An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Twenty-Two

Bolu was in his office, thinking about Ifeoma, his Secretary.  Something was the matter with her.  She had been behaving very oddly since they resumed work this week.  She was not her usual professional and efficient self.

She had somehow disorganised his filing cabinet, in the name of trying to organise it, so that he could hardly find anything himself anymore.  He had to constantly call her into his office to find documents for him.  And even still, she would take forever to retrieve a file.  There was even a time she had stumbled and all the files had fallen on the floor, so she had had to bend down to pick them up.

And what was with her clothing…?  Her skirts seemed to be getting shorter and shorter.  He had to try extra hard not to notice her long slim legs, and gentle curves.  He had also noticed that her boobs had gotten bigger.  Or was it just that her clothes were tighter or smaller?  Maybe she was pregnant, he thought!  Oh, that should explain the clumsiness too, Bolu thought to himself.

He thought that she was also more emotional today…




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