The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven can be likened to a Kingdom, which a King leaves for a long travel, and leaves in charge his servants, who he promoted to the position of Gate Keepers.

Before he leaves, he charges them to grow the population of his country, by sending out ambassadors to invite people to come for his glorious feast upon his return. He also charged them to train the ambassadors, teaching them his ways, so that everyone who attends the feast will be properly prepared and clothed.

The Gate Keepers got to work and were amazed at how many people were coming to the Kingdom of Heaven, eager to be part of the Feast. There were so many to look after in the Kingdom, and they needed, more than ambassadors, pastors and teachers to watch over the growing population.

Worthy leaders were appointed, who were ably trained to teach the message the King had given to the Gate Keepers, about proper conduct in the country, while they waited for the King’s return.  They were also given the duty of looking after the growing population.

However, the leaders began to disagree and quarrel about the understanding of some of the teaching…


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