My Life


I am an elder sister to two baby brothers and two grown sisters.  We lost my younger brother on my birthday, in 2006, to gunmen on the highway.  Otherwise, we would be six children to my mom and dad.

I am married to my best friend (Toju Ashogbon, aka JRhythm), who shares my vision and passion for the less privileged. I am also the proud Mommy of Baby Jay, and he’s become my latest inspiration for blogging 🙂

I’ve grown to appreciate who I really am, knowing just what I am good at and what I am not so good at.  There are things about myself that I love, and some things that I am still working to change…  For the most part, I am a mild-mannered (occassionally fiesty) lady.  I appear to be outgoing, but truly desire solitude most times when I’m in the company of two or more people.  I prefer one on one moments with people I care about.

When I am not working, I love to watch sitcoms, series and movies on TV.  I love listening to music, particularly soul and jazz, and acoustic melodies that are easy to relax to.  I like leisurely walks, travelling, visiting friends and going out once in a while to eat or watch a movie.  I also love writing poetry, singing and dancing, and dabble in experimental cooking.

I read once in a while, but not as much as I should really.  I am quite slow at it, and easily overwhelmed with the volume of information out there.  I prefer listening and watching to reading.  I am so busy these days, I fantatise about the day I’ll be able to sit and read a lovely paperback, while lounging out in the sun somewhere nice…  My latest joy is writing blogs…expressing myself freely and capturing my thoughts in words.  So, if you like to read, read on…

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    • Well, I learnt early enough that I am not so good at it. All I could do was draw women in dresses! I kinda stopped drawing…but would still play around with it for fun, especially when spending time with children.


  1. Its good to find another person who shares a passion for the arts and is into poetry the must sublime of all arts. Would like to read your works, guess the Muse might speak to me through them. Great write up.


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