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Matthew 5 Summary

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Be perfect as your Father in Heaven.  Do not go by worldly standards, or even former standards of righteousness, because, unless your righteousness is greater than the religious Pharisees, you are not fit for Heaven. Those who enter in are the poor in…

A Loving God

A Loving God.  Finally got round to writing this piece on The Oracle.  Sometimes, people are offended at God because of what they understand about love, but we must learn love from God.  God is Love.

Counting The Cost

Counting The Cost. Jesus said that it will cost us everything to follow Him.  He was not deceptive about this.  Be weary of those who try to tell you that you don’t need to do anything to be saved.  Jesus laid a minimum of two conditions. 1.  Carry […]

What Did Jesus Say?

What Did Jesus Say? This is just an introduction, to set the ground for a Bible study on what Jesus said.  The study will be captured in Ufuomaee, under the Disciple’s Notebook.  Please check back soon. What Did Jesus Say? is the third page of a series of pages on […]