Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Girls Run The World?

As much as I am an idealist, there is one reality that I cannot escape – that this is indeed a man’s world!  I am certain that Beyonce knows this, even though she chooses to sing songs to motivate women to see themselves as leaders, even as she sees herself; and I do love them truly!  I am very proud to be a woman, and will not change it for anything.  There is much to admire in a woman, much to appreciate and desire.  However, in our fight for equality with men, we have often lied to ourselves about just who runs the show.  Do not be deluded, it is a man’s world, whether you like it or not.

Now, ladies, don’t hate me.  I love you all, and I understand.  I am also a Feminist. That doesn’t mean that I think that we should kill the men and keep their sperms for reproduction!  I believe that we have equal rights as humans, are worthy of respect, and given the opportunity, are equal candidates with men in any field.  So I champion women’s causes, and seek their liberation from tyrant men.  Not all men are tyrants…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/2015/07/20/girls-run-the-world/

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