An Emotional Affair

An Emotional Affair – Part Twenty-Four

Back in Lagos, Bolu, Lola and Folarin were oblivious to the new turn of events in Danny’s life.  Danny, though having much wealth and influence within his industry, had been very discrete and, so, was not well-known, nor a celebrity by any means.  Nothing would be leaked about him for a couple of days yet, though people in Port Harcourt had already began to speculate on who the mysterious mad man was.

He must have been rich, because of the hotel ambulance that came to transport him to the hospital.  Regular mad men do not have such privilege.  Whatever could have caused a man so obviously fortunate to want to take his own life?

Bolu was resting on May Day with his wife.  They had a lazy day planned, with a trip to the shopping mall to get a few provisions, some maternity things and one or two treats for Lola as well.

As they walked along the mall holding hands, Lola remembered that the last time she had walked across a mall, she was holding on to another man’s hand.  She felt a pang of residual guilt, as she looked up at her devoted husband…




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