A Small World: Season One – Valentine’s Day (Episode 8)


Copyright © Ufuomaee

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this series contains some sexually explicit content, violence and offensive language.  It is not appropriate for children nor an immature and sensitive audience.


Promise was having a word with the cleaning staff, when Ope arrived at the hotel with Cindy.  She saw them as they walked into the large laundry room, where the brief meeting was being held.  She gave Ope a short smile with her lips and a brilliant one with her eyes.

Ope waited until she had dismissed the staff, which she did soon after their entry, before introducing the woman with him.

“Promise, this is Cindy.  She will be supervising the catering team as the Head Cook.”  Promise’s eyes darkened as she took in what he had said, recalling Cindy’s name and realising who she was.  “Cindy, meet my wife, Promise.  Promise runs the Hotel, so she’s officially your boss…”

“Good evening, Ma.  It’s lovely to meet you.”  Cindy could tell that Promise was not too happy with the pronouncement.  The light she’d seen in her eyes had gone.  Cindy swallowed.  She hoped Promise wouldn’t make Ope change his mind about helping her…


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