Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Be The Woman He Needs

This is for the ladies… STRICTLY for the ladies!

So, I was thinking the other day how I would love it if my husband was more this and less that…you know what I mean? You know, if only he would just behave the way I want him to, all the time, so I wouldn’t have to ‘correct’ him constantly, when he does and thinks differently from me. I’m sure you know what I mean.

And then, I took it a step further – beyond thought. I started to pray, “God, please help my husband to be more….” And that’s when He stopped me. DEAD in my tracks! He said to me that I had the wrong idea!!! Rather than pray that my husband be more like what I want, I needed to pray that God will give me the grace, wisdom and strength to be the kind of woman he needs in order for him to become the man I want!

That was just what I needed to get me on the right track.  Rather than focusing on what he needs to change, my focus is now on what I need to change…  And it has helped me to also appreciate the many ways…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/be-the-woman-he-needs/

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      • In your post, you talked about how the woman prays to god to change so her husband could grow into the man she wants him to be. Then you said, the woman could pat herself on the back when it happens because she made it so. My question is, wouldn’t that credit go to god instead of the woman? I would also like to point out, the man will never grow into the person his wife wants him to be. He can only grow into what God wants him to be assuming he’s given his life over to god for direction and blessing. Same thing is true for husbands. I feel both should accept each other for who and where they are in life and be apart of each other’s growing process. If not, both will in fact grow but is will be apart from each other.

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      • Well the Bible talks about how a nagging woman tears down her home with her own hands, and a wise woman builds up her home. This is a clear case of us taking responsibility for our actions. So, yes, a woman who prays for and supports her husband builds up her home. She did it. Not alone, but by wisdom, which is given by God, so as with all things, to God be the glory.

        To say she can and should not accept responsibility for building up her home would also imply that she’s not responsible when she rather tears it down with her actions.

        And of course, if a woman or anybody for that matter tries to go contrary to God’s will to build their own house/kingdom…they do it in vain. If we work with God, though we have our own expectations and will, as we know God more, we will see and conform to His will and purpose for our home. So, I agree. No woman or man should think they can ever make their man what THEY want them to be…but only support them to realise their purpose in God and potential in Christ

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