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The 7-Day #GratitudeChallenge

A friend of mine on Facebook nominated me for the #GratitudeChallenge seven days ago, and my initial thought was – “As if?!!  Who has the time?”  But my Spirit reminded me that there’s always time to be grateful, and well, I have lots to be thankful for.

Today, I’m very grateful to her for calling on me.  Now I’ve completed the Challenge, I know there was a purpose for it, so I encourage all those who I nominated not to shy away, but to accept and pass on the baton.  I would like to share the 21 things I expressed gratitude for with my WordPress family and Readers.  Some might seem like repetition, but believe me, I have barely covered the surface when addressing my gratitude for God, my family and friends…

1. I am grateful for Christ, that He died for me before I knew Him, and rescued me from my foolish ways, even after I came to know Him, and He is now the reason I do what I do.

2. I’m grateful that God blessed me from my mother’s womb to be born into a good family, and how he has surrounded me with wise, beautiful and strong people all my life, particularly my parents who raised me.

3. I’m thankful for the day I met Ashogbon Peter Toritseju, that he saw a good thing worth pursuing and treating right, and that I also saw that he what a precious gem he is.

4. I am so grateful that I am able to work and live out my passion through Fair Life Africa Foundation.

5. I am thankful to all my partners and supporters in this work, especially our Trustees, the FLATeam (Ndego Matthew, Ifeoma Keke, Oluwanishola Monsurah, Njideka Lilian Raleke-Obiora, Ashogbon Peter Toritseju and more) and regular donors.

6. I am grateful for God’s inspiration to write often and minister through and My life is full of purpose and joy, glory be to God!

7.  I thank God for blessing me and my husband with the ability to conceive a child, and giving me the special grace to carry to full term and be delivered of a healthy, beautiful baby boy! There are many who conceive, but can’t bear… And still others who can’t conceive.

8. Five months ago to the day, God saved my life and my baby’s life from death by the hand of a skilled doctor, who saw in time that an emergency cesarean was warranted! I can’t bare to think what might have happened to me or my baby if this call wasn’t made and the job skillfully done!

9. I’m so thankful that we didn’t bare the cost of the surgery and subsequent days in hospital alone, but that He made provision through my loving parents, who delivered us from the RANSOM that was our hospital bill! How can we ever repay?

10. So my family are frequent flyers. I mean, for my dad, it’s like a weekly affair. I know car accidents are apparently more common and fatal, but flights still scare me. So I thank God continually for how he’s kept us all safe in all our journeys.

11. I thank God that the TWO times PHCN tried to burn down my house with their high voltage power surge (which destroyed some of our electricals) I was around to switch them off. GOD HELP US ALL!

12. I thank God for this very day, that I am alive and breathing. Ebola tried to attack my country, but thanks to Dr Adadevoh, the virus didn’t reach me…and so it shall remain. AMEN!

13. I thank God for friends who continually baffle me with their love and teach me what true friendship is about. God bless Tolulope Odunayo Otunoluwa, Alli Comfort, Joke Ogunsemowo, Rita Ighofose, Amaka Alusi, Mariam Oke, Orhue Imosemi, Chioma Oparadike, Uzo Ada Onumonu, Ejay Okonkwo-Awagu, Ebele Ugboma, Funmi Momodu, Arielle Arielle, Bunmi Sangosanya, Wodu Majin, Jumoke Ay and Delali Bola-Sadipe. There are more, but let this suffice! You guys are amazing!

14. I thank God for filling my life with the joy of motherhood! I’m soooo in love with my son, Jason. God has truly blessed him with a beautiful and gentle spirit. Looking after him has been my joy since day 1!

15. I thank God for my husband who is the most considerate, thoughtful and loving man I’ve ever known. Toju, thanks for being my best friend for life!

16. I thank God for my beautiful sisters, Rhe Iwuagwu and Onajite Emerhor. They have been such great friends, supporters and anchors to me. You guys are the sweetest and most thoughtful sisters anyone can ask for!

17. I thank God for my Mom, who has been an amazing mother, going over and beyond for me. She worked tirelessly to throw me the wedding of my dreams, and was such a carer when I was pregnant, and throughout the postbirth ordeal!

18. I thank God for my Dad, who believed in me and encouraged me to start Fair Life Africa Foundation, coming alongside as my partner and Chairman!!! He too has gone beyond the expectations of a father, and I am so so blessed by his love.

19. I am so very thankful to God for the opportunity, push and inspiration to start blogging on Ufuomaee and The Oracle. Expressing my thoughts, feelings and beliefs helped me rediscover who I am and my true purpose. It also helped me deal with a broken heart, guilt and shame and rediscover the Love God has for me.

20. I thank God that He closed the door for me in the UK, and showed me my purpose in Nigeria. Coming back home has really helped in my healing, as I’ve been focused on helping others through Fair Life Africa.

21. I really want to thank Joke Ogunsemowo for inviting me on this Challenge. I didn’t want to at first, but I’m glad I did. I have soooo much to be thankful for!

Now, the Lord compels me to go an extra mile… so here are three more!

22. I am grateful to my Maths Teacher at A’Level who was dedicated and knowledgeable in his work, and helped me to pass my A’Levels with flying colours!  Not only that, he gave me a sterling recommendation, which helped me to re-enter University as a Social Work Student. (Yes, there’s a story behind re-enter, but that for another day!)

23. I thank God for my final Placement Teacher, Carol Parker, who believed in me, despite the efforts of my second Placement Teacher, to undermine me and my confidence.  I might not have concluded my degree, if not for her love and support!  Thank you forever, Carol!

24. I am grateful to Anne and Ron, who also run the blog Freedomborn…Aussie Christian Focus.  They are truly a peculiar people, who are walking as the Light of God in a dark world.  Thanks for encouraging me and for all you are doing for Christ!

I am so thankful, I can go on and on.  I hope that I can continue to show gratitude everyday, without being prodded to do so.  What about you?  Have you counted your blessings lately?

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  1. I love this list, and I may post one myself. It is too easy to forget how much God has given us when things seem to be going great, and even in times of trials. Right now, my family and I are praying for guidance in where we should be living all together because the place we are at is not family friendly in a sense. In other ways though, we have been very lucky to have a roof over our heads. Thank you for this post to remind me once again that God has never led us astray. 🙂


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