An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Sixteen

Bimbo Adetayo returned from her visit in the evening.  She sensed the tension in the apartment the moment she returned.  She asked Lola how her trip was.  Lola said it was fine, but her eyes told a different story.  She asked Bolu if everything was ok, and his response was to stand up and go to his bedroom and slam the door shut.

“Lola, what happened between you?” Bimbo asked, very concerned.

Lola started to cry.  The words were stuck in her throat.

“Is it that man?  Are you in love with him?”

Lola nodded and sobbed.

“Oh, Lola, why?  Did you sleep with him?”

Lola shook her head.

“Ok, we can thank God for that at least,” Bimbo said.  “Come, let us talk. Woman to woman.”

Lola went to the sofa to sit with her mother-in-law, surprised that she would offer her an understanding ear.

“My child, temptation is very common.  Everybody has to face it in this life.  The problem with temptation is that you only see the head…you don’t see the tail.  Like a snake, temptation has a long tail.  When you are tempted, don’t just consider the head…consider the tail.”




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