A Small World

A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (Episode 9)


Copyright © Ufuomaee

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


So, I’m engaged to be married.  At last.  But I thought I would be so much happier and excited about it than I am now.  I can’t help but feel as if I cheated.  I often wonder if I would be engaged now, if I wasn’t already pregnant.  I know there are many girls who get pregnant, but not engaged, so it’s not an exact science, and I am lucky that I have a good man who is willing to stand by me, and who I believe actually loves me…  But I can’t help but wonder…what if?

Will he regret it later?  When we get married, and if we have problems, will he blame me for trapping him?  Is this where he saw us going, and I just helped speed up the process, or did he have plans to bail..?  For the record, I didn’t plan on getting pregnant.  This wasn’t my Plan A or B…  It just sort of happened.  And to be honest, I also wonder if I would have said ‘yes’, if I wasn’t already pregnant…

Damilola looked down at her engagement ring; a lovely, but inexpensive, gold band, with a small crystal instead of a diamond.  She sighed.  Sola Olatunji wasn’t rich, but he had promise.  He was a talented entertainer, and she just knew he was going to be a big name in the industry one day.  He’d said, when he had proposed at Christmas, that when that day came, he would buy her a real diamond.  She smiled, remembering how sweet and sincere he had looked.

They hadn’t set the date yet.  It was another reason she was anxious about whether he genuinely wanted to marry her.  She didn’t want to put pressure on him, but she knew if they didn’t marry within the next two months, there wouldn’t be any wedding until she had delivered of her baby.  At three months, she was already showing.

She wasn’t nervous about any scandal breaking out, though.  She had never presented herself to be a ‘good girl’, even though she professed to be Christian and was active in Church.  Her sex life was her business, and if anyone cared to know, “they had only done it one time, and the condom broke”.  That was her story, and she was sticking to it…  Anyone can make a mistake.

Dami laid back and flipped through her wedding digest magazine.  She randomly wondered what Sola had planned for them to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day tomorrow.  She hoped he would get her her favourite box of chocolates, Ferrero Rocher.  She was craving them like mad!


Ifeanyi met Gbenga on his way into the house from the backyard, after he couldn’t find Chuka outside.  Gbenga took him to where Chuka was, with a few other guys and women playing a drinking game.  Chuka was perfectly slushed.

“I’m glad you called.  I was about to send him home with a taxi.  I think something’s bothering him.  He’s been weird all day,” Gbenga said.

“Did you give him drugs?” Ifeanyi asked, in a lowered voice.

Gbenga hesitated and then shock his head.  “No…  It’s just the drink.”

Ifeanyi knew he was lying.  Even Gbenga was high on something.  “What did you give him?”

“I didn’t give him anything!  I told you.  Just get him and go…” Gbenga responded angrily, raising his voice.

“If anything happens to my friend, I’m coming for you!” Ifeanyi threatened.

“Don’t make threats at me!” Gbenga shouted and threw his hands in the air madly, as though he was ready to fight.  A couple of his friends stood up and backed him.  “Just get the fuck out of my house!  Who do you think you are coming here and making accusations?”

Chuka stirred at the commotion, and saw that Ifeanyi had come for him.  He stood up and threw his arms around him as though they hadn’t seen in years.  “It’s good to see you, mehn!  Sit, let’s have a drink…”  He sat down again.

“Chuka, get up!  We’re leaving,” Ifeanyi said, pulling his friend to his feet.

Chuka grabbed the bottle of Hennessey he had been drinking and waved it in the air, as he leaned on Ifeanyi.  “Thanks for the drink guys!”

Ifeanyi quickly took the bottle and placed it gently on the centre table, ignoring Chuka’s protests, and headed for the back door he had used to enter the house.  Gbenga and his friends watched them leave, half disappointed that they hadn’t been able to expend some of their adrenaline in a fight with Ifeanyi.  Gbenga hissed loudly when Ifeanyi was out of view, but not out of ear shot.

Ifeanyi got Chuka to his car without drama, and assisted him into the passenger seat.

“You’ve got some explaining to do, Chuka!” was all he said before he drove off.


Oyinda called Kemi on his ride home from the Airport, after he had landed in Lagos.  She didn’t pick up on his first attempt.  He wasn’t sure if he should try again or send a text, but he remembered her laughter, and was encouraged to try again.  This time, she picked.  On the fourth ring.

“Hello,” she answered sweetly.  She had been expecting his call, but wasn’t sure if it was him on the line.

“Hi, Kemi…  I met you today in Abuja.  I’m Oyinda.  How are you?”

“Excuse me?”  Kemi pretended to have forgotten him.

“Ummm…  Is this not Kemi?”

“Yes, this is Kemi…  How do I know you?”

“You gave me your number today…at the Sheraton…in Abuja…”

“Oooohhh.  Hi…” she grinned.

Oyinda smiled.  “I’m Oyinda.  I love your voice…”

Kemi giggled.  “Thanks.”

“And your laughter too…  That was actually what got my attention.”  He licked his lips, as though she could see him.  It didn’t hurt that she had a fabulous figure too.

Kemi smiled.  “Cool…”

“So, I was wondering…  Do you stay in Lagos or Abuja?”


“Nice…  So when you coming home?  It’d be nice to meet…  I take it you’re not seeing anyone..?”

“Not seriously,” Kemi flirted.  Actually, she had just broken up with someone.  Or he broke up with her.  It was complicated, but it hadn’t been working out for a while.

“Oh, okay…  Will you be in Lagos tomorrow or next week?”

“I’m returning in the morning…”

“Cool, cool.  So, I’ll call you tomorrow…  Just wanted to hear your voice tonight…”

Kemi beamed.  “Aight.  G’night.”

“Good night, Kemi.”  Oyinda smiled to himself as he cut the call.

They pulled in at his gate, and the Driver pressed the horn for the Security Guards to open up.  Oyinda slipped on his wedding band and resumed Husband mode.


Oyinda…  Ummm, I love that name.  It’s suits him.  So sexy, so handsome.  He’s a little old looking though…  It’s probably too good to be true, but I hope he’s a good guy…  Oh, Lord, please…  Let him be a good guy!

Kemi tossed on her bed, trying to remember his handsome features.  He was a tall, well built and well dressed man.  He had such beautiful, dark eyes.  She had seen that he wore a crucifix, so he was Christian.  Thank God!  No ring, so he probably wasn’t married.

Kemi had learnt to search for these things, to minimise the dangers of falling for a bad boy.  She still seemed to have bad luck though.  No matter how careful she was, she often found herself in a messy situation.  It didn’t seem to matter whether she met them at Church or at the club…

Like the recent mess with Francis.  They had met in Church, through a mutual friend, Judith, and had been dating for three months.  In the last month, he started acting shady, and she eventually caught him making out with the friend who had hooked them up!  Apparently, they had had a secret love between themselves for months, and she was just the pawn that had helped them to realise their true feelings for one another!

Kemi rolled her eyes.  Story of her life.  The guy she still hated losing the most was Ifeanyi.  Oh, gorgeous Ifeanyi…

She had been working on her secret plan to make him fall in love with her, by becoming best buddies with him.  She had a boyfriend, who she had flaunted before him, going to him constantly for advice, and hanging on his every word.  Six months of investment, only to hear that he had renewed his engagement to his ex-girlfriend, Mary, and that they would be married in three months!

Now, she saw them every Sunday in Church, shining and smiling like the model couple.  What had Mary ever done to deserve a man like Ifeanyi?   Yes, she was nice and sweet, but she was soooo not his type.  Life was so unfair!

Anyway…  Back to Oyinda and Valentine’s Day.  What dress would she wear for their meet up tomorrow..?


Ifeanyi arrived at his home with Chuka at 8pm, after they had made a stop over at the hospital.  The Doctor had confirmed that he had taken heroin, but thankfully, not a substantial amount.  However, the mixture of the heroin and alcohol was extremely dangerous, and have been known to cause fatalities in some cases.  Chuka was given some medication at the hospital, and Ifeanyi was advised to stay with him through the night, so that if his symptoms worsened, he would be on hand to administer aid.

Chuka wasn’t sober enough to chastise nor to provide an explanation for his behaviour, so Ifeanyi simply accommodated him for the night.  Mary made up the spare room for him, and called Ijeoma to let her know that he had been found and was okay.

Chuka’s head spun with dizziness, as he climbed into the bed.  He should have known better than to follow Gbenga home, he chastised himself.  He shouldn’t have given in to the pressure to try the drug either.  It was not something he had ever taken before.

Back in University, he had smoked marijuana joints with Gbenga, but it seemed with wealth, Gbenga had upgraded to heroin.  Chuka had tried a small dose of it, before the party started, as they reconnected and reminisced about the good ole days.  He’d had a strong reaction to his intake, so Gbenga had said that he could lay off it until next time.  But he had misjudged and taken alcohol, when the party kicked off.

Chuka could hardly remember what had transpired at the party, and it hurt his head to think.  Ijeoma would be so worried, and rightfully mad at him.  How had he managed to make a bad situation worse?  Chuka closed his eyes, and gave in to asleep.


Keisha laid in bed thinking about her encounter with Ifeanyi today.  She knew she should quit, but she just couldn’t.  She couldn’t stand to see him happy.  People like him didn’t deserve to live happily ever after…

Keisha knew that it would be near impossible for him to fall for her advances again.  He may never cheat on his wife with another woman, but all that was needed, to accomplish her will, was for Mary to find him in a very compromising position.  And she could make up a sob story, talking about how they were in love and never intended for her to know…

Keisha giggled wickedly.  She could just imagine the poor woman’s face.  That’s if she didn’t suffer a fainting spell or a heart attack.  It had to be a really good set-up, and she would have just one chance to pull it off.  For it to be really effective, she needed to start planting seeds of doubt, so that when she told Mary her side of the story, Mary would readily believe.

Keisha smiled to herself and rolled on her side.  She would begin work on her plan tomorrow.  She couldn’t wait…

“Are you still up?” Gbenga asked, as he slid under the covers with her.  He held her waist and pulled her into him, hoping he could get some tonight.  “What are you thinking about?”

Revenge. Sweet revenge!  “Just really looking forward to tomorrow…”  Keisha forced a yawn.  She turned and gave him a peck on the lips, indicating she wasn’t in the mood for more that night.  “I’m wrecked!  Goodnight, Babe.”

“Oh, okay.  Sweet dreams, honey.”  Gbenga was tired too, so he didn’t fight it.

Oh, she was counting on it!  She soon heard him snoring.  She relaxed, and fell asleep in his arms.

To be continued…

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  1. Oyinda slipped on his wedding band and resumed Husband mode. lol husband mode activated.. all those cheating husband #smh
    so I knew u wil use Damilola…I had suspected or my mind told me
    keisha, keep off from ifeanyi o .
    nice read


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