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Ten Things We’ll Probably Do In Heaven…

Aight, guys… So, I thought about it further and figured I must be thinking too small. This human vessel that I am in is quite constricting. Our experience is quite limiting. It is impossible for us to comprehend what the immortal mind and body can do. Like the Bible says, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined what God has prepared for those who love Him…” (1 Cor 2:9, Isaiah 64:4).

So, I write the following with all humility, acknowledging that my thoughts, ideas, and feelings may be limited to my human experience and imagination. However, here are ten things I am sure and hopeful that we will do when we are in heaven…

1. Bask in the worship of God

It will be our duty, our privilege, and our delight to worship God in heaven. Whether in the company of all the heavenly hosts, or in our own private chambers, we will always be in His presence, basking in it, like we delight in the sun. We will worship Him with song, dance, instruments, art… With all our faculties and talents.

2. Join in the heavenly feast and celebrations

Jesus spoke about the wedding feast awaiting the Bride of Christ (Rev 19:7-10). I believe this celebration will last for what seems like years, not merely days, as time does not exist in eternity… And we will enjoy more celebrations in the presence of God, all the angels, and all God’s creatures.

3. Get to know and hang out with the angels

We will get to meet all the angels, those mentioned in the Bible, and those never heard of. We will likely have an angel to guide us around when we first arrive, teaching us the culture of heaven, showing us our inheritance, and training us to perform our assigned tasks and duties, so we can continue to grow and contribute to the progress of God’s eternal plan. We will make friends with them, spend time with them, go for walks together as we explore our new home.

4. Reconnect with loved ones

We will reconnect with old, long-lost, and close friends and family. We will meet our ancestors, icons we have read about, celebrities who have mentored and inspired us from a distance, and have meaningful conversations, as we reminisce on life on Earth. We will play and eat together, work and rest together, without competition or inhibition.

5. Perform duties and tasks

I believe we will be given more tasks and duties in heaven, in relation to the talents and abilities God has given to each of us, and skills we have honed from experience on Earth. They may be small or big tasks, but God will never give us more than we can take, or something that we do not already desire to do. We will have joy in our labour of love.

6. Develop existing talents and learn new skills…

We will learn new ways of using our talents to the glory of God. Our abilities will not be constrained. Those who sing will discover a greater vocal range. Those who dance, will do so with more energy and flexibility. Those who love to listen and watch will be entertained by those who love to perform. We will learn faster, and learn many new skills too, which we will use in service to one another and God.

7. Read lots of literature by men, angels, and even God Himself…

I imagine a great library of books, from all times and ages, written by great and small women and men of history. Autobiographies self written or written by others, maybe even by angels. I imagine there will even be stories written by God Himself, stories that come to life as you read them. They will be far more cinematic than the movies we watch at home or on the big screen. I imagine that as we turn a page, we will be transported into the book, into the world it describes, experiencing these amazing stories, and coming out feeling exhilarated. And we will have all the time to read anything we desire to read, for entertainment or for learning.

8. Swim with dolphins and sharks…

The Bible says that the lion will lie with the lamb (Rev 21:1-4). This tells me that there will be no more fear of being devoured by one of God’s creatures. That we can even swim with the sharks… I imagine that we would be able to explore vast oceans, meeting the animals that reside in the deep… We will also run with lions, and I imagine they would talk to us, like in the Garden of Eden. We will be fascinated by the many creatures God designed, able to communicate with them and enjoy their company.

9. Space exploration

We will be able to travel through space and time, into new dimensions, exploring aspects of our universe we never imagined. We will visit planets and maybe meet aliens (other creatures made by God). Those who are scientifically or technologically inclined will be able to spend time with angels in outer space, learning about the real science that makes the universe exist, the truth about time travel, telepathy, and other wonders of the sci-fi and spiritual world.

10. Rule nations, countries, continents, planets etc

Jesus alluded to the fact that He will appoint His faithful servants as rulers over nations in His parable of the talents (Luke 19:11-27, Matt 25:14-30), where He gave some to be rulers of two, three, five, or ten cities. I believe that, according to our faithfulness and resourcefulness on earth, we will be given leadership and charge to rule different territories, even planets. The Bible also talks about 1000 years reign on earth with Christ, when the Kingdom of God will be among men, and the Saints will rule the world. But beyond this, I believe we will be able to partner with God in creating new worlds and civilisations, where we can grow the domain and rule of God for all eternity.

Even still, it boggles my mind what we will be able to do, desirous to do, and spend eternity accomplishing for God. But I know that the key is to trust God. God has more things planned for us than we can begin to imagine. Heaven and eternity can never be boring or disappointing. It is that precious for a reason.

Ultimately, the real prize is knowing God and knowing Jesus (John 17:3). The rest is just bonus.

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