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Editor’s Pick: Should I obey my Pastor, when he disagrees with what God told me?

Dear Ufuomaee,

I have a question ma.  If God has spoken to an individual concerning his/her choice and this person approached his/her spiritual father/mentor or guardian and this spiritual father gives a contrary opinion. Is it ideal to follow the advise of that spiritual father?

To clarify, what if you clearly heard from God and took the right step before informing the spiritual father and he gets angry at you for acting on God’s instruction,  What can you do?

Dear Reader,

Ummm… First, the question is whether or not you are sure that you have heard from God. If you are sure, why do you need the opinion of another man of God???  Do you remember the account of the prophet that God gave instruction in 1 Kings 13, but along the way, another came and convinced him that God said to do otherwise…?  The prophet disobeyed God and followed the word of another prophet to his own peril!

There is a difference between seeking godly counsel and seeking to confirm God’s word to us.  We do not need to confirm God’s word to us, if we are sure we have heard it and have trained our ear to hearing from Him…

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