Choose Me

Check out my first poem on The Oracle. The Lord just gave me this ministration. I hope it blesses someone 🙂

The Oracle

My child, why do you go to the desert in search of water?

You will not be satisfied in your pursuit for happiness,

For love and validation, except in Me.

Why do you look to man,

Whose thought every day is wickedness?

Why will you not rest in Me,

Lean on Me, trust in Me…walk with Me?

I will lead you to streams of living water,

Where the sun’s rays do not burn,

Where the air is nourishing and sweet,

And your whole being is at peace…

Choose Me. Do not be deceived by the enemy…

He will take all of you,

And your sorrow will know no end…

He will never finish consuming you,

Though you will wish and cry for an end…

There is no end to his torment,

Just as there’s no end to the joy I promise…

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