An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Fourteen

Lola took a cab home from the airport.  As much as she knew she had to give thanks to God for opening her eyes to see the truth about Danny, she did not want to do so.  Rather she was angry with Him for bursting her bubble and interrupting the blissful fantasy that would have been her short-lived relationship with Danny.  However short, she would have had some fun and laughter in her life for a while, blissfully unaware of Danny’s flaws, until she was ready to face reality.

But as it was, this was a major electric shock that destroyed every hope and memory of her time with Danny.  You just couldn’t let me have some fun could You?  She yelled at God in her head, with utter frustration.  You just had to show that You know it all, eh???  Well, I’m not grateful!  I’m not happy!  Why couldn’t You just let me be..?  Oh God, why?  Why did he have to be so…bad?  She broke down again in sobs, as she grieved over the death of a very short-lived fantasy.

In a way, she was grateful…




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