My Passions

1. GOD

I am a firm believer of Christ, follower and advocate of the gospel.  It is my hope that all will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, who gave Himself as a sacrifice for us all.  It is a shame that calling the name of Jesus or even God in many places now seems to be an offence.  But He is the reason I do what I do, and I am not ashamed of the Cross.


I am a hopeless romantic.  I believe in the kind of love that conquers all, that knows no pride nor selfishless.  I know romantic love is fleeting, but real love will never lose the romance.  I asked the Lord, and trusted Him to send me the one that is ‘true and kind, His and mine’ – and He did!


We live in an unequal and unjust society.  It breaks my heart to see people doing evil to their brothers and sisters, and watching corrupt systems that promote the continuance of inequality to the benefit of a few and detriment of the majority.  Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.  Don’t think it won’t happen to you.

I lived to see my 18 year old brother murdered, knowing that his murderers may never see the inside of a prison in our corrupt country.  All around me, people are starving, and one day, all the poor will have to eat are the rich!  Let’s resist the status quo…and fight for a just society.

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  1. Wow! Am speechless. I must confess that you’re a rarity. God must have created a singular specie of you and He did when He is fully rested and His celestial mind is well inspired.
    Few can openly boast of the cross and publicly identify with the Jew (Jesus Christ) that divided history. Don’t know why Christains find it offensive to declare their faith to others while the world makes sure we all knows about her immoral apostles.
    The most sublime passion anyone could have is God and Love, which are what you’ve listed. I must say I’m very impressed, converted and if permitted sign up as a fan. There are some views that comes across your way that ‘d mmake you want to give up your religious believes. Yours is one of such.


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