The Saved Ones And The Jokers

A while ago, I met a man, who said he’s an Agnostic, but if he had a gun to his head, he would say he is an Atheist!  Concerning his perspective of Christianity, he simply shook his head and laughed and said “Christianity is a JOKE!”  Furthermore, he […]

Don’t Follow The Money…Follow The Truth!

The expression “follow the money” is well known among journalists seeking to find the source of corruption, particularly in government and big business.  It apparently originated from the movie “All The Presidents Men”.  Most people who are looking to prosper or get rich quick also tend to “follow […]

Maybe You’re Right

Maybe you’re right. Maybe it doesn’t really matter… Maybe it is a weak faith, strong faith issue. Maybe Paul was over-zealous when he condemned the practice of circumcision in his day, and said that anyone who sought to be justified by the Law would have no part in […]

Editor’s Pick: Help! I’m torn between two men. How do I choose?

Dear Ufuomaee, Hi I’m really confused here as to what to do.. I hav a bf who i’v been dating for like a year plus nw…I love him bt I dnt knw if I want to marry him. I met another guy recently who i’v fallen in love […]


Editor’s Pick: Is it true that independent women are a turn off for good men?

My answer to this interesting question from a reader was short and sweet.  But maybe you might have more insight to share.  I think she would love the encouragement, and maybe other ladies facing the same challenge. “Good evening ma. you are doing a great job. more grace. […]


Editor’s Pick: Should I hide the fact that I’m a single mom?

I have modified this Reader’s account, because it was very detailed, but her main points are still captured. Dear Ufuomaee I am a 28yr old a graduate waiting for service,i mean Nysc. A single mum bt still living with my parent due to their love for me nd […]


Editor’s Pick: He’s married, but he says he loves me. I’m so confused. What do I do?

“Good afternoon, thanks for replying. Saw ur post “he is not psychopathic, he just doesn’t love you”. I experienced such few years ago but i thank God i was able to stand and work out of the relationship though it wasn’t easy at all… However the situation of […]


Editor’s Pick: Does This Dream Mean I Shouldn’t Marry Him?

“Dear Ufuomaee, Pls having a dream that your wedding gown is not fitting in i. e not my size is that a sign of letting go of the relationship.” Dear Reader, Dreams can mean many things or nothing at all.  Sometimes, it is our own anxieties that plague […]


Editor’s Pick: He’s Muslim, and says he’ll convert for me… Should I marry him?

Dear Ufuomaee, hello ma. can a Christian lady marry a Muslim brother, who by all standard is good,by that I mean he is morally responsible n disciplined. though he promised to convert to a Christian because i told him that’s the only reason I will marry him, but […]


Editor’s Pick: I really love him, but he’s Catholic. What do I do?

“Dear Ufuomaee, I have a friend I really want to settle down with but he is a Catholic and I’m a Pentecostal.  What can I do in this case, cos I don’t know if my parents will accept a Catholic.” Dear Reader, I am quite stuck on how to […]


Editor’s Pick: I Don’t Love Him… Does That Matter?

Dear Ufuomaee, “hello ma, this has been bothering me for sometimes now. It is kinda complicated. without making much fuss! I want to know if i really need to start a relationship on the basis of love,or I just needed to push n love will grow over time. […]


The Church Girl – EV6 #OneChanceReplay

AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS AND PATRONS ONLY The story first leaked in one Oluwatoyin’s Blog with the headline: “Another Pastor Caught In Sex Scandal!”  By the end of the day, it was the most popular post on Nigerian Blogs like Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija, and the hashtag #BolajiSexScandal […]

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