An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Four

Daniel Akunne was a man expert at getting what he wanted.  With each new triumph, his confidence and skills grew.  He had learnt early the virtue of patience and the art of cunning, and was resourceful in making the best use of all the gifts God had blessed him with, including his charms.

Despite his appeal and success with the ladies, he had never settled down.  His drive to build an empire did not allow him the time needed to focus on keeping a woman happy.  And he had not met any that presented a worthy challenge yet.  However, he was of the mind that he had stumbled on something quite rare and precious, when he had walked into Da-Vyne Interiors, just yesterday.  He had to thank his good old friend for recommending their services.

Danny pushed open the double doors of the restaurant, where a table for two was already prepared for him and his special guest by the window.  He went ahead to pull up a seat for his companion, before going to sit across from her.  Moments later, two waiters came with trays of pre-ordered delicacies, an assortment of meats and rice dishes…




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