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I am currently working full-time as the Chief Executive Officer of Fair Life Africa Foundation.  It is a new non-profit organisation in Nigeria, which is growing daily in its impact.  In 2011, the organisation received worldwide recognition, attaining membership of GlobalGiving UK, and I was also given the honourable recognition by the International Women’s Society Nigeria of ‘Humanitarian of the Year’.

It has been a challenging and learning experience setting up and running the organisation.  I have had some amazing support from family and friends, and now a great team, comprising paid staff and volunteers.  Fair Life Africa runs a respite home in Lekki, Lagos, for disadvantaged children, and also supports children in the community, who are talented but disadvantaged, in their studies to reach their potentials.

We have worked alongside notable organisations such as Nigeria Network of NGOs, Link A Child, Freedom Foundation and many others to create awareness on the issues facing the street child.  We hosted the ‘Street Child Awareness Seminar’ (SCAS), which was followed by a radio programme, that aired live on Radio Continental 102.3fm for six months between 2011 and 2012, called ‘The Street Child Agenda’.  We continue to look for more opportunities to collaborate and make a difference.  We are encouraged by our many friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.

Why don’t you join us at and  We could do with more volunteers and mentors too.  Please support us financially by making online donations through our project page on Global Giving UK at or via our website at  We’ve started an official blog, which reports the latest news as it happens.  You can view and follow it at, and subscribe to our feed too.

For further queries, call +2348058711125 or email

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