The Marriage ABCs – M for Money Matters!


According to Crown Financial Ministries the number one factor in the breakup of most marriages is financial discord. 85% of marriages that fail do so because of financial problems. And this kind of financial turmoil is no less of a problem in many Christian marriages…” (Barry R. Leventhal, Ph.D.,

Couples who reported disagreeing about finances once a week were 30 percent more likely to get divorced than couples who reported disagreeing about them once a month, according to a Utah State University study” (Renee Morad, Money Talks News).

Money issues are also responsible for 22% of all divorces, making it the third leading cause, according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis” (Jennifer Ryan Woods, Forbes).

I will admit straight off the bat that I feel unqualified to write about this very extensive topic!!!  Firstly, I haven’t always had the right attitude towards finances and financial planning.  I am one of those unfortunate people who underestimated the importance of money in marriage!  And secondly, I’ve still got a long way to go to get my ‘ish’ together.  Like the saying goes, “old habits die hard”.

This issue of money must be raised from the moment someone is talking about marriage in a relationship.  It shouldn’t be postponed until later because it might seem unromantic, or greedy or even unholy.  Let’s face it, marriage is of the world…  And money is of the world too.  The two have relations – a practical relationship!  When two people come together, it is not simply their bodies or their hearts that are united, but their finances and assets too…



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