A Small World

A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (Episode 13)


Copyright © Ufuomaee

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


In the same instant that Jamie slammed the door in her face, two things happened to Adania.  Her water broke and something else snapped inside of her.  She felt like she had been stabbed right through her heart.  She stood there for a moment, unable to believe what had just happened.  It was an unbearable disgrace!

Despite her contractions, which had began to come in, she made it down the stairs to the kitchen, and picked up a big knife.  She paused in between the contractions, but determinedly climbed up the stairs back to the Master Bedroom ready to use the weapon on Jamie.  However, the stairs were now slippery with the amniotic fluid she had traipsed on them on her way down.

One hasty movement changed her destiny, as Adania slipped on the stairs, and tumbled down, the knife flying off her hand, and landing dangerously on her body.  She screamed in panic and in pain.  It was just at the same moment that she heard Jamie’s climax.  It was the last sound she heard before she lost consciousness.

Princess was the first to exit the room to investigate the sound they had heard.  She screamed with horror, when she saw Adania’s body, sprawled upside down at the bottom of the stairway.  Jamie finally strolled out, and stopped cold when he took in what had happened.  The knife had landed on Adania’s right shoulder, close to her neck.

Princess suddenly threw up, from guilt, shame and fear.  She looked at Jamie for a reaction, and couldn’t understand why he did not appear moved by the sight.  She felt like she had just had sex with the devil himself, and threw up again at the thought!

Jamie’s mind was racing as he tried to think of what to do about Adania’s body.  It was not clear whether or not she was dead, although it seemed very likely, and he was worried that an investigation into the accident might point to him as a culprit.  There was also another feeling he felt.  It was a cross between guilt and sadness.  It was almost like remorse.

Adania had been his friend, his best friend for many years.  But for the last six months, he had treated her like scum.  He had made her life hellish, and now, he feared that she was dead…because of him.  And what about their baby…?

Jamie quickly returned to his room and dialed for an ambulance.  If he could help it, neither Adania nor her baby would die today.  Not because of him.


Ifeanyi and Chuka arrived at Gbenga’s street in Banana Island at about 11:30am to pick up Chuka’s car.  It was a safe neighbourhood, and the car had come to no misfortune in the night.  Ifeanyi parked behind it, and Chuka got out.

“Do you want me to come with you?” Ifeanyi asked.

Chuka thought for a moment.  Ifeanyi was insightful and had a way with words, and had convinced him twice of his error, but he knew that he needed to do this…alone.  Ifeanyi couldn’t bail him out of this one.  He needed to face Ijeoma and have a heart to heart with her.

“No.  I’ve got to do this solo.  Thanks for all your help so far.”

Ifeanyi nodded, and Chuka closed the car door.  “Okay then…  Good luck!  I’ll be waiting to hear how it went.”

Chuka smiled, and thanked Ifeanyi again.  Ifeanyi waited for Chuka to get into his car and drive away, before driving back home.  He drove home happily and eagerly.  He missed Mary.  They hadn’t had any special time this morning, and he still wanted to make sure that she was celebrated today.


Bolu and Lola were enjoying a lovely Valentine’s Day.  Lola had made a simple English Breakfast for them, with eggs, baked beans and sausages, before they left for Church.

They had exchanged their cards and gifts over breakfast.  Their gifts hadn’t required much imagination, but were thoughtful all the same.  Bolu got Lola a new fragrance, which she tested and liked.  Lola got Bolu a new wallet, which he liked also.

After Church, they went to Southern Sun Hotel in Ikoyi, where they were serving a special Valentine’s Day Brunch.  Temi and Oyinda had invited Lola and Bolu to join them.  However, the Adetayos arrived first and waited at the bar to be seated.  Temi called to say they were running late, but would be there soon.

Their table was ready about five minutes later, and they were escorted to their seats.  Tinuke’s nanny, Deborah, had accompanied them, to assist Lola with looking after the baby.  The waiter brought complimentary champagne and orange juice for them, but Lola refused, as she was still breastfeeding.  She asked for tea instead.

Bolu took a sip of his cocktail and smiled.  “This place is so lovely,” he said.  He had heard of their Sunday buffets, and had always wanted to bring Lola.  This was their first time.

Lola nodded and smiled too, looking around.  She enjoyed the romantic soundtrack that was playing in the background.  But the place was very busy, and a little crowded, she thought.  She turned to Tinuke, whose eyes were moving in the direction of almost every sound.  She hoped she would sleep soon.

“Go and get your food now, so you can attend to Baby when we’re eating,” she said to Deborah.  Deborah happily got up and went to the buffet area.

Bolu reached out for his wife’s hand, when Deborah had gone.  He stroked her palm, and smiled as he saw her relaxing.  “Did I forget to tell you how beautiful you are today?”

Lola brightened.  Actually he had, but she was okay, because she also knew she was a beautiful woman.  “Thanks.  In case I forgot too, you’re a very handsome man, Bolu!”

He grinned widely.  “You think so?”

“Yeah, of course!  Don’t you..?”

Bolu thought about his encounter with Amaka yesterday.  The way she had looked at him reminded him of the way Lola had looked at him when they had first met.  He didn’t think he was so sexy or attractive, but he had felt extremely so under Lola’s gaze, and again, under Amaka’s.  He blushed and looked away.

“What?  What are you thinking?” Lola studied him.

He turned his gaze back to Lola, and stroked her face.  “That I like you saying that…  And I especially love it when you say it with your eyes too…”

Lola understood the feeling well; of wanting to be desired – to feel sexy.  She looked at him again, with lustful eyes.  Bolu couldn’t help himself when he pulled her in for a kiss, and they giggled like teenagers.


Temi had noticed Oyinda sneaking off early that morning.  She had spied him from their bedroom window, and observed his manner was flirtatious with the person on the other end of the line.  She was growing more convinced that he was having an affair.

She hadn’t told him she was pregnant yet.  She wondered if it would make a difference.  While he was indisposed on his phone, she used the opportunity to go through his suitcase from his trip.  She didn’t really know what sort of evidence she was looking for, but she hoped it would be good enough to get a confession out of him.

And then what, the voice in her head asked.  Will you divorce him?  She brushed it aside.  She didn’t want to think that far ahead.  She didn’t want to be deterred from finding out what she wanted to know because of fear.  When she had all the facts, then she would make a decision.  For now…the truth was all she cared about.

Her search revealed nothing new.  She had, however, seen a wrapped gift he had bought, and assumed it was for her.  She felt bad for snooping.  She packed his bag again and closed it, and placed it where he had kept it.  She hurried back into bed, when she heard him coming back.

Oyinda went to the bathroom when he entered their bedroom.  Temi arose from bed and yawned, pretending that she had just woken up.  She robbed her eyes sleepily, and went to kiss him “Good morning,” before proceeding to brush her teeth.

“Good morning, gorgeous,” he greeted with a smile.  “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

She gave him a wide toothpaste filled smile.  His phone beeped.  He left the bathroom to check it.  She continued brushing her teeth, while trying to listen in and observe what he was doing.  She realised that this was hard work – not trusting!  She wished she could just trust him and be peacefully ignorant.

When she was done brushing her teeth, she came out of the bathroom and he went back in to brush his.  His phone was on the bedside table, but she already knew it would be locked.  She sighed.  She decided, rather than ruin the day with suspicion, she would just make the most of it.  She could be wrong…and she didn’t want to be that woman whose suspicions drove her husband to cheat.

She went to her set of drawers and brought out the gift and card she had bought for him last week.  When he returned from brushing his teeth, she presented them to him, with a soft smile.  “Happy Valentine’s Day, Babe!”

“Awww….  Thanks, honey,” Oyinda said, accepting the gift.  He kissed her, and began to undress her.

“Where’s mine?” she asked, thinking about the gift in his suitcase.

“I thought we could go shopping together for something special later.  For now…this is my gift,” he said, as he pulled her on top of him, unto the bed.

Temi was stunned.  Who was the gift in the suitcase for?  Her heart raced.  She pulled herself away from him.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Are you cheating on me?” she asked him, unable to keep the doubt to herself any longer.

He looked at her, stunned.  His expression was both shocked and concerned.  “No, Babe…  Why would you ask me that?”

Temi swallowed.  He was such a good liar, she thought.  “There’s a gift in your bag.  Who’s that for?”

“What gift?  What bag?”

“The suitcase you brought back from Abuja!”

“You mean you’ve been snooping through my things?  That’s rather low, Temi!”

“Don’t change the topic!  Who’s the gift for?”

“It is for…y..you…” Oyinda said, thinking fast on his feet.  He stood up and went to the bag to retrieve it.  “Here, open it…”

Temi took it, shaking, thinking she had revealed herself.  She was so confused.  “If it’s for me, why didn’t you just give it to me..?  Why did you say we would go shopping for my gift today?”

Oyinda put his head in his hand and rubbed it, as though he had a headache.  “I just had a change of mind about it.  I thought it was too selfish of me…  I just thought you might be able to pick out something better yourself…and we could have fun shopping together.”

That’s sweet, I guess, Temi thought.  She opened the wrapped present, and it was a small box containing a one piece, sexy, red, lace lingerie.  He hadn’t bought her lingerie in a long time.  She swallowed, “Thank you.”

Oyinda just shook his head.  “I can’t believe you don’t trust me…  I guess I can’t blame you.  I’m hardly ever around…  But you know that I love you so much.  And I love our children.  I could never risk losing you!”

He looked crushed.  Temi was sad.  “I’m sorry…  I…  I don’t have an excuse.”  She went to him.  “Forgive me?”

Oyinda gave a small smile.  “Only if you will put it on for me…”

Temi grinned.  “Okay!  But we’ll be late for Church…”


Temi and Oyinda finally made it to Southern Sun Hotel to meet their friends.  Temi apologised profusely for their lateness.  She blamed it on the kids.  The truth was, they had returned home for round two, before heading out for lunch.  Oyinda was doing his best to cover his tracks.

When they sat down, Oyinda’s phone vibrated.  He quickly cut the call, but not before Temi had seen the caller ID, “Kemi Couz”.

Temi looked at him, strangely, as doubt resurfaced.  Which of his cousins was called Kemi?  And why hadn’t she ever seen that caller ID before.  He also seemed over eager to cut the call.  Normally, he would have picked up and answered politely that he couldn’t talk and would call them back, or simply sent the “I’m in a meeting” text reply.

Temi felt sick, and excused herself to go to the bathroom.

To be continued…

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  1. A yoruba adage says”pasan ta fi na iyale o wa lori aja fun iyawo ” which means “the cane that was use to beat a wife is kept @ the top ceiling to also beat the new wife or concubine is the case of Adania.May God help her. Thank for this ma.


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