An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Three

At about 5:30pm, Bolu got a call from the other woman in his life whom he had been neglecting of late.  The other Mrs Adetayo, his aging mother, Bimbo.  He instantly felt guilty for not having called her in over a month, and wondered what she could be calling about.  He hoped all was well, as he slid his finger across his phone screen to pick the call.

“Mommy, eku irole,” he greeted in his Yoruba dialect.

“So, this is how you will go one whole month, and not call your mother?  Do you even care that I am alive at all?”

Oh, he had forgotten how confrontational his mother could get.  “I’m sorry Mommy, I’ve been quite pre-occupied.”

“Ummm, what is new?” Bimbo scoffed.  “Anyway, it was you I was concerned about.  Is everything okay at home?”

“Yes Mommy, everything is fine.  Why do you ask?”

“You know how I am a spiritual woman.  I can sense these things.  Something was not right tonight when I was praying,” Bimbo replied.  “How is Lola?”

“She is fine, Mom.  You know you like to worry.  But we’re fine,” Bolu said dismissively.  “Are you okay, Mom?  How is your health?”




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