,a hot cup of tea will be jst nice 4 dis serie.dis thing called love hmmm.one really needs to guard one’s heart diligently jst as proverbs advices.may God guard tolu’s decision n help us all to learn 4rm dis


  5. Danny has not stopped being romantic, he pays attention to details n I love that.
    Miss Tolu, ex like oluseyi r dangerous to be with. Be guided!
    and pls,I don’t understand this part ‘ He picked up his phone, and speed dialed his ex-wife.’… was oluseyi married n divorced?


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