A Small World

A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (Episode 12)


Copyright © Ufuomaee

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


Princess gulped.  Oh no…  Please, Lord, don’t let him try anything funny with me, she prayed silently.  She climbed the stairs and took a right at the top towards the Master Bedroom.

Jamie was in the bathroom when she entered.  He came out as she dropped the tray with a glass of orange juice and a jug on his coffee table.  He was brushing his teeth.  She bowed respectfully and began to leave.

“Make my bed,” he said, before returning to the bathroom to spit out the toothpaste lather.

Princess pulled off the bed sheets and pillow cases and gathered them by the door.  She got a clean set of sheets, and began to dress the bed.  She heard the shower going.  She hurried with her task.

He came out and shook his head.  “I don’t want this one.  Find my satin, sky blue sheets!”  He returned and went into the shower.

Princess was confused.  Which satin sky blue sheets?  There were three sets of blue sheets.  One was silk and light blue.  Another was cotton and dark blue.  And the third was satin and bright blue.  Problem was, she didn’t know which was the silk and which was the satin sheet.  She finally settled on the brighter one, and started making the bed again.

Before she was done, he came out of the shower.  He watched her finish brushing off the creases on the bed, as he drank his orange juice.  When she was done, but before she had straightened herself up, he was behind her bent frame.

Jamie placed a hand on her buttocks and squeezed it.  She jumped and turned to him.  He smiled at her.

Princess’ heart raced.  She wanted to run, but she also wanted to stay.  “Sir…please.  What about Madam?”

“Do you want to wait for her to join us?”

Princess blushed and would have been bright red if she was White.  She was flabbergasted at his lack of shame.  “No, Sir.  Please, I have a boyfriend…”

“He’s not here…” Jamie said.  He lifted up her skirt and began to slid down her pants.  “Tell me you don’t want me, and I’ll stop.”

Princess swallowed.  Her silence said it all.  Her heart beating fast in her chest also gave away how much she wanted him.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked.

Princess shook her head, and Jamie smiled.  Good.  It’s better that way, he thought.  He left her standing by the bed, her underwear at her feet, and went to shut the door.


It was a lovely breakfast time at Ifeanyi and Mary’s home.  Mary had made pancakes with cocktail sausages and fruit salad.  Chuka, who thought he had lost his appetite forever, grew hungry at the sight of the spread, and ate more than his fair share.  After that hearty meal, Chuka felt more like himself again.

Mary was amazed and pleased to see him wolf it down.  Ifeanyi, however, was not happy with his friend.  They hadn’t yet had a chance to talk about what happened yesterday.  He decided to stay back home to talk to Chuka, while Mary carried the children with her to Church.

By the time Mary left with the children and their nanny, Chuka had well and truly sobered up.  He knew what was coming, and he knew he deserved whatever it was.  He was actually quite ashamed to find himself in this situation…on Valentine’s Day, on his very own wedding anniversary, away from his wife, by his own actions and choosing.  Whatever Ijeoma’s faults, she didn’t deserve this, and it hadn’t been his intention to take it this far.

Ifeanyi invited Chuka to sit with him out in the garden.  It was a more relaxing atmosphere, and he thought the fresh air would do him good.

“What happened yesterday, Chuka?  What were you doing in that place?” Ifeanyi dived right in, after they had both settled in their seats.

Chuka sighed.   “I really don’t know what came over me…  I guess I just wanted a break from thinking…from duty.”  Ifeanyi just looked at him, not fully understanding.  “I met Gbenga after my jog yesterday, and I just thought it would be nice to catch up.”

“Is there a problem at home?  Did you and Ijay have a fight?”

Chuka sighed again.  “Mehn, I don’t even know.  It wasn’t like we had a fight though…  We just haven’t been getting along like before.”

“Something must have happened Chuka.  Is everything okay at work?”

Chuka looked down and shook his head.  “I was retrenched.”

“Really?”  Ifeanyi was surprised.  “I’m sorry…  When did this happen?”

“I got the letter on Friday.  It was just such a shock…  I think I took it out on Ijay, when I got home,” he sighed.  “I just didn’t really know how to deal with the news.”

“Ummm…” Ifeanyi muttered.  “Have you prayed?”

Chuka almost laughed.  “Is that your answer to my situation?”

“Isn’t that the answer to every situation?” Ifeanyi looked at Chuka, puzzled.  Where was his faith?

“Look, I get the whole, “take it to God in prayer” thing, but really…  I need a more practical solution.”

“Okay…  But have you prayed?  Since you found out…  Have you talked to God about it?” Ifeanyi prodded.

Chuka felt cornered.  The truth was he hadn’t.  That hadn’t crossed his mind at all.  Only the many burdens he had to shoulder.  He had worried, and he hadn’t prayed.  He was pricked in the conscience.  If he had prayed, perhaps he would have had a different response to the whole incident, and communicated differently with his wife.

Chuka shook his head, ashamed.

“Okay…  Why?  Are you and God okay?”

Chuka giggled nervously.  He hadn’t pre-empted this direction for their conversation.  Ifeanyi was like a mirror, and Chuka was beginning to see his spiritual state, and that perhaps that was the biggest problem in his life.  More than any of his grievances with his wife or misfortune at work.

The fact was, he had lost touch with God.  He hadn’t been growing in his faith walk, and he was messing up.  Even the fact that he had been fantasizing about another woman hadn’t triggered the bells that something was seriously wrong with him.

He suddenly began to cry.  Whatever else was wrong with his life, this was what needed fixing.  This was the crux of the matter, and Ifeanyi had got to it within seconds!  How had he known?  But Chuka already knew the answer…  Because Ifeanyi was in tune with God.

Ifeanyi reached for his friend and held his hand, while he cried.

Chuka wiped his nose with his other hand.  “I’ve been carrying such a huge burden.  I have been annoyed with my wife, angry with God, and even jealous of you…  I don’t know how long this has been going on, but I haven’t known how to deal with it.  I’ve just been getting more bitter and bitter, and this was like the straw that broke the camel’s back!  I just couldn’t deal with it anymore…   Please, I need Jesus!  Please pray for me…”

Ifeanyi took Chuka’s second hand, and began to pray.  “Father, we just want to thank You for the many ways You show us that You love us.  Thank You for bringing Chuka to this point of confessing his sin.  Please help him to forsake it.  Please restore him to fellowship with You, and his wife and children too.

“Lord, we know that You would strip us bare just to show us who we are, and how desperately poor we are without You.  Please help us to abide in You, and hold fast to You, whatever trials may come in our lives.  We cannot do this life without You, Lord, and with You, it is so sweet.  Please bring Chuka into remembrance of that sweetness.

“Lord, You said to cast all our cares upon You, and so we cast before You Chuka’s financial burdens.  He has been retrenched from his job, but has a family to provide for.  In this climate where good jobs are hard to come by, please make a way for him!  Please make provision for him elsewhere.  Please guide his steps, and plant him where he can better serve You, and bear much fruit.

“We have determined that we will not be anxious, because You said for us to be anxious over nothing.  We trust in Your bountiful provision.  We trust in Your faithfulness.  And we know that as long as we walk with You, we shall lack nothing we need.  Please give us such contentment, that we may know that You are enough!  Even MORE THAN ENOUGH!  Always.  In every situation.  Thank You, Lord.  In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.”

“Amen,” Chuka said.  And he was truly relieved.  “Thank you, Ifeanyi.  You are a true friend, and a true Brother!”

“God is with you, my Brother!” Ifeanyi said, and he pulled Chuka up for an embrace.

When they parted, Ifeanyi smiled at Chuka, and said, “About the practical help you wanted…  I have something for you.  Call it a Valentine’s gift or wedding anniversary gift, if you like, but I hope you will accept it.”

Chuka swallowed.  He wasn’t sure what it was.  He hoped it was cash, and he also hoped it wasn’t.  He didn’t want pity nor to be indebted to his friend.

Chuka waited downstairs, while Ifeanyi went to his private quarters and opened his safe.  He came down moments later and presented his gift to Chuka.  It was cash.  And a lot of it.

“No, I can’t take this…” Chuka said.


“I don’t need a hand out, Ifeanyi…”

“It’s not a hand out, Chuka.  It’s a gift.  Don’t you know how to accept gifts?”  Chuka was quiet.  “What if I told you God told me to give this to you, because He knows you need it?”

“Did He?”

“Yes.  He said, let him who has two give to him who has none…  And if you see your brother in need, and you tell him to go and be filled, but do not share what you have, what sort of friend are you?”

“So, this is charity?  I am not a charity case, Ifeanyi…”

“Do you want to wait until you are before you accept help?  This is love, Chuka.  You have to be able to accept love, without strings attached.  I love you, Man…  Take my gift.”

Chuka met Ifeanyi eyes, swallowed his pride and accepted the package.  “Thank you.  But I hope Mary won’t mind..?” Chuka knew if he gave such a large amount of money away to a friend without discussing with Ijeoma, she would ring his neck!

Ifeanyi smiled.  “Nah…  Trust me.  She would want you to have it too.  You guys are family now…”

“Okay.  Thanks a lot!  God bless you!” Chuka hugged Ifeanyi warmly.  “But I’m thinking, maybe it’s safer if you transfer it…I don’t like to keep cash in my house like that…”

“Yeah!  Good thinking…  No need lugging this about,” Ifeanyi said with a smile, and took it back.  He returned the package to his safe.

Ifeanyi returned, feeling relieved.  “Now, let’s go get your car, and get you reconciled with your wife!”  Chuka beamed.


Adania returned from Church, encouraged by the message that had been preached on God’s unconditional love.  She was assured that even though Jamie didn’t and couldn’t love her unconditionally, God did.  The Pastor had said that they each had the choice to live in misery over man’s rejection of them, or live in joy over God’s acceptance.  She had dropped a little more into the offering plate today, after that inspiring message.

On entering the house, she went to the dining area and saw that the food she had cooked and served had been packed away.  She confirmed that it had been consumed entirely, when she entered the kitchen, and smiled that it hadn’t gone to waste.  But the dishes hadn’t been done.  Where was Princess?  She should have returned from Church by now.

Adania called out for Princess, but no one answered.  She returned to the lounge and began up the stairs.  She heard strange sounds coming from the Master Bedroom.

Adania went to the doorway, almost certain now that they were the sounds of Jamie having sex.  She felt her heart twist in pain.  She knew she would regret it, but she couldn’t help opening the door.

The sight that visited her was devastating.  Jamie was humping Princess like a dog, and they both turned to look at her.  Princess had a horrified look on her face.  Jamie’s expression was one of annoyance.

“Jamie!  Jamie!!” Adania cried at the door, her heart shattered to pieces at the sight.

“Shut the door!” he shouted, apparently, not interested in stopping.

Adania just stood there, though her legs buckled, crying, “Jamie, why?  Jamie, why?!!!”  She wanted to die.  What had she done to deserve this treatment?

“Shut the fucking door!!!” he shouted again.

Adania wailed all the more.  He was so cruel!  He wasn’t even sorry!

Jamie pulled out of Princess, and walked determinedly to the doorway, to Adania’s horror, and slammed the door in her face, before resuming his position and activity.

To be continued…

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  1. Adenia, what do you expect from a man who slept with you the same night he left his wife after beating her to pulp, impregnated you, brought you in and made love to you under his wife’s nose? And… did you just ask what you did to deserve all these? Pls ask me again. Just behave wisely and dont provoke that animal in human skin to descend on you, bcos that baby you carry is precious and innocent.


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