Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: What Are You Afraid Of?

It has become general knowledge among my readers that I do not hold the Bible to be infallible. Understandably, it’s a shock to many, because I profess to be Christian, and have many posts built on a vast knowledge and appreciation of scripture. Some think that I hold my view ‘by mistake’, that I do not understand the meanings of inerrancy nor infallibility, or that I’m simply misguided, and in time, I will come to know and accept the truth – which is that the Bible is infallible.

However, I’m resolutely convinced that they are not only mistaken, but under a strong delusion. I can’t understand the resistance to this very simple truth, except to consider that perhaps they are afraid of the truth. I am told, quite adamantly, that I hold my position dangerously, and I can’t help but feel that they think I should be afraid to hold such a view.  Am I in danger of hell fire?  I thought my salvation was based on faith in Jesus, not the Bible’s infallibility!

Actually, I have been afraid. Afraid to be seen differently. Afraid that I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a Christian or rejected as a heretic…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/2016/01/24/what-are-you-afraid-of/

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