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Play the Hand You Are Dealt

This was another lesson I got from reading WILL, Will Smith’s autobiography, co-written by Mark Manson. Like I’ve said, the lessons are plenty, and I don’t know how this one was missed in the twelve I compiled last week! Actually, it was one of the early lessons that […]

Five Things I Love About Joel Osteen

I’ve been listening to Joel Osteen’s podcast for about three months now, listening to 3 or more episodes almost every day. I have been encouraged, motivated, inspired, challenged, and altogether blessed. I’ve also shared a couple of the ones that really resonated with me on my WhatsApp status… […]

The 7-Day #GratitudeChallenge

A friend of mine on Facebook nominated me for the #GratitudeChallenge seven days ago, and my initial thought was – “As if?!!  Who has the time?”  But my Spirit reminded me that there’s always time to be grateful, and well, I have lots to be thankful for. Today, […]