I Never Left

People keep thinking returning back to God is a journey…and one they must do alone. But the truth is, HE NEVER LEFT. Returning to Him is simply ADMITTING THAT YOU NEED HIM and CALLING OUT AND TURNING TO HIM TO HELP. He is just waiting for you to acknowledge that you need Him, and for you to decide to lean into Him, learn from Him and abide in Him.

You can’t do anything without Him, so even for your “journey back to Him”, He made it easy by walking behind you, so that when you realise your situation and dependency and turn around, He is right there to lead you on…
Please don’t ever think God has left you. He is right there…

I hope this poem I wrote on The Oracle blesses you…

The Oracle

You say “I can’t go back…

Because I don’t want to fail You again…”

But My child, I never left.

I am right here. Behind you…

Hoping that you will lean into Me.

That you will turn around and embrace Me…

And we will walk on together.

I wish you would always know,

That I could never leave nor forsake you.

Yes, you hurt Me.

But it hurts more when you reject My help…

Because I am the only one that can save You.

Everything you need to overcome all you are going through

Is found in Me. I am your Help.

Just turn around, and look into My face.

You will see how much I still love you…

You will see the truth.

That without Me, you can do nothing…

Come on to Me. Abide in Me.

And let Me show you the way…Home.

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