A Small World

A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (The Finale – Part Two)


Copyright © Ufuomaee

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


Ifeanyi was in bed with his wife, Mary, when the notifications sounded for the photos and message from Keisha.  When Mary had returned from Church, they had preferred to enjoy a lazy day together in bed.  They would go out for dinner and dancing later.

He had told her about the money he had promised to Chuka.  It was only part of the money that they had been keeping for Emeka, since Chuka had prevented Ifeanyi from continuing his child support.  It had even been Mary’s idea to save the money for a rainy day.  Mary thought it was a smart move by Ifeanyi, and was relieved that he hadn’t made such a significant financial decision without including her.

Ifeanyi stroked Mary’s face, as he looked lovingly into her eyes.  He kissed her intensely, his heart heavy with love.  However the alerts kept coming, distracting them from their love making.

Mary turned to the phone.  “Don’t you want to check it..?  Maybe it’s urgent.”

Reluctantly, Ifeanyi reached for his phone.  He returned to his wife, and held her in his arms as he unlocked it to open the message.  The screen showed the most recent picture, which was of Keisha in a g-string bikini, with her back to the camera, and her lips pouted in a kiss, and the last message.  Ifeanyi sat up straight, his eyes wide with fear and anger.

“What the hell is she thinking?!” he asked aloud.  Mary just looked at him for an explanation.  “I’m sorry, Mary.  Remember Keisha, my ex-girlfriend?  I bumped into her yesterday, when I went to pick up Chuka.  She’s still bitter about us…  I don’t know what to do.”

Mary leaned into him again and kissed him.  She had known Keisha was lying, but she needed Ifeanyi to confirm it.  The fact that he had saved her name as “Keisha IGNORE!” said volumes already.  Mary also remembered that the woman had behaved crazy the two times she had seen her; once at his home and the other time on their wedding day!  Would she ever leave them alone?

“She needs prayers, Ifeanyi.  She’s deeply disturbed.  You must have been very cruel to her…”

Ifeanyi swallowed.  He knew he had been.  He hadn’t really apologized either.  Maybe that was what he needed to do.

“What should we do about this?  She’s not going to stop.  You don’t know Keisha like I do.”

“Maybe we can invite her for dinner?” Mary suggested.

“You’ve got to be joking!  Then she will know where we live…”

“If she’s as crazy as all that, she probably already does…or will soon find out.  I want a chance to meet her, to talk to her.  And I think she needs a genuine apology from you.”

“Yes, I think so too.  But I won’t risk bringing her to our home, Mary.”

“Okay, it doesn’t have to be the house…  We can meet at a restaurant.  Somewhere open, where we can really talk.”

“So you want me to reply her with an invitation to dinner?  She won’t come if she knows you will be there…”

“So, don’t tell her.”

“I’m tempted just to send her a picture of our naked selfie!!!” Ifeanyi chuckled.

“Oh, Ifeanyi…  That would be cruel!” Mary said, but couldn’t help smiling.  “And you know, it could end up going viral!”

“Oh no…  I don’t need any other man ogling you…  Alright then, I’ll message her.  But let her stew for a day or two…” Ifeanyi said, putting away his phone.  He looked at his wife sincerely.  “Thanks for believing me.”

Mary breathed in deeply, her heart full of love.  “It was easy to do,” she said, and gasped when he rushed her with his lips.  She was so in love with this man.


Jimmy was having a romantic lunch date with his wife, Fatima, at a restaurant in Victoria Island, when he got Jamie’s call.  They had planned to pack a separate order for their dinner, as Jimmy always relieved his wife from cooking on Valentine’s Day, and enjoy a few movies on their PVR and home cinema.  As a tradition, they never exchanged gifts, only romantic greeting cards, as they renewed their vows every Valentine’s Day.

They quickly rounded up with their meal, without being overly hasty, and then made for the hospital.  Jimmy was thinking about Amaka.  He had felt so bad about telling her they could no longer be friends after Church today.  And now, she might be losing her only sister too!  Granted, the sisters weren’t talking, but as long as Adania was alive, there was still hope.

As he drove, he prayed that Adania would make it, and that the sisters would be reconciled.  He prayed that God would melt Jamie’s heart and cause him to repent of his erroneous ways.  He prayed that everyone would be well, and this accident would be a catalyst for restoration in their family, and in Jamie’s life.

When he got to the hospital, Jamie was sat in a corner, bowed over, his head in his hands.  Jimmy saw Mrs Nkechi and greeted her, but she shunned him, thinking he and his brother were the same.  She, however, allowed herself to be comforted by Fatima.

“Hey Jamie,” Jimmy said, touching Jamie’s shoulder.

Jamie had not yet noticed their presence.  He looked up and was relieved.  Jimmy was shocked to see Jamie’s face wet with tears.  His heart had truly thawed.

“Oh, Jimmy!!!  It was my fault!” he cried, and hugged his brother.  “God, I just hope she makes it.  I don’t know how I would live with myself if she doesn’t…”

Jimmy just hugged his brother and thanked God for answering his prayer.  He continued to pray for Adania and her baby.  Fatima came and saw them, and could hardly believe that Jamie was in tears.  Was that what it took for him to appreciate what he had?  Someone almost dying…?  She didn’t pity him.

The nurse returned to tell them that the baby made it, and they could all come and see the beautiful boy.  As for Adania, all they could do was wait and pray.  There was no way of knowing if this would be a short coma, or a long one, but they had done their best for her.


Oyinda met a couple of his friends, who had arrived early at Ntyce Lounge, and snapped a cheerful photo with them, which he intended to send to Temi later with a “missing you” message.  He smiled to himself.  He was too good!

When he made it to Kemi’s place at the 1004 apartments in Victoria Island, she was dressed ready for a date, and wouldn’t invite him up to her flat.  She suggested a lovely place nearby where they could eat.  Oyinda was disappointed.  He had thought he was in for some action.

Kemi took him to one of her favorite spots at Murphy’s Plaza, which was also a Karaoke bar and club.  It was not yet buzzing, but it would soon be.  They ordered drinks at the bar and found themselves a private corner to chill.

“Do you sing?” Kemi asked.

“No, not much of a singer…” Oyinda replied.

“You should try…just for fun!  You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy Karaoke…” she said.

“I just want to listen to you…  You know how I love your voice…” he said, and she chuckled.

“I’ll go and place my song order.  I’ll choose one for you too!”

“Okay…” Oyinda smiled.  He was relaxing.  He might enjoy this outing after all.

He brought out his phone to send a Whatsapp message to his wife with the picture he had taken.  He saw messages from Dolapo.  She was upset with him that he hadn’t even called to wish her Happy Valentine’s Day!  He still hadn’t told her they were over.  He decided that he would attend to her messages later.  Right now, he was too busy.

He attached the picture and wrote a quick message to Temi: “Missing you, darl!  The guys are asking of you…

Kemi returned, and he quickly hit send on his message, and put his phone aside.  Kemi thought his action was a little suspicious, and realised she had never asked him about himself.  She sat down close to him and looked intently into his eyes.

Oyinda rested his elbow on the table to regain balance, when her sudden closeness had thrown him off.  He accidentally pressed the record message button on his phone, but didn’t hear the beep, because of the general noise at the bar.

“So, tell me…  Are you married?  What’s your deal?”

Oyinda swallowed.  “I’m divorced.”

Kemi raised an eye brow.  “Really?  What happened?”

“I don’t really like to talk about it.  She cheated on me…with my best friend.”  He sighed deeply, and Kemi was immediately sorry for him.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, Oyinda…  We don’t have to talk about it…”


Kemi leaned closer and kissed him on his lips.  Oyinda smiled, and cupped her face to give her a deeper kiss, releasing his elbow from his phone.  The audio message was sent to Temi.


Sola took Dami to the Lagoon Bar for a nice barbecue and grilled dinner.  They both enjoyed the ocean breeze and the night lights in Lagos, that floated on the water.  At 7:30pm, the place was already busy with activity.

A group of young women arrived, and were making quite a scene.  They eventually settled on a table two tables behind them.  Dami observed that Sola seemed distracted by them.  She was jealous.

“Which is the most beautiful?” she asked him.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“You can’t stop staring at those girls.  I feel like coming to sit beside you, so that I am not obstructing your view!”

Sola laughed.  “Nah…  They’re fine, but not that fine.  I just find it fascinating how you girls flock together.  Your behaviour is always different in groups.”

“It’s the same with guys!” Dami said, enjoying the conversation that had been inspired, and realising that Sola hadn’t been lusting after them.  “Especially when you’re gathered watching sports!”

“Believe me, it’s not as bad.  And sports is a culture thing!  If you go to a party, you dance.  If you watch a game, you shout!  Guys are guys everywhere…  Women together is a whole new creation!”

Ummm…  Dami thought.  “Anyway…  Can you pay attention to this lady please?  Oh, should we swap seats?”

“Maybe we should swap…  Sorry…”

They swapped seats.  “Better?”

“Yeah, much better,” Sola smiled.  “Jealous much?”

Dami smiled and sighed.  She wondered if she should ask him the thing that had been bothering her since they got engaged.  Instead, she asked, “When are we going to set a date?”

“Whoa?  How did we get to this?” Sola asked, and was about to make another joke, when he saw that Dami was serious.  “Is that what’s been bothering you?”

Dami looked at the water to hide her emotions.  She turned to him, when she was more composed.  “I just feel…maybe this is not what you really want…”

“You think I don’t want to marry you?  Why would I have proposed?”

Dami looked down at her bump, and back at Sola.

“Nah…  I’m seen enough people ruin their lives for that stupid reason not to enter marriage because of it!  I love you, Dami…  I thought you knew that,” he said, sincerely.

Dami swallowed.  “So, why won’t you set a date?”

“I want to be able to afford a good wedding…and save for it.  I’m expecting something to change in the next few months, and I thought we could set a date for after the baby arrives…  I also want to be able to give you a good life.  It’s important to me that we’re comfortable, and I can provide for us.”

Dami nodded.  “You know, we don’t need a big fancy wedding…  And whether or not we are married, you still have duties to me and our child.  So, why not just make it official, and work out the rest together…?  I don’t mean to put pressure on you…  I just feel with a long engagement, we are waiting for something else to happen before we can be happy, when we can be happy now…”

“I never thought about it like that,” Sola said.  He sighed deeply.  “So, you would be happy to go to the registry?”

“I would be happy just to get the Introduction done.  We could even just settle for a traditional marriage to save on costs.”

“And you won’t question how much I love you?” Sola looked in her eyes.

“Wait…  Is this conversation recorded?” Dami joked, and Sola laughed out loud.  They both giggled, and Sola pulled Dami closer for a kiss.

“June,” he said.  “You pick the date.”


Danny and Tolu had spent a lovely day together.  He had picked her at home after Church, and taken her on a boat ride, in a rented private boat along the Lagos Lagoon.  At the end of their journey, they had arrived at a Beach side resort that served many continental dishes, and had a dedicated French menu.

When they arrived, Tolu and Danny where shown their rooms, which were adjoining.  They agreed to meet for dinner at 8pm, while they each enjoyed their rooms, the resort facilities and relaxed.  Danny wanted to give Tolu the space to miss him for a while.  After he had dropped his things in his room, he went for a stroll and to pray before dinner.

Tolu found a complete outfit laid out on her bed for their dinner.  She had also been booked for a series of massages and treatments at the spa.  She was thrilled and super excited.  She wanted to tell Danny, but he had already left for his stroll.  She watched him as he walked on the Beach.  She was missing him already.

After her afternoon at the Spa, Tolu laid by the poolside in her swimsuit, enjoying the ocean breeze and the view of the sun setting.  She was surprised that there were not many other guests at the facility, considering that it was Valentine’s Day.  A waiter came by to ask her what she would like to drink and nibble on.  She ordered beef and chicken skewers, grilled prawns and a fruit cocktail.

After he had left, she heard a voice behind her say, “Is this seat taken?”

She turned to look at Danny.  She beamed when she saw him and stood up to hug him.  “Where did you disappear to?” she asked.

Danny swallowed.  His passion for her was rising.  He needed the grace to endure tonight.  “I wanted to pray…”

“Oh, okay…” Tolu said.  “I missed you…”

Danny smiled.  “And I wanted you to say that too.”

She giggled.  He was so cute.  She withdrew from him, so she wouldn’t kiss him.

“How has your day been?”

“It has been too perfect, thank you!  I didn’t know how desperate I was for some relaxation…  This was just what I needed!”

“I’m glad…” Danny said, and stretched out on the sun bed next to hers.

They watched the sun go down together, both thinking about their feelings for each other, and imagining their future together.  Tolu looked in her heart and prayed for Danny.  Was he her future?  She was feeling herself falling in love with him.  But was it because of this expensive romantic trip, or did she really love him, as a wife ought to love her husband?  She wasn’t assured yet.

When the sun had gone down completely, they strolled back to their rooms, holding hands.  Danny kissed her forehead and released her hand, so she would enter her room to get ready for dinner.  He went to his, and had a cold shower, to wash off the sand that had gathered on his body from his stroll on the beach.

Danny knocked on Tolu’s door at 8pm.  She came out moments later.  The dress was a perfect fit, and she felt totally beautiful in it.  The shoes matched well and were comfortable too.  She wondered who had helped him pick out the outfit.

“Danny, this is so beautiful!  Thank you…” Tolu said.

Danny smiled, and let her swing her arm through his.  “You make it beautiful, and you’re welcome!”

At dinner, their table was specially decorated from the others.  Danny pulled out Tolu’s seat, and then went across from her.  The waiter brought their menus for them, and Tolu noticed the French menu.  He had been paying attention, she thought.  He was so thoughtful.

They talked, and laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company and the ambiance.  Tolu fell under Danny’s spell.  She could really see her life with him.  Amidst all the feelings bubbing up in her, Tolu recognised the feeling of peace and safety.  She looked at Danny with loving eyes, feeling very lucky to be the one with him right now.

The waiter came and cleared up their dishes from the main course.  As he walked away, Danny took hold of Tolu’s hand across the table.  Suddenly, the lines he had practiced escaped him.  He didn’t want to give a practiced spiel.  He wanted to speak from his heart.

“Tolu, I think you knew from the first day we met that you had me.  I fell in love with you instantly.  I would have married you then.  Thank you for giving me the chance to make you fall in love with me too.  I know you have been hurt before, and I know my past is not easy…but I promise, with God helping me, that I will never hurt you.  I only want to make your days beautiful…”

Danny got down on one knee, and presented his ring, a tear arising in his eye.  “I’ve been waiting for the moment that I could ask you to be my wife…  I know it might be soon for you, but I can’t wait to be your husband…  Will you marry me, Tolu?”

Tolu lifted her hands to her face, as emotions flooded her.  Tears escaped her eyes.  His proposal was beautiful.  It was as though he knew her inner conflict all along.  But when you love someone…you love someone.  And she knew he loved her, and that she loved him too.  She nodded with vigor and said, emotionally, “Yes!  I will marry you, Danny!!!”

Danny took Tolu’s left hand, and slid his ring unto her fourth finger.  He stood up thereafter, wiped his face, and pulled his fiancee into his arms.  He was getting married!


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  1. Temi now has d evidence of Oyinda’s escapades…ds realization is gonna break her heart tho
    I’m happy for Danny and Tolu
    Am i d only seeing a relationship budding between David and Amaka
    Just as d baby made it,,,i hope the mother makes it too
    Waiting seriously for season two


  2. I repent!!!! been following all ur stories-both on LC and here- but has never commented for once. Have I told u dat u r amazing,keep d good work up.


    • Thank God for the Holy Spirit that rebuked you to repent! You have just released so many blessings into your 2017! It is well with you, Hephz… Thanks for the comment. Do keep them coming 🙂


  3. Pheeew! its been an interesting romantic super season one.hv learnt dat being married wyt kids shudnt stop couples 4rm treating each oda specially on vals day..more ink to ur pen ma’am,may ur laptop’s battery never spoil,n may wisdom never depart 4rm u as u inspire us


  4. Wow reading your blog since the Church Girl and i must confess you have been a blessing to me. your stories seems so real, I thank God for your Talent.
    i have met you before but didn’t know about your blog then, but am glad i found your blog.

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  5. Hi Ufoma you attended my church with your Husband one Sunday service, but i and your husband attended Uniben though, we were once in the same school fellowship. God bless you

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  6. I really enjoyed every aspect of your story. The part where Ifeanyi asked Chua ‘Are you and God okay’ really got me crying tonight nd I had to ask myself same,which led to me pray. Thank you so much for this stories, your home will be sweet,fun-filled,love-filled,God-filled nd filled with all your heart desires

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