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Editor’s Pick: If I Were A Politician

The other day, someone asked me if I had any political ambitions.  My answer was a flat out “NO!”  Still, they insisted that since I am already on the path of social change, being a social entrepreneur, that it’s something I should consider.  Good point.  My answer was still “NO!”.

But he wouldn’t relent.  He continued, “…but if people like you with good ambitions and intentions never step up to the plate of politics, then we will always have bad leaders, who don’t care for us…”  Makes you want to say “Yes, Ufuoma!  You should think about that…” right?

Tempting, but I beg to differ!  Some people just aren’t cut out for politics!  Having good intentions and good ideas never qualified anyone for leadership.  You’ve got to have the backbone for it too.  Some of us are meant to be supporters, or foundation builders, like John, who prepared the way for Christ.  Not everyone has what it takes to lead a country.  Heart is not enough.

Yes, I have the heart…  Ummm…we’ll leave that as a given, but it really hasn’t been tested.  But do I have the mind?  Do I have the backbone to deal with the pains of…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/2015/02/10/if-i-were-a-politician/

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