A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 10)


Promise closed work early that day, on account of her migraine.  She also wanted to go to her prayer closet and pray.  There were just too many distractions at the hotel.

As she rode home, she wondered what Richard thought he stood to gain from intimidating her.  He should have been ashamed of himself, and here he was projecting shame unto her over her past.  She was angry, but still a little afraid all the same.

His nerve frightened her.  She really didn’t know him and what he was capable of, and remembering what she had done to him, he would no doubt be feeling vengeful.  She swallowed.

She had told Ope about her past.  He knew everything there was to know about her life before marriage.  But she had spared him the details of her time with Tony.  It was just too painful to talk about.  Not only for her, but for him.  No husband needed to know the details of abuse against his wife, when he was powerless to stop it or even do anything about it.

She was healed and their marriage was restored.  They had moved on.  There was no need digging into that time of her life…until now.

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