An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Fifteen

The rain storm had continued through the night into the early morning.  Flights into Lagos were postponed until further notice due to heavy flooding.  Danny would be stuck in Port Harcourt until Sunday evening.  He didn’t like that at all.

With Lily’s phone intersected, he didn’t have a direct means to get a hold of her.  He searched for and found her business card.  He would send her an email to her company account.  She had to know how he felt.


Lola and Bolu had slept late after their vigil last night.  Lola eventually stirred from sleep and checked her phone to confirm the time.  It was 9:30am.  She saw a call from Danny that had been picked in the night.  She realised Bolu must have answered her phone and spoken to Danny.  Oh oh!

She checked her messages.  Some previously read messages from Danny had been deleted.  Lola frowned.  Why would Bolu delete her messages?  She wondered what message she might have missed from Danny.  Then an email came through on her office mail.  It was from Danny.  She got out of bed to read it in the living room…




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