The Atheist – Episode One

I wake up to consciousness.  All around me is fire, but it doesn’t burn.  The strangest thing.

There are many people around.  Some of them are crying and screaming.  I turn to look at what they are all looking at.

It is my car.  It is ablaze in red hot flames and smoke.  I touch myself to see if I am injured at all.  I’m fine!  I wonder if anyone was injured.  I don’t even remember what happened…

In the midst of the crowd, I see them.  My wife and our little girl.  The Police are preventing them from passing the tape.  I call to them and run to embrace them.  But my touch has no impact.  They are looking right through me.

What is this???  I am beginning to be afraid.  Why can’t they see me?  Why can’t I touch them?

“Angela…  Angela,” I call her name.  “I’m here, Angela.  Stop crying…”

But she can’t hear me.  That is when I see it.  A corpse.  The body is covered as it is wheeled away in a stretcher, and into an Ambulance.  Instinctively, I follow it.

They don’t see me enter, as they close and lock the Ambulance door.  I now know what had happened.  There is only one explanation.  But I am afraid to confirm it.

It doesn’t make any sense.  Why am I still here…


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