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Ufuoma is a young professional, a social entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Fair Life Africa Foundation.  Motivated by her passion for God, she has chosen to give back to the less privileged, through social care initiatives run by Fair Life Africa.

The views in this blog are entirely personal to Ufuoma, and do not necesarily represent the views of Fair Life Africa, which is a registered non-governmental organisation in Nigeria.  Visit www.fairlifeafrica.org to learn more about Fair Life Africa Foundation.

Ufuoma is a lover of the arts, she enjoys music, movies and comedy, and loves to write, dance and sing.  She delights in the simple things of life.  A hopeless romantic, idealistic and strong willed woman, she likes to view the world the way she believes it ought to be…

Ufuoma is married to Toju Ashogbon, aka JRhythm.  Toju is a petroleum engineer and, as JRhythm, a gifted musician with a special message for the world. They are blessed with a beautiful child, called Jason. Through their ministries of music, writing and philanthropy, they hope to influence the world together, for the glory of God.

Have you been blessed by my work here?  Consider becoming a Patron and supporting my ministry at https://www.patreon.com/ufuomaee

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  1. Thank you for your visit! Sounds like a lovely family you have and a wonderful path you are on in service to the Lord. Please visit anytime…


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  2. Love your blog a great deal. It’s both thought-provoking and strengthening at the same time. I know I will really enjoy following along and expect to learn much. But if I may ask, I’m wondering what your name Ufuoma means. We have many Nigeriand and Ghanian friends here, and I know that often their African names mean something. Just curious. Again thanks for this spot of grace and truth!

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    • Hi Sheila! Thanks a lot for following my blog. I love yours too 🙂

      Ufuoma means ‘Peace and Comfort’ in Urhogbo, my tribe in Nigeria, Delta State.

      It’s great to meet you! Cheers, Ufuoma.


      • Remarkable meaning. Your parents obviously had high hopes with you, and it’s good to see those hopes being fulfilled! God bless you.

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