A Small World

A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (The Finale – Part One)


Copyright © Ufuomaee

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


Oyinda noticed a change in Temi when she returned from the bathroom.  She was bright and bubbly with their friends, but cold and disengaged from him.  He knew she still suspected.  He would have to do better to convince her that he was a faithful man.  He decided that he would go cold turkey as long as it took to regain her trust.

Temi couldn’t hide her feelings of sadness from her husband.  As much as she tried to pretend that she didn’t know, and was happy, she couldn’t pull off a convincing act like her professional liar of a husband!  But she knew she could no longer ask him about it.

He would lie until his face was blue, and confuse her all the more.  She would probably end up going mad.  No.  She had to catch him.  And for that, she needed to be patient, and diligently follow the evidence.  Maybe she would hire a professional spy.

Outside, Temi was smiling.  Inside, she cried, as the world she had known and had built crumbled before her eyes.  Her husband, who had been her best friend and lover, was now a stranger, a liar and a monster.  And worst of all, she had to keep and live with his secret, until it was no longer a secret…and thereafter live with the pain and the scandal!

After their brunch, Temi turned down Oyinda’s suggestion to go shopping, saying she was happy with her gift.  They returned home, and Temi busied herself with her children, while Oyinda watched sports.  After a while, Temi left the children with their nanny, and went to have a nap.

After Temi had gone up for her nap, Oyinda sent Kemi a Whatsapp message.

Hey, how was your flight?

It was ok.

Cool…  What are up to now?

Nothing.  I called you twice, but you cut my calls and didn’t call me back…

You did?  When?

Yes, I did!  It rang.  Both times.

You know, people have been saying that…  Been having problems with this phone all week.  I think I need a new one…


Yes…  Sometimes, it even cuts in the middle of conversations too, for no reason.

Maybe you have a virus.  You should check it.

Yeah…  Maybe.  Thanks.  I will…

Okay…  So you want to meet?

You mean, have a first date on Valentine’s?  Isn’t that like bad luck?  LOL!

LOL!!!  You’re not serious!

Seriously though…  When are you free next week?

I’ll check my schedule, and get back to you…

Haba!!!  You are fronting now..?

I am a very busy woman, if you must know.  My weekends are my free days…and they are usually quite packed!

Okay oh.  I’ll be waiting patiently…  Have a lovely evening, Kemi!

Aight…  You too.

Oyinda sighed.  How he wished he could have just gone out and met Kemi tonight…  She had spunk!  But Temi was on to him.  She might ask questions…  No, he had to stay home tonight.

Then his phone beeped.  Kemi had sent him a naughty Snapchat message.  Oyinda was on fire!  This babe was HOT!!!  He sent her one back saying to stay where she was, he was on his way…

Oyinda went up to his bedroom and woke his wife gently.  “A few of my guys are meeting at Ntyce for a Valentine’s do.  Wanna go?”

Temi shook her head, seriously uninterested in the idea of hanging with Oyinda’s friends tonight.

“Come on, Babe…  They’ll all be with their wives and girlfriends…  It won’t be the same without you…”

“Please, Oyinda…  I’m just tired.  I have a headache.  Go on…  You have my permission.”

Oyinda gave a huge sigh.  “Okay, Babe.  Get your rest.  I’ll bring you back suya.”

And then he was on his way.  It was quite a smart lie, because his friends were going to Ntyce with their wags, but he wasn’t going there…  However, she didn’t need to know that last part.


Jamie rode with the Ambulance as they sped through the streets of Lagos.  He had left Princess to clean up her vomit and the spill of amniotic fluid in the house.  As they drove, he just looked at Adania’s body.  They had discovered that she was still alive, but they had to make it to the hospital urgently to save her baby before she crossed.  They didn’t think she could make it.

Jamie willed Adania to live.  He willed the time to turn, so that she had never fallen.  But he realised that he was indeed powerless to give life, or to change time.  As he looked at her, he saw his best friend lying on the brink of death, and he felt he had pushed her himself.  His sorrow was growing.  But his face was still expressionless, only his eyes were dark.

For once in his life, Jamie prayed sincerely.  As he didn’t know any other name or God to call upon, he called on the name of Jesus.  Jesus, please save Adania.  Please save her baby.  Please forgive me.  His dark eyes watered.

When they made it to the hospital and he gave her details, and said he was her husband, that was when he remembered that he needed to contact her family.   He called Amaka first, but her phone was switched off.  He called their mother, and she said she was coming right away.  He called Jimmy and Fatima, and they said they were coming too.  He was sat in the waiting area, his hardness crumbling like a wall caught in an earthquake.

Mrs Nkechi arrived just as a nurse came to tell them that they had been able to deliver the baby, but they were still trying to resuscitate the child.  Adania had fallen into a coma.  They asked what Jamie wanted them to do.  To sustain or to let her pass?

“Why are you asking him?  It is his fault she is here!  No doubt, you have been beating her like you beat Amaka!  God will judge you!” Mrs Nkechi shouted at Jamie.

“Who are you madam?” the nurse asked.

“I am her mother!!!  And this man, this liar, never married my daughter!”

“But he is the father of the child?”

“Yes, unfortunately for her!  Mtcheew!  Please do everything you can for my daughter!  Please save them both!”

Jamie had stood up, but sat down again under the force of Mrs Nkechi accusations.  It was just what he had been afraid of.  But he knew he could not deny it.  Even is he never laid a hand on Adania, he was responsible.  He had just been about to say for them to save Adania, but now, Mrs Nkechi had exposed him and compromised his presence at the hospital.

He went to a corner and waited for his brother and his wife to come.  He was crying freely now.  The tears could not be prevented.  His body began to shake at the weight of what he had done.  He couldn’t remember why he had been so cruel to Adania.  He sobbed, as quietly as he could, but it was loud enough to earn him some strange and concerned looks.

Mrs Nkechi paid no attention to Jamie.  She was pacing up and down, praying loudly.  She’d called her Pastor to send out a prayer request on her behalf for her daughter and grandchild.  A couple of people from her Church were expected to come and support her in prayer over her children.


Chuka made it home before his wife and kids returned from Church.  He had branched off at a Supermarket to buy Ijeoma chocolate and flowers.  He waited in anticipation for them to walk through the door.

Eventually, he heard Ijeoma’s key in the door.  He stood up to present his flowers, but it was the nanny who walked in.  She greeted him.  He withdrew, and the boys rushed him, shouting “Daddy’s home!!!” when they saw that he was home.  Ijeoma walked in last, carrying a sleeping Chika.  She acknowledged Chuka with a nod, before taking Chika to his room to nap.

“Hey, boys…  Mommy and Daddy need to talk.  Can you go and play quietly in your room?  Please, don’t wake Chika!” Ijeoma said, when she had returned to the lounge.  The children obeyed, and Ijeoma said, “Thank you!”

“Happy Wedding Anniversary, Ijeoma…” Chuka said, sheepishly, as he presented his gifts of chocolates and flowers.

Ijeoma took them, and said, “Thank you.  Have you eaten?”

“I’m not hungry now…  I had a huge breakfast.”

“Okay.  Let me just go sort something out for the kids…” Ijeoma said, and quickly left for the kitchen.

Chuka followed her.  “Can’t somebody else sort it…   We really need to talk?”

Ijeoma sighed.  She gave instructions to their maid for what to prepare for the children.  They had let go of their cook months ago, and hadn’t been able to replace him since.

“Maybe it’d be better if we go for a stroll…” Chuka said.  Ijeoma nodded and followed him out of the house.

Chuka reached for her hand to hold it, and though Ijeoma wanted to deny him, she didn’t.  She remembered Mary counsel: “Forgive him, even before he says he’s sorry.  You’re still his best friend, and he needs you more now than before.”

Chuka was very surprised to see Ijeoma being so calm and forgiving.  He had expected a tantrum, or at least, the silent treatment.  Something was definitely different about her today.

They walked quietly, neither saying anything for a while.  Chuka’s emotions were rising.  His wife’s silence and compliance was disarming.  They entered the small park in their neighbourhood, and sat on a bench.

Chuka turned to Ijeoma, and she looked at him, her face devoid of accusation, only sadness.  “Ijay, I love you.  I want you to know that before I say anything else.”

She swallowed and nodded.  She was afraid of what he might say.  She was no Mary.  If he had been stupid enough to cheat, he wasn’t getting off easy…  Love thinks no evil, the Spirit of God whispered.  Oh God!  You also promised never to give me more than I can take, she cried back!!!  My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness…  Oh, God, you’re killing me!!!

“Are you with me?” Chuka asked.  Ijay seemed to have gone somewhere in her head.

“You said you love me…” she replied, holding his gaze.

“Yes, I love you.  And the second thing I want you to know is that I was a fool to have left you alone by yourself yesterday.  The biggest fool!  I am so sorry.”

Ijeoma sighed in relief.  She didn’t have to shout at him to understand her perspective after all…  She had so many questions, but she restrained herself from interrogating him.

“I shouldn’t have gone on that drive and jog yesterday morning.  I shouldn’t have slept with anger in my heart the night before, or made you feel like you did something wrong.  I should have owned my feelings and not taken it out on you…”

“Well…  I guess I didn’t help with my questions.  It wasn’t the best time to ask.  I should have just been there for you,” Ijeoma admitted.

“Thanks, I appreciate that.  But even if you did, I could and should have handled it better.  It never occurred to me to pray.  We could have prayed, and talked, like we’re talking now…  I’ve been out of the Spirit for a long time, and it has been bearing bad fruit in me.  I didn’t realise that until today.”

Ijeoma nodded.  “Me too.  I prayed sincerely yesterday, for the first time in ages.  I don’t like the way I’ve been talking to you, or even thinking about you…  I don’t know what happened to me…to us.  But I miss us.  And I love you too, Chuka.  I know you’re trying your best, and I appreciate all you do for us.  I just want you to know that we’re in this together…  I’ve got you…anyway that you want me to.  Please don’t push me away…”

Chuka pulled Ijeoma in his arms and kissed her passionately.  His wife was back.  And he was in his right mind again to lead her in marriage.  They kissed through their tears as every other question was answered with LOVE!  Love was indeed the answer to everything.


Femi arrived at Victoria’s house about ten minutes later than agreed.  He pressed the bell, and he could hear her frantic movements.  She finally got to the door, and opened it for him.

“You’re late!”

“I’m sorry,” Femi said.  “But you’re not even ready…”

“That’s not the point…  What if I was?  Then I will be sitting here waiting for you…wondering what excuse you will make up again?”

“Okay, Vicky, let’s not do this.  I’m sorry.  Where’s she?”

“She’s in her room of course.”

Victoria shut the door, and ran to her bedroom to finish up with her hair and make up.  Her date would be coming by at 3:30pm, and she wanted to be ready, and have the house to herself when he did.

Femi went up to his daughter’s room.  She was dressed, and laid on the bed reading.  She gave him a small smile when she saw him.

“Hey, Princess!  Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Don’t call me that, Daddy.”

“Okay, you’re not a princess anymore…  Are you ready for our day out at the movies, Tomi?”

She rolled her eyes.  “What choice do I have?”

“What would you rather do?” Femi asked.

Tomi shrugged.  “I don’t know…”

“Okay, we’ll think of something…”

“Just leave her alone…  She’s only ten and she’s already acting like a teenager,” Victoria said, leaning on the door.  “Wherever you go, bring her home by nine.  She has school tomorrow.”

“I feel like your boyfriend!” Femi grinned, and took Tomi’s hand, as the walked out of the room and down the stairs.

“So, I didn’t ask…  How did it go yesterday?” Victoria asked.  “I’m guessing it was Tolu you went to see…”

“She said no,” he said.

“And you’re just going to give up?”

“She’s seeing someone else…”

“That’s why you will never live happily ever after, Femi!  You don’t fight for what you love…” Victoria said, thinking about how true that statement could have been applied to their marriage.

It hadn’t been all bad.  Only that Femi had been double-minded the whole time.  She finally let him go and decided she would free herself to find someone who would love her with their whole heart.

Femi looked at Victoria, wondering if she was talking about herself.  He wanted to say something, but she shut the door in his face.  He turned to Tomi, and they both shrugged.  Victoria and her tantrums.


Amaka was enjoying an afternoon at the movies…alone on Valentine’s Day.  She had decided that it was okay that she was alone.  That maybe it was a good thing.  Maybe God wanted her that way for now.

After Church service today, she’d met with Jimmy, and went to hug him as they usually did, but he had been stiff.  He told her that he would prefer for her not to attend his Church, and that since she was no longer married to his brother, he couldn’t ‘justify’ their relationship anymore.  Basically, she had been dumped, by the last friend she had in the world.

It was okay, though.  She wasn’t going to be sad about it.  She was going to enjoy rediscovering herself, and hopefully make new friends, as God provides and enables her too.  She threw popcorn in her mouth, and chuckled at the funny advertisement.  They were just about to start the second movie.

“Is this seat taken?” a young, handsome man asked.

Amaka carried her bag from the seat and put it between her legs.  She gave him an absentminded smile and focused on the screen.  She felt him looking at her.  She was a little creeped out.

“Can I help you?”

“Sorry to stare…  You are just so beautiful…  May I know your name?”

Amaka sighed.  Not another one!  Even in a dark cinema, she was getting approached.  “I’m sorry.  I just want to be alone today…”

“But it’s Valentine’s Day…”

“So why are you here alone?” she shot back.

“My wife and kids are coming,” he said.

Amaka relaxed.  He wasn’t trying to hit on her…  He was just being friendly.  “Oh, you’re married.  Sorry…” she brought out a hand to shake his.  “I’m Amaka.”

 He chuckled.  “Nice to meet you, Amaka.  I’m David.”

She smiled at him warmly, and looked back to see if anyone else was coming as the movie began.

He leaned in and whispered.  “I was only joking about the wife and kids.  But, I’m glad we’ve got something in common already.  We’re both weirdos who go to the movies alone!  But you’re weirder because you’re beautiful!!!”

Despite herself, Amaka laughed.  She offered him some of her popcorn, and he gladly took some.  She sighed, and enjoyed the movie, with her weird and unexpected companion.


Keisha was on Phase One of “Operation Destroy Ifeanyi” or O.D.I.  She was out with her girlfriends, Gbenga and his guys too.  Someone was celebrating their birthday on Valentine’s Day, and they had decided to go to the Beach.

Keisha took some personal selfies, and some group selfies with her girlfriends, and then sent the pictures to Ifeanyi, one by one.  After sending them, she sent this short message:

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ifeanyi!  I wish you could have been here, darling!  We’re having a mad time!!!  My girls said to say “WASSUP??” LOL!!!  It was lovely hanging out with you yesterday at the Pool Party…  You haven’t changed one bit!  You looked HOT as usual!  Let’s hook up again soon.  Btw, what do you think of my bikini?  I wore it just for you… xoxo always yours, Keish.

Keisha smiled as she imagined the look on his face when he saw the pictures and message.  He would surely be rushing to delete them all and, hopefully, Mary would have seen one or two by then.  She now wished she had written a caption under each photo!  She would have to remember that for next time.  She wondered if Ifeanyi was still active on Facebook.

PART TWO will be published at 3pm today.

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  1. Oyinda is such a beautiful liar and a serial cheater. I wish Ifeanyi will be transparent enough to open up to Mary at this stage so Keisha plans come to nought. Amaka, open up your heart, I believe love has found you.


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