A Small World

A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (Episode 11)


Copyright © Ufuomaee

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


David got an alert by email of Mary’s scheduled post early on Valentine’s Day.  He clicked on the link to her blog to continue reading it.  It was the usual sweet and inspiring message from Mary.

He decided to write a comment.  He wrote:

Beautiful honest post, Mary!  Thanks for being such an inspiration.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love, Your Biggest Fan.

Since he began to drop comments on her blog, after he had bumped into her and Ifeanyi on their wedding anniversary last year, it had become his daily ritual.  He had started off shyly, not saying much, and signing off as “DD”.  Then he became bolder about commenting more frequently, several times a day, as he read through her older posts.  The day she replied and said he must be her biggest fan, the title stuck, and he had been signing off as that ever since.

He felt and believed that there was a special connection between them, because she always told him how she appreciated his comments.  He loved to read her sweet, short responses, and get more of an insight into her life.  He ignored references to her husband, Ifeanyi, and concentrated on the parts of her messages and posts that made him happy.

David was beginning to devote more time to his daily ritual.  It had become quite an obsession and was affecting his ability to concentrate at work too.  Sometimes, he made up problems in his life just to hear her feedback and have a dialogue with her.

Mary’s response came about thirty agonising minutes later.

Thanks for your kind comment!  Have a lovely Valentine’s Day too 🙂

David sat back and smiled.  His day was off to a good start already.


Oyinda got out of bed early and went for a stroll around his compound.  He did this whenever he wanted to have a private conversation and be free to express himself.  He also did it when talking to women he was interested in, who didn’t know he had a wife and two little kids.  They were not likely to hear the random cry, scream or shout of a child or a frustrated mother and a nagging wife, in the background.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Kemi!”

“Thanks!  Happy Vals, Oyinda.”

“What time’s your flight?”

“In an hour…  Heading to the airport now.”

“Did you enjoy your stay in Abuja?”

“Yes, it was short and sweet.”

“Cool!  I just wanted to say Happy Valentine’s Day…and travel safe!”

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you…  I’ll holla when I’m in Lagos.  Are you on Snapchat?”

“Yeah…  I’ll text my ID.  Talk later…  Bye!”


Kemi hung up and smiled to herself.  A guy who doesn’t front!  She was sooo feeling him.

Her phone buzzed with a text message from him with his Snapchat ID.  She quickly followed him and sent him a private message, when he had returned the favour.

And so it began…


Chuka woke up to a migraine.  The sun was harsh as it poured into his room.  He reached for his wife, before he remembered that he wasn’t at home.  He had a vague recollection of what had happened yesterday.

He slowly got out of bed, and sat on the edge of it, holding his throbbing head.  He heard a tiny rap on the door and a gentle voice asking “Can I come in?”.  Chuka grunted his reply and Mary opened the door.

“Good, you’re awake,” she said with a smile.  It turned into a frown when she saw his pained expression.  “Are you okay?”

“Headache…” was all he could say.

Mary left and, moments later, returned with a glass of water and paracetamol.

“Do you have ibuprofen?” he asked.

“I think this might be a safer bet for you, considering…” Mary replied.

“That won’t do anything for me…” Chuka shook his head, but took the medicine when Mary insisted.

“Come and have breakfast…” Mary said, with a smile.  She turned at the door and said, “Happy Valentine’s Day!  Oh, and Happy Wedding Anniversary too!”


Ijeoma woke up alone for the second morning in a row.  She was sad, remembering how she had spent yesterday worrying about her husband, who had acted so inconsiderate of her and their children by absconding.  She had never imagined that she would feel this horrible on Valentine’s Day, on her wedding anniversary!

Why did he do what he did?  Didn’t her love her anymore?  Was she such a terrible wife to him?  Silent tears escaped her eyes, as she wondered how they had gotten here.  They used to be so happy and in love.

Ijeoma eventually got out of bed and said her morning prayers.  She committed Chuka into God’s hands, and prayed that he would return home and the day would be redeemed, as well as their marriage.  She thanked God for Ifeanyi and Mary, who had been good friends in their time of trouble, and prayed that their home would continually be blessed.  She prayed for her children, and thanked God for how they were all growing, and how He had provided for them through the years.  She asked for more wisdom and God’s grace to be a good mother to them, and a good wife to Chuka.

Ijeoma continued in prayer until she felt she had dropped every burden at Jesus feet, and received strength to face the day with a good, hopeful attitude.  She arose smiling and rejoicing, and went to check on her children and prepare them for Church.

Six year old Emeka asked for where their dad was.  They had all noticed his absence yesterday, and also how sad their mother had been.  He hoped it wasn’t about the dreaded ‘D’ word his friends sometimes talked about, which caused their parents to fight.

“Daddy had to go take care of something.  I’m sure we will see him after Church.  He might even meet us there.  So hurry up and get ready!” Ijeoma replied.

Emeka’s cheerful countenance returned, and he hugged his mother before dashing off to his room.


Adania woke up early, and laboured in her kitchen, preparing a lovely Valentine’s breakfast for her husband.  The aroma of the stewed sausages, eggs and fried yam she had made filled the house.  When she had set the table, she made her way up to his room to wish him Happy Valentine’s Day and let him know that she had made breakfast.

She knocked, and then tried his door, when he didn’t respond after a few raps.  She opened it to find his naked, gorgeous body sprawled on his bed, the sheets scattered and barely covering him.  He was a beautiful, sensual sight, and Adania was filled with desire for him.  How she wished he would take her again…

She cleared her throat, which had suddenly dried up, and went over to him.  She sat on the bed and touched him.  He grunted.

“Good morning, darling.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!!” she said, with a big smile, when his eyes opened a little to look at her.

He turned his head to the other side.  “Why are you disturbing me this early morning?”

“I made you a Valentine’s Breakfast.  I thought we could eat together, before I go to Church…”

“Hmmmm…” he muttered.  “Thanks.  I’ll be down later.”

Adania beamed.  “Okay, dear!  See you soon.  Don’t wait too long.  It won’t be nice cold or microwaved.”

Jamie folded his pillow over his head to block out her noise.  Adania got the message, and left the room quietly.  Jamie went back to sleep.

Adania went to have a quick shower, and dressed for Church.  She waited for Jamie to come down.  After ten minutes, she went up to call him again.

He was still sleeping, so she left him and went to eat by herself.  She didn’t have much of an appetite, but she needed to eat something to keep her strength up.  At nine months pregnant, she was due any day now.


Promise woke up in her husband’s arms.  She loved waking up to feel his firm body behind hers, and his gentle, but strong arms around her.  This particular morning, his hands were alive, as they caressed her body, stimulating her sensually.  She realised that he had been the one to wake her up.  Her body was alive and eager for him.

“Hmmmm…” she muttered, pleasantly, enjoying the way his hands moved with authourity on her body.  She smiled and turned to him.  “Good morning…”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Promise,” Ope said, exhaling, his breath hot with desire.  He kissed her nose softly.  She closed her eyes, and he claimed her lips.

“What time is it?” Promise asked, after they parted briefly for air.

“It doesn’t matter…  You’re not going anywhere…”

“But I need to check on things at the hotel…”

Ope shook his head.  “All you need to do is please me this morning…”

Promise beamed.  That she could do.  “Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe…”

Ope pulled his wife on top of him and smiled up at her.  There were no words to describe his passion for her.  He arched towards her, and she brought her head low, and their lips met again in a passionate kiss.  This time, they didn’t come up for air, until they were truly spent and laid helpless in each other’s arms.


Chidinma was stirred awake by the sudden burst of light that filtered into the room, when the curtains were drawn.  It had been a pleasant night.  She had slept with exhaustion, after her passionate love making with Emmanuel last night.  Her body still tingled from the memory.  She smiled to herself as she remembered it.

“Wakey, wakey!” Emmanuel said, presenting a tray of breakfast he had prepared for his wife.

She beamed at him.  “Good morning, darling!”  She sat up against some pillows.

“Good morning!  And Happy Valentine’s Day!” Emmanuel laid the tray over her legs, and leaned in for a brief, but sweet kiss.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!” Chidinma said, gleefully.  “This is lovely!  Thank you.”

“You deserve it, and more…” Emmanuel grinned.  “How was your night?”

“Wonderful,” Chidinma smiled.  “How was yours?”

“Magnificent!”  They laughed.

Emmanuel opened his wardrobe and brought out a gift and a card he had bought for his wife earlier in the week.  He placed them on the bedside table, and her eyes lit up when she saw them.  She insisted on opening her card right away.  He eyes watered as she read the personal message he had written inside.

“Oh, Emmanuel…  You are wrong!  I am the one who is lucky to have a husband like you!  I am so blessed!  I love you so much,” she said, passionately.

He stroked her cheek, and they kissed.  It was going to be a beautiful day.


Jamie heard the car horn, and the gate open and close, and knew that Adania had left for Church.  He threw the sheets off himself, and got out of bed.  He had a good stretch and smiled at his reflection in the mirror.

He wrapped a small towel around his waist, and went downstairs to eat his breakfast by himself.  The house help came to inquire if he needed her this morning, or if she could leave for Church as well.  She was already fully dressed, so her question was a bit presumptuous.

“Sit, and have breakfast with me,” Jamie said.

She hesistated, and then smiled shyly and sat down.  “Thank you, Sir.”

“Princess, is it?” Jamie asked after her name.  He had heard Adania call her that several times before.

“Yes, Sir,” she said, as she packed yam and egg unto her plate.

“Which Church do you go to?” Jamie asked.

“The Redeemed, down the road.  Do you want to come to Church today, Sir?”

Jamie smiled at her question.  “No…  But thanks for the offer.”

They ate quietly.  Princess was a bit nervous and uncomfortable, realising that Jamie was naked, apart from his small towel.  She had noticed him looking at her a few times, and she had been flattered.  But she worried about Madam.  She wondered if she was his wife or sister, because she had never observed intimacy between them.

Jamie enjoyed the stewed sausages and licked his fingers loudly.  Princess found the sounds very distracting.  Jamie caught her looking at his lips as he smacked them, and he grinned.  She averted her eyes, hurriedly finished her meal, and packed her plate into the kitchen.  She returned to pack his and clear the table.

“Get me some more juice,” he said, holding her hand as she tried to carry his glass away.

Princess let go of the glass, but his touch lingered on her hand.  Her heart raced, as she went into the kitchen to fetch his juice.  She returned and didn’t find him at the table.  She called after him, “Sir?”

“Bring it upstairs!”

To be continued…

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  1. I’m enthralled by your stories….thumbs up
    I love the chemistry that now exist between Ope and promise.
    I feel for Adania tho…hers was the case of when one thinks that d grass is greener on the other side,only to get there nd realize that it’s not so .Well now she knows whats up


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