The Inspiration


Everyone who writes is inspired by something or someone.  Where there’s no inspiration, the term ‘writer’s block’ is used.  For me, writing is a release, a confession and the result of reflection.

Some people are inspired by philosophers and great thinkers, such as Socrates and Freud.  Others may be inspired by their belly or their lusts, e.g. food and sex.  My inspiration is not just a person or a thing.  I am inspired by the wisest man who ever walked the Earth – Jesus Christ.  His teachings set me alight, and grant me understanding of a great number of things humans go through in their search for purpose.  So, in most things I write, I’ll reference Jesus, or the Lord, or simply God.  Everything, to me, finds meaning and purpose in Him.

However, not all my writings are Christian or ‘religious’.  I also write about my experiences of being a woman, and being and desiring to be loved.  Jesus said, ‘out of the depths of the heart, the mouth speaks’ (Matthew 12:34; 15:18).  We can’t help but talk about the things we are passionate about, and especially life issues that fill our heart with warmth or concern (Proverbs 4:23).  But like all things, they must be brought to the Lord (2 Corinthians 10:5), who sheds light and grants us understanding.  So, for me, it always comes back to Jesus.

The things I write about sometimes reveal my flaws, and should show that I, too, am human.  However, they may also give the impression that I know all those things, have conquered them or even practice them perfectly.  I hate to disappoint but, though I write from experience, I also write as a minister to myself.  The better me is teaching the lesser.  Thus, through my writings, my spirit (fed by Jesus) edifies my flesh, which is continually struggling with the things I write about, and is in no way perfect.  So, please, don’t look at me as any role model or saint, though I hope I can minister to you and you can be inspired by my writings too.

So, the posts on this blog are ‘the writing on the wall’ to me.  They serve as a reminder to me of the things that I have learnt, and truths I should cherish.  For example, the post ‘The Dream that became a Nightmare’ was inspired by an experience I had when I was attracted to a married man.  Though, I didn’t follow through (like the ‘wicked’ woman I wrote about), I played the scenario through in my head, and believe God gave me the lesson about envy.  Once I understood how deceitful envy was, I knew that the thing I desired was a camouflage, and did not pursue it.  So, as the Lord grants me understanding, inspiration flows to write.  My understanding is also growing by the contributions other bloggers are making, so please, keep them coming 🙂

One last thing…  I don’t know what it is about Thursdays, but I’ve started noticing that I am more inspired to write on that particular day of the week.  Maybe it has something to do with the coming weekend, and a more relaxed day, but I’m taking advantage of it.  If you’re a follower, you should check in on Fridays to see what’s new on Ufuomaee (the better me).  Peace!

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  1. Dear Ufuoma,
    The Peace of God be with you

    You write “So, in most things I write, I’ll reference Jesus, or the Lord, or simply God. Everything, to me, finds meaning and purpose in Him.” and thereby give the impression you are confusing two Biblical characters with each other and like so many Christians wrongfully do, take Jesus to be God. Though Jesus is not God but a man of flesh and blood who really gave his life as a ransom for all people. According to God Himself Jesus is “God His only begotten beloved son” and not God having come down to earth to fake His temptation (because God cannot be tempted) or His death (because man can do God nothing and god cannot die).

    We sincerely hope you shall come to see that Jesus is the Way to God and not to himself.


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